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How Many Backlinks
Having a blog and quality content is not everything. You need to go out in the vast world-wide web and have to expand your presence in various form like Social media presence, mention on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Getting back links/mention from other sites within their articles and all this comes when you write quality content.
Now, many new bloggers or people who are new to SEO, they never bothered about backlinks and never check how many backlinks their site have. Backlinks are very useful to improve your page rank, over all search engine ranking and to get traffic too.
Back links are very Important for any Blog or website to get High Page Rank.

What are Back Links??

In simple word , Back Links are link to your website from another website. More Backlinks you have, better your Page-rank will be.
According to WikiPedia : The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page.

One easy way to increase your backlink count is by guest posting and by commenting on blogs with Dofollow attributes. But the best way is by getting natural backlinks and which you will get only when you are writing quality content. You can also use script like TYNT which helps in getting back-links for article which have been copied from your site. We have already covered many articles which will help you to increase count of backlinks pointing to your Website and you can refer to them here:

I’m sure those who are aware of this fact they comment on many sites and blogs because commenting is the best way to Increase your Backlinks. Don’t forget  that, Its Important that site where you comment should be Dofollow Or CommentLuv Site.
Else you will not get the BackLinks.

BacklinkWatch: Find Backlinks with Anchor text

BacklinkWatch is an interesting free site which will let you check backlinks to your site. Though, I highly recommend to avoid falling for those flashy ads you will be seeing on this site, which promise to give you free links and social bookmarking service. As it is, In Panda March 2012 update, Google have taken down all such sites which are into backlink buying and run with private blog network. So it’s better to go with natural way.


To check how many backlinks, your website have, use this free online tool call : BackLink Watch.

BackLinkWatch is a free web site, where no registration Is required.  Enter your site URL and check from which Websites you are getting The Back-Links. Let us know how many backlinks you got?

We have added more such online tools here which you can use to find no. of backlinks for your site.  Do let us know which is your favorite one ?

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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. Harry Sehgal says

    Yes i use BackLinkWatch. They are the best and also shows that we are recieving backlinks from which site.

  2. Can Ilhan says

    Nice post, just started using backlink watch after reading this and its pretty useful showing important details in a single table.

  3. David says

    What do you think about companies that sell backlinks? Are they Legitimate? Do those links count the same as organic back links?

  4. James Hughes says

    Thanks for the link to backlink watch – a useful site that I had not come across. It is interesting to see who has put a nofollow on the link!!!!


  5. Jonathan Poucher says

    I have been trying to build backlinks like crazy. I still find it difficult trying to find dofollow blogs that aren’t extremely moderated. I have also been submitting to directories. Yahoo will pick them up but google is not. I get alot of good info from your blog though

  6. Namitha says

    Really I’ve spent hours trying to get noticed by leaving comments, only to now realize that I have been commenting in the wrong places! Thanks for the heads up! You are saving me a ton of time/effort! very thankx

  7. Rachel says

    Thank you! I’ve spent hours trying to get noticed by leaving comments, only to now realize that I have been commenting in the wrong places! Thanks for the heads up! You are saving me a ton of time/effort!

  8. Preisvergleich-Joey says

    Got a little bit more then 2.100 backlinks.
    While this sounds quite impressive, it can be “melt” down to about 200 links dofollow links with different domain-names and c-class domain-servers. So 200 “real” links. A few PR5 among them. ;-)
    I guess its okay for about 8 month of working on it. :-)