How To Add and Manage Client Testimonials to Your Website ?

Customer’s Testimonial page plays a major role in your online business, say for example, if you’re a web designer and your portfolio page is without client’s testimonial, then it wouldn’t add the real wonder to your online business. Having an effective testimonial page is must for any business. You may have testimonial page, but it should be in a professional way. So that, it will bring you more clients and will be easy for viewing and reading.

Today we have an killer web app, which lets you to choose a layout and have a box collecting feedback displayed at your site. You can manage all the feedbacks in a professional way. If you already have a testimonial page, you can import them easily. It is the best and quicky way to have a testimonial page for your website.

How to Add and Manage Client’s testimonial Page ?

PlusPanda is a simple web app which helps you in setting up a testimonials page for your website in a professional look. It is completely free to add the widget to your website.

Advantages of using PlusPanda –

  • Impressive design with professional look.
  • You can add and manage testimonials in a simple way. You can install in one minute
  • You can easily customize and even have your own custom css.
  • Control everything from one central, Easily manageable.

How to Use PlusPanda ?

1. Choose the layout for your testimonial widget, edit css as per your taste, add some categories etc

2. Add testimonials – Click create new button to add new testimonials, it can also be edited and rearranged.

3. Now the code is generated. Place the install code in the exact place on your page where you want your widget to be displayed.

PlusPanda – Homepage

If you find any similar service for managing customer’s testimonials, then don’t forget to share it with us !

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