How Important Is The Factor Of Money in Blogging?

Let’s talk about the factor of money in blogging. A lot out there are into the blogging business because of money, someone made them dream that blogging is a way to earn money overnight without efforts and they thought let’s try it.

Let’s try it? Is it what exactly you want in you to make millions out of your blog like Tech crunch, Mashable and many more in the list? I am sorry to say guys but the attitude of let’s try it doesn’t work anymore in blogging.

I personally take blogging just as a business. People plan things, they hire people, fire them, delegate authority, examine, and almost everything a business does. And that’s the key reason why only some of the people are able to make their blogs a multimillion shop.

So today I would be sharing with you some points on how money should be dealt if you really want to make your blog a big one.

Money in Blogging

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Effective Use of Money in Blogging

1. Invest Before Spending

Investment is really important for any business out there. No business in this world can grow without investment. So you need to understand this point that you have to invest in your blog before it’s too late.

Whatever money you earn out of blogging, it’s via Adsense, direct ad sales, reviews or any other means. Try to invest a proportion of that money onto your blog before enjoying from that money. Because the more investment you will do, the more profits you can reap. In other words, make the most of your money in blogging.

2. Hire People

Have you ever seen any business or big blog that has only one member in their team? I am damn sure the answer would be no. Then how are you thinking that you can make your blog, A BRAND, and that too single handed.

So, instead of spending your money to buy a new gadget for yourself, hire a person or hire some people. They can be content writers, social media experts, SEO experts or a hundred more roles are there. Building a team would surely help you a lot.

3. Spend Money On Marketing

Marketing is one of the key areas that a lot of people almost neglect and think it’s a waste of money. But let me clear one thing, it is the only way to reach the untapped audience and that too in a short period of time. Make a budget out of your every earning to invest on marketing, and you will see a noticeable change in your reach and your profits will start increasing.

4. Invest In Creating Connections

Networking or creating connections is one of the key essentials to reach to the top of the ladder. You will have to communicate with people at every stage so try to make more & more connections with others in your field.

It really helps you to get out of a situation as you can easily call/text these people and tell them to help you. Plan meet-ups, attend summits, and try to make a health relationship with others in your field. It will surely pay you in long run.

5. Invest In Premium Content

Content is the king and I personally believe it will always be the king. So, why not spend some money to get awesome content. Hire content writers, hire experts in the field and get some fabulous stuff created.

If you say I am already creating the content,and then ask to yourself. Are you expert in every field in which your website deals? Probably not. So pick up the categories or areas where you think you need a helping hand. And make those areas your strong point as well.

6. Invest In R & D

Do invest in Research & development. Because it will be the only thing that can make you distinct from all others in the field. If you are in the niche ‘blogging’, try investing money to develop a new plugin, a theme and a lot more.

Generating content or products after R&D would be one of your best decisions. As they lead to be one of the finest creations because no one else has ever done that. Try to invest to try new techniques as well like to increase revenue, increase visitors and a lot more.

How do you manage your money in blogging? We would love to hear from you via comments.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. says

    This is nice detailing. Yes, for new bloggers they should start with new and fresh content. Learn how to create content. I think after penguin update genuine bloggers era has come. If you will produce quality content then every search engine will start giving you rankings.
    But the main question is what is a quality article?
    The article above, I can say is a quality article. Think about of a quality book and you will get to know why people read it again and again.

  2. says

    Another great article! Yes, if you want a blog to succeed and you are just starting out, you have to invest into it. And not just with money, but time and dedication. You won’t make money overnight… but with dedication, patience, and focus your hard efforts will pay off eventually. I learned this the hard way.

  3. says

    Nice article. I want to add my two cents for newbies who don’t have a lot of money to invest early on. I don’t think that newbies should start investing in their blog apart from hosting and domain. The key focus for any new blogger should be to start a blog in a niche that they know and have expertise in and not in a niche that seems to the be most profitable one. If you are an expert in your field, people will listen to you. And you should know how to churn out quality content. Rest of the stuff can be taken care of if you do your research properly. Get a logo done through a free online logo maker or get it done at sites like for a very cheap price. Learn the basics of SEO and engage in social networking. Once you have started making some money, you should definitely use it to grow your blog and all the points mentioned in this post will be really helpful in that scenario.

  4. akhilendra says

    That’s right Harneet, I have personally seen that with my blog, it’s reach was limited with hardly any returns but then i invested in the correct tools and marketing & results are clearly visible. Most of the people start blogging to make money with very less money on table to invest and that is why most of the blog despite having some success, fail to succeed in the long term. A very well written post, thanks for sharing it.

  5. Arup Ghosh says

    Money and hard working are two keys of success in blogging , but some people think blogging as a ” earning money without investment method” and ruins their blogging carrier.

  6. Kamal says

    True. Agreed Harneet. No outcome without investment. But what would you suggest to bloggers who haven’t starting earning yet? (Like me :D)

    • Harneet Bhalla says

      Kamal, I would personally suggest you to focus more on content in the initial days. As money will surely follow later on.

  7. david says

    leveraging the efforts of others is certainly a key success principle.

    It would be interesting to see if there are any bloggers who make it strictly on their own efforts, perhaps there are one or two?

    • Harneet Bhalla says

      David, I personally think there are some of them that claim that they have done all the work on their website/blog on their own. But, I doubt. No one can be a perfect designer to design its own logo, a perfect content writer, then a perfect social media expert and thousands of roles that a website needs to handle.

  8. Raplus says

    Nice post Harneet. Investment is really important thing for blogging. At least we should invest to get hosting as a blogger. But most bloggers start blogging on the because they don’t like invest before making money.