How SML Earning Report Inspired me to Make Money Online

I just seen Harsh revealed his Monthly Earning Report after a long time, and I don’t know about others but I keep visiting SML around early days of every month just to check his Monthly earning report. Talking about Harsh, I have seen him becoming a professional blogger from a full-time orkut Geek, has become an inspiration for me.

We had a discussion when he was moving to a paid host Dreamhost, and I said why to pay for hosting when you can get it for free. He clearly said he want to do it professionally now and he made ShoutMeLoud after success of his first blogspot blog ( I hope I typed the right address ).

Coming to the point, when I seen his Monthly earning report about a year back, I found “You can earn from affiliates as well”. Not only this I used to track his last month earning and current month earning to see how its growing and many times I calculated % increase as well :D.

I was making about 20-40$ a month from adsense about 1 and half-year ago, then slowly I started earning $100 a month around a year ago. That was the time when I found Harsh posting his earning reports, so lets see how his earning report motivated me and what have I achieved after that.

I am kind of person who set small targets and try to achieve it, I found Harsh earning report not as a target but as an inspiration. My first target was to reach 250$ monthly from adsense. I started blogs  and and started posting content on them, I achieved my target around March 2010, that motivated me to get into blogging more professionally as Blogging is not my main profession, I run a “Web Development Company”. 

He also helped me with SEO optimization of my blog and he still takes care of my blog SEO. And no doubt that Google love SEO optimized blogs and I again set a target of getting 100K monthly visits and it took 3 more months to get that too, I got 100k visits to be exact 100,717 visits in month of May 2010, and Adsense earning $500+.

Money motivates me more than anything else, in next 2 months I decided to give my everything to Blogging and I started few more blogs including some many micro niche sites. and within 4 months, I doubled my adsense income. At the time of writing this post, I own more than 30 domains and import thing is almost 20+ sites are running and rest will be launching soon.

I am still not earning much from affiliates but blogging started making more than $1000/m just from Adsense by the end of 2010. My next target is to make something more than $20000 in this year. For now, my Adsense earning is almost same as Harsh’s earning and I’m making around 1400-1500$/month from adsense. Since my niche is different, I can’t target affiliate marketing so most of my earning factor is adsense, in-text advertising and direct advertisements.

For few here are some Pics of My adsense Earnings and traffic

July 2010 Adsense Earning

Another Adsense Report of March 2011

March 2011 Adsense

The idea behind writing this post is to make other bloggers realize that if you have a blog which is on similar niche where you talk about blogging, you should also consider writing about your monthly income report, this works as an inspirational and motivational factor for other bloggers who are reading your blog. At least, it worked for me.

Do let us know if you believe Showing earning report works as a motivational report for others?

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COMMENTs ( 23 )

  1. Hemant jain says

    Congrats, Keep it up. Its really a inspirational for me.

    Its not necessary to have multiple blogs to earn good income, if concentrated on 1 blog and it gets good content, then also you can earn good income.
    My site is 6 months old and earning $280 per month, traffic increasing due to daily content updation.

  2. Imran@ShariffDotOrg says

    Hi Ankit,

    Always Harsh as been an inspiration to almost all the blogger, I have just been experimenting with wordpress and learn it just before visiting SML for the first time in mid of 2010 looking to learn some Thesis Design and this motivated me to starting my own blog. But still yet to create some money online. One day I will be there hopefully learning lots of thing will reach the gold by the end of this year.


  3. Gourav | Tech2Date says

    That’s really a motivational post Ankit. I’m also following SML from the past year and its always been a source of Inspiration to me and many other bloggers.

  4. Ayush Gupta says

    You guys are too good with Adsense. I am working on my new blog which is 2 months old. I have adsense approved. I don’t know when i will be able to make 100$ per month just with adsense.

  5. Ankit @ Unlimited Blogging says

    @ Satish, You need to pay attention towards all your projects, it also depends how quick you are. Most of the famous bloggers run blog networks, few work on single blog as well.
    When you go online you find new things time to time, like I find some good niche which have less competition, High CPC and decent volume. With few articles and some basic on site/ off site SEO, you can get about 3-5$ a day which means 100-150$ PM, If you have 10 such sites, it will give you about $1500 PM, decent earning with less work.

    Thats why I say Multiple Blogs can be good. :)

  6. Zain says

    Now this is inspirational! But Ankit, don’t you think if someone is focused on one blog which contains quality content and a good amount of readership and suddenly plans to start another blog. But due to time constraints, he or she let a dedicated team of bloggers to handle the blog and never writes anything for the new blog. Don’t you think this would compromise the quality on new blog. Because it’s your name that people know from your old blog. Can you expect old readers coming to read the new blog?


  7. Sathish says

    Hi Ankit,

    You are right. Most bloggers provide income reports in their blog to show their skills as well as to give inspiration to the budding bloggers. Harsh is one of that cool guy who gives inspiration by providing his income reports. Well done Harsh and Ankit.


  8. Shyam S. Sharma says

    Hey Ankit,
    Thanks for publishing The story because I have same experience with the soutmeloud like you. And now I’m earning almost $500 per month with adsense and only with one blog in the six month of my blogging journey.
    Thanks to SML and Harsh Agarwal.

  9. Wisden Writers says

    @Manish and Berget, Its not important if you have knowledge of some particular filed, as you can add that to your single blog, but for ex. my blog is publishing things only related to India and I feel like writing on diff things that are not related to India so I have to make another blog.
    For individuals I will advice to have 1 Blog as you can concentrate on it, in my case I have a dedicated staff of about 30-40 people so Its easy for me, I give target to my teams and they take care of blogs.

    There is 1 more reason to have single blog i.e. at start Blogs need a lot of work and for it you need to again do everything from zero, so if you are writing on tech, write on a single blog dont go for multiple blogs.
    Harsh was also managing just 1 blog but now he has people working for him so he is adding more in list.

    Thats what I think about your question.

    • Jasmine says

      I see. So obviously you have to pay to your team… I wonder how much that cost a month. It would be great if you could share the figures. :)

      • Wisden Writers says

        Jasmine, I pay about 3-4 Lakh INR i.e around 8-9k USD as salaries every month but thats not for my Blogs only, for my sites may be i pay about $500 or so. Rest for my employees who do SEO, Writing and Designing.

  10. Fabrizio@bloggingTips says

    Your story is very inspiring Ankit, and I hope you continue to grow your income; it will definitely help to motivate others to pursue their blogging ventures and to furthermore succeed with the AdSense programme as well, so thank you for taking the time to share your success.

  11. Jayanthi Ravichandran says

    Just fantastic. I am not a technical writer but I somehow manage to get around $100 a month from Google AdSense.
    You are a real inspiration to a hardworking blogger to be more enthusiastic.
    Good luck!

  12. Wisden Writers says

    Thanks all for your comments, well I am not a professional blogger like most of you but I love searching new things when I am free.
    Nowadays I get almost 1 million traffic on my blogs, hope it will also get doubled by the end of this year or even more.

    • Manish Singh says

      Do you believe that it’s important to have more than one blog in order to earn $1,000 a month and more?

      I also need the answer to the question asked by Berget above :)

      • Fairooz says

        Cheers, You are another ispiration for me!

        I have the same question that Berget asked above.

        It’s taking a lot of time for me to manage just one blog. I don’t get how you guys manage to updates multiple blogs.. :)

        • Rafael says

          it’s not important to have multiple blogs in order to make more than 1000$/m. i know a lot of blogs that makes more than that.

          the idea is that it’s easier to get like 1000 visits a month to 10 blogs, than to get 10000 visits a month to only one blog.

  13. Sajid Saleem Sajid says

    Nice Progress Ankit, This report will help me too, these reports series encouraging a lot for making money online while doing blogging.

  14. Jens P. Berget says

    Hi Ankit,

    I certainly agree, the monthly income reports I read are great inspiration. I usually don’t look so much at the specific numbers, but more on how they are making the money. For instance, if 90% of the income comes from AdSense.

    It seems to me that many of the bloggers I talk to, who are earning a lot (more than $1,000 a month), have more than one blog. Do you believe that it’s important to have more than one blog in order to earn $1,000 a month and more?

    – Jens

  15. kbharath says

    Not only you Ankit Harsh is an inspiration for all the new and professional bloggers not only in India but also from worldwide. and good to hear that from inspiration you have achieved your target and thanks for sharing this article with SML readers.

  16. Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney says

    Thats a great real world example.

    Yes, showing earning report to readers really motivate them.
    I publish my income report monthly and get some good and inspired comments.

    You are doing a good job with Adsense.