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How to Access phpmyadmin in any Web Hosting

How to Access phpmyadmin in any Web Hosting

So last time I wrote about how to access phpmyadmin in dreamhost and this is a quick post but will be very useful for anyone who is on any hosting.

Instead of going to phpmyadmin from your cpanel you can use a direct link to access phpmyadmin.

Word of caution : Don’t play with phpmyadmin until unless you not sure what does it do. This is the place from where you will manage your databases and run sql queries.

You can directly access phpmyadmin from the following link

You need to replace with your server IP address. If you not sure about your server IP address. Simple ping your blog from CMD, or FTP your blog and you will have your server IP address.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  • Zubair

    its not working for me as it asks me to login with the cpanel details which I don’t have on a domain of mine

  • Robin

    Nice post. but how about logging out from phpmyadmin when we login using this method ?

    Moreover it prompts for cpanel login data’s. Any idea harsh ?

  • Simran

    It may come handy in future

  • Sanjeev Mishra

    Short and sweet post Harsh. Really useful in case no access to cPanel.


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