How To Create SEO Friendly Images in WordPress using alt Tag

How To Create SEO Friendly Images

SEO of a WordPress blog is done on many phases. Starting from onsite to on page SEO. Images on your blogs are also very useful to get traffic form image based search engines like Google  image search. Though, unlike text based content, search engine bots can’t see and identify your content like a normal user. They rely on image ALT tag to identify and understand an image. Along with this, texts which are around your images also helps to improve the ranking of your images in image search engine.

How to add Alt tag to WordPress images:

One easy way to add Alt tag is by manually adding into every image you upload. When ever you add an image into your blog post, you get an option to add Title and Alt tag, which takes care of image SEO. Though, it’s not idle situation when you have an existing site and you have to edit all old images to add alt tag. Like everything, we have a WordPress plugin for this. SEO friendly images is one useful free WordPress image SEO plugin, which quickly adds ALT tag to your images.

The common fact about SEO is using the appropriate image, using the appropriate keywords, using the appropriate tag. In this guide, I will share how you can use SEO friendly images plugin to optimize WordPress blog images for search engine. This plugin is developed by Valadmir, who is also a developer of popular plugin SEO smart links and founder of Managewp service. So, lets get start with this plugin:

  • Install and activate SEO friendly images plugin. <Link>
  • Once activated, go to Settings > SEO friendly images and configure the settings

SEO friendly images Setting
Using this plugin you can automate both Title and Alt tag of your image. Though Search engine uses only Alt tag to understand your image, but title also plays a major role and it’s a good idea to give a meaningful name to your Title.

The best way to use this plugin is by giving a meaningful name to your image before uploading. Instead of uploading images like DSC0023.jpeg or so on, give a Keyword rich name to the image before uploading. For ex: SEO-friendly-image.jpeg.

An idle settings would be:

  • Use %name for ALT tag
  • %Title for Title tag

Click on update options and that’s it. Now, your images will help you to increase the over all On page SEO of your blog. Along with SEO friendly images plugin, I highly recommend you to Install Wp plugin, which help you to optimize the size of your images and will help you to make your page load faster.

If you want to make most of Images on your blog, you can also create sitemap for your WordPress blog images and submit it to Google. Here are few more plugins, which will be of your interest:

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COMMENTs ( 18 )

  1. Rahul Dubey says

    Hey Harsh !

    Really nice tutorial. As per your recommendation, I too use but one common problem I face is not able to smush images having size more than 2Mb as doesn’t smush such large images.

    Any other plugin recommendation for such large images ? If available please share with me…

    Thanks !

  2. Viano says

    Another great post for you. Sometimes bloggers do all the heavy work of researching and putting up great articles but forget to pay attention to little things such as naming these images properly and end up not having the right traffic.

  3. Basheer says

    Thanks Harsh,
    I just wondering for this kind of plugin.
    My all 4 images don’t have alt tag. So just adding now to my blog.

  4. Scott Stewart says

    I would like to install this plugin, but is it true what Vic wrote above? That this plugin only changes the title tag and not the alt?

  5. sani says

    I want to know that if i will upload my image by default like we normally update in wordpress ,this plugin will create alt of that image or we need to do something else

  6. Simon says

    Unfortunately this plugin does not work. It will override any manually set alt tags, so not that great afterall

  7. Amish Cook says

    is there a plugin which lets us change alt tag of all images on the blog?
    have around 260 images . dont want to go into each blog post at each image and change the alt tag . too messy

  8. NpXp says

    Alt text is always good for search engines because for a simple reason. Bots do not know to read Images ;)

  9. Shahab Khan says

    Wow thats great…i should have enabled it earlier!
    Anyway its still not that late… just going to do it!