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    How (NOT) to make a complete disaster of your blog!

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    I never could manage to get my head around the fact that I could tell anyone what to do in order to make a good blogger. I’ve only just begun my long journey with blogs and my worst fear has always been – how not to suck at blogging.

    I figured, I will be able to do a much better job at telling you how not to make a complete disaster out of your blog. So here it goes.

    How serious are you?

    This is one of the most important questions every blogger must ask him/herself.
    If you are not serious enough, (one step short of obsessed) with what your going to blog about, STOP and GET OUT now. You are probably going to fail miserably anyway.  It will all boil down to how passionate you are and whether or not you actually believe in your own content.

    If you are planning to keep the blog going and updated, find your niche. Niches can go crazy, as long as you genuinely believe in it.

    how not to suck at blogging How (NOT) to make a complete disaster of your blog! How not to Suck at Blogging

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    Understand that you may not make money (any time soon).

    The ugly truth is that money does not come easy. Don’t expect to be making tons of money in first month of your blog. I have been active in some of the biggest bloggers communities and forums and have come across millions of blogs. Money seems to be the focal point of a major chunk of the blogs. The template is poorly organized and Google Adsense and AdBrite is scattered all over the place with the expectation of some poor soul to click it. That’s never gonna happen.

    People really need to wrap their head around the fact that money never comes easy. But, if you are churning out good stuff, people are gonna come. The money is always around the next corner, wait for it, don’t make it the basis of your blog. No one wants to visit a site thats just out to make money. Lure them with your content.


    Plan before execution.

    Once you have found something you are really passionate about, thats half the battle won. Now you need to find the right tools to go for the kill. I, like most of the (better) bloggers prefer using WordPress which has been discussed in great detail all over the web. Chose your template and make sure you don’t make it too jazzed up and slow to load – always think about your userbase when you are building the design of your blog. More loading time and you have a chance of losing out on a lot of new visitors.

    Get your plugins in place and the theme in order but don’t over-do it. If you think you’re 80% happy with your design – stop f*cking with it. I wasted a lot of time on my design and it did no good. I lost a lot of precious time in which I could have been working on the content of my blog – so don’t make the same mistake.

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    Find a blogging partner.

    It never hurt any one to make a new friend. Find someone who is passionate about the same subject you are. It will help you in ways you may not even be aware of. It will give you an incentive to keep on with your work or maybe even help out with the content of your blog. Get into a blogging relationship before you are actually in need of one.

    Churn out good content and regularly.

    No one can help you with this one. All I can say is, believe in what your niche is and keep working at it. You will improve with time.

    A blogs’ success lies in its userbase. Build one for your self, slowly. It can happen only one way, good content = big fanbase. Aim to come up with such enchanting content that the user wait endlessly to read it day in a day out.

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    Make your place on the map.

    There are tons of ways you can get noticed but be very careful where and how to advertise your blog.
    You may get more hits if you are featured on digg but the visitors will spend only a few seconds on your blog. However, if you manage to get featured on a site that has the same subject as yours, the loyalty of the users will be much higher.

    One of the best ways I’ve found to make my presence known is by posting replies on well established blogs of similar interests. But don’t post half-hearted replies and not get noticed. Find a topic you’d actually like to talk about and post a genuine reply. Every established blogger (yes, even those rich pro-bloggers) take time out to check and reply to the comments on their posts.

    Guest blog your best content.

    Another great technique is to guest blog. Guest blogging is a great way to get noticed and gather traffic at the same time. Try and guest blog regularly (not at the expense of your own blog) and guest blog your best content.

    It may seem weird at first, to post your best content on someone else’s blog. But, you will understand this with time, that dedicated visitors are won by making good content, be it on your own blog or some else’s.

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    Your readers are everything.

    It may seem like any exaggeration but its not. Your userbase is whats going to keep you going. Always keep your users happy. Answer every little question. Make personal replies. Connect. Bond.

    You really need to worship them. Because, they are going to be the one’s who are going to be placing ads on your site or buy your stuff. They are the key to being a success in the blogosphere.

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    These are the basic tips but they are really very important for every blogger.



    Thats true, but its just some of the biggest mistakes we all made when we started blogging. Might help some first time bloggers better their learning curve.



    Shashank your right, even I made the same mistake of wasting lot time on the design aspect, came to know about it late, it’s better late than never.Really good points for new blogger to keep in mind before following their blogging passion.


    Brian D. Hawkins

    Friends, community and sharing – That’s blogging without sucking and you are off to a great start by making friends with fantastic bloggers like Harsh. Nice post and great tips.



    Nice article
    You told the real truth. Making money online is not joke. Untill and other wise you learn enough.
    1) Niche of blog.
    2) Age of blog.
    3) Authority of blog.
    4) How much content in a blog for particular blog.
    5) How many times it get updated weekly.
    6) Quality of content, backlinks, themes.
    7) Your market research will makes a blog a huge success.
    8) Blogger should plan what s/he needs to do in future.
    9) Also, if he know lot about topic and interest will makes work much easier.

    But every single blog needs time, hard work and content that too what people is exactly searching on net. Peoples may searching for some thing else and you are writing for things which you can never rank in near future.

    Things neesds for success in blog.
    1) Passion to do some thing. Even if you don’t have any idea of niche and other things. You will ultimately do some thing. Which will benefit you some how.
    2) Plan and execute in blogging. Because our 80% plans fails. But 20% do some benefits.



    Well put Rahul. I couldn’t have summarized it better even if I wanted to. Thanks for your input.



    great tips, these tips really help out to make the your blog. Guest blogging and making a community is the best way


    jan geronimo

    After a while, bloggers find themselves a bit more conscious about what they publish. What is it called – anxiety performance, the fear of making a fool of yourself? Or that feeling of nothing more significant things to say. That’s why I love the link you gave about setting up Google alerts to find your inexhaustible supply of blog post ideas.



    Nice Articel Dude


    Sourish Nath

    I really liked the article and the domain you have chosen . Pretty interesting. But as a blogger who thinks of making more money , has a setback after the paypal disaster. So i got no future if there is no paypal.


    Amit Sharma

    I learnt all this after wasting lots of time. Starting a blog to make quick money is the primary reason for most blogs to fail eventually.



    Excellent tips for a nice start. Too many people think they’ll make money after a month of blogging, which is also when they give up after they make none. I’d like to add something regarding blog design. As you said, when you’re 80% done start focusing on content. Forget the design for a few months, leave it as it is and focus on content.



    Friends, community and sharing – That’s blogging without sucking and you are off to a great start by making friends with fantastic bloggers like Harsh. Nice post and great tips.


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