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How Thesis WordPress Theme Helps you to Lower Down Plugins

How Thesis WordPress Theme Helps you to Lower Down Plugins

Thesis is a SEO optimized WordPress theme and I have already done a review of Thesis WordPress Theme. In this post I won’t talk about SEO and typographic advantage of Thesis theme, but I will be talking about WordPress plugins you can remove after using Thesis WordPress theme.  Specially when everyone is trying to speed up their WordPress blog in order to get better ranking in search engine. It’s a good idea to have less number of WordPress plugins. Thesis has inbuilt option panel which gives you lots of options that will help you to get rid of lots of plugins.

Thesis WordPress Theme

Thesis Inbuilt Features to kick out some plugins:

There are many features, which you can quickly use using Thesis inbuilt feature. Though, they are optional and you can keep the plugin and ignore the inbuilt options. But, if you really want to make most out of Thesis theme, it’s better to use all integrated option in Thesis.

All in one SEO plugin:


Now when ever we talk about essential SEO WordPress plugins, ALL in one SEO is the first plugin which we recommend. Though everyone who have used Dreamhost, knows that they hate ALL in one SEO and YARPP plugin. (Memory hogging). By using Thesis, you can simply disable ALL in one SEO plugin and import all in one SEO value into Thesis Theme. Though I hope with Thesis 2.0, DIYThesis team should integrate ALL in one SEO importer, but for now you can refer to my earlier tutorial on How to import all in one SEO data into Thesis Theme.

Robots Meta WordPress plugin:


Robots meta WordPress plugin is a useful SEO plugin for WordPress. Specially for adding noindex, nofollow attributes on your single post and pages, this plugin is handy. By using Thesis inbuilt SEO features, you get the chance to disable another plugin.

301 redirection:


If you are a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, you won’t ask this question how Thesis helps you to remove 301 redirection plugin in partial sense.

Favicon Uploader:

Thesis Favico uploader

Though I prefer using the simple method to upload favicon by FTP method. In Thesis 2.1.9, you can click on Site > Favico and upload your favico from there.

Google analytics & header footer script:

If you use plugins like Google analytics, Infolinks WordPress plugin to add tags and script into your blog. Thesis option panel will help you to remove those plugins. You can use additional script and stats and footer script option to add codes into your Thesis powered WordPress theme.

There are many others plugin like Feedburner feed smith can also be uninstalled after using Thesis WordPress theme. No doubt Thesis Theme framework is one of the best SEO optimized WordPress theme at this moment.

Download Thesis Now

Do let us know what more plugins you can think we can disable while using Thesis Theme? Do you prefer Thesis over other Themes or do you have another opinion?

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  • Sanjeev

    Thesis is really awesome. Once I shifted on Thesis, I have removed many plugins. I am using SEO options, meta text, 301 redirect from thesis theme only. Great way to explain inbuilt plugins.

  • Kona Srinivas

    No doubt Thesis theme is a great thing to happen in wordpress, but the default theme looks to be colorless and thus requires lot of man hours in customization. Anyway, my thumbsup for it.

  • Miraclepitu

    I try to using this wonderful themes..but i still confused with all the customization and option panel.. huh..!! i wanna learn from you harsh..

  • Gautam

    You don’t run the plugins but you run the theme. The load time would be the same. Moreover, you can’t disable the features in the theme (not making them load at all – ok, you can but I don’t think thesis does (that’s an assumption), like you can disable the plugins you don’t need). I would take this as a con for Thesis.

  • Bibin

    Harsh, How to add an about the author widget in wordpress footer. Like your’s. and also guest posting widgets

  • Asif

    WOW, I tried thesis but went to a custom based them later. now my designers handles the design stuff. But it gives you a great looking blog with less efforts.

  • FirstHosting

    LOL – 100% agreed on this, I never noticed, but thesis really have a bundle of many plugins inside it.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I agree..This is something which people misses most of the time…
      Thanks for your comment.

  • Nihar

    Great post. and thanks for sharing the link to Michael which is about exporting All in One SEO values to thesis.

  • Himanshu

    thesis is great but it is a theme i can’t migrate after spending like age on its customization. it really helps us to cut down on plugins. great post

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Himanshu for your comment and hope this post will help you to lower down the number of plugins. :)

  • Jasmine

    Thesis is a great theme, there is no question about it. With less plugins, your blog will run much faster and smoother.

    By the way, what do you think of my website’s speed?

  • Michael Aulia

    Great tips! I still maintain using the All in One SEO Plugin though because I’m not sure that I will never switch from Thesis in the future. It’d be a nightmare to migrate if we rely too much on a theme :)


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