How I Make Money With ShoutMeLoud

How Shoutmeloud Makes Money

When I started ShoutMeLoud in 2008, I never thought I would reach a point where blogging would become my primary source of income. In fact, like many others I also thought that any reference to earning money online was a scam.

I was a graduate student holding a degree in I.T., and looking forward to joining Accenture in 2009. I started blogging as a part-time hobby, and later learned about AdSense and affiliate marketing. You can learn more about how I started as a blogger on my blogging journey page.

In the last couple of months, I have been publishing monthly income reports, just to make people aware of the immense amount of money that is available in the field of blogging. I make almost $8000-9000 per month from all the blogs in my network. One of the most common email queries I get is how ShoutMeLoud makes money. money.

I thought of putting everything on one page so that people could learn something from it and implement the monetization aspect which they are comfortable with. My suggestion is that instead of jumping into all of them at once, you should explore every ad network and every method that I have mentioned one by one, and start from there to build a plan that works for you.

Just to let you know, it took me six years to reach the stage I’m in now. Everything I’ve learned comes from my own experience; I made mistakes and I learned from them. So, don’t just jump on the bandwagon of trying to get rich quickly; rather understand every system individually, and create a solid, reasonable plan from there.

I last updated this article in January 2015, and at the time of that writing, I was running eight blogs actively under the ShoutDreams banner, as well as a few other services which still needed my time and attention.

Currently there are three people who are working on the ShoutMeLoud team. We have multiple blogs in the network (under the ShoutDreams banner), and every blog is monetized using a different method.

My monetization technique for ShoutMeLoud

Affiliate Marketing:

Dreamhost Affiliate Check

As many of us are aware, the maximum potential for making money via a niche blog is through affiliate marketing. Simply stated, you recommend a genuine product on your blog, and when people sign up via your affiliate link, you will be paid a handsome sum.

Affiliate marketing provides a fluctuating income, and you can’t be sure how much you will make with this method at any given time. I’m earning about $4200/month from affiliate marketing at present.

I have published the following posts and information in the past, and I offer them again here to give you additional resources to help you to get started.  I will also list some of the products with which I am affiliated.

Google AdSense:

At this point in time, Google AdSense is making around $600 every month, and it is such a relief to have recurring income from our blog. If you have a blog with decent traffic, you can make good money with Google AdSense.

In fact, if you are a newbie and you are looking forward to starting a blog with the intention of making money, AdSense should be among your priorities. Once Adsense starts making $10-20 daily, it will give you a sense of comfort and confidence, and you can start exploring other monetization opportunities.



BuySellAds is an advertisement network that helps you to sell ads directly. They work as a middle man, and they keep a percentage (25%) of the money you make by selling ads. I like this system because I don’t need to interact with advertisers directly, and I can cash-out money twice a month.

It’s a popular network for advertisers and publishers. If you have a nice specific blog, you can use BuySellAds to sell all of your entire unsold ad inventory. If you are completely new to BuySellAds, here are a couple of posts that will help you to get started.

Update: I an no longer using BuySellAds myself, but it is still a recommended network for bloggers. I removed it from my marketing plan in 2014, as I got very few direct advertisements.

Direct ad sales:

As mentioned above, I have 8+ blogs running at this moment, and many advertisers contact me directly using a contact form for advertisement opportunities. This is hectic because you have to give details to advertisers as well as a payment method.

Direct advertisements are good because you are saving money by eliminating the middle man. These direct advertisement sales are making me almost $1500 per month.

The key to getting direct advertisements is to add an advertisement page on your blog and give all the necessary details like ad spaces available, ad placement, traffic details and a marketing pitch in whatever form your advertisers can expect. You can see one such example on the ShoutMeLoud advertisement page.


Infolinks is an In-text advertising program. I was not running it on ShoutMeLoud but added it on few other sutes. It’s making me almost 50$ per month.If you are not into affiliate marketing, you can start with Infolinks here. Recently, I tried Vigilink, which turns out to be a decent platform and in some cases better than Infolinks.

Sponsored reviews:

Somehow I’m not very fond of sponsored reviews, but I keep getting lots of emails for paid reviews. I check the software or product myself, and after that I approve it for review. If the product or service is free, I do the review for free. Otherwise, I charge a nominal fee depending on how much a single license of that software or product would cost.

From paid reviews, I make about $900 per month. Alternatively, you can always ask for a premium product for free testing, and you can write a review and include your affiliate link, which will make more money in the long run.

BlogSpot to WordPress migration Service:

I have been offering BlogSpot to WordPress migration services for a long time, and I have a long list of happy clients who are on WordPress now. One of the unique features that I offer with my service is complimentary SEO service. This service makes almost $500-$800 per month. Read more about BlogSpot to WordPress migration service.

Blog consultancy program:

This is a service that I started last year, and within a short time of its launch I began getting clients for personal consultancy. With this coaching service, I teach about SEO, how to blog for profit, blog marketing plans, social media plans and everything else of interest that I have learned in my four years of blogging experience.  I have been getting good reactions from all the students I have mentored so far, and you can learn about it on my blog consultancy page. I target 15 hours of personal coaching in a month, and charge $249 per hour for now.

I also offered a few other instructional services such as those for WordPress SEO and WordPress theme development, but in time I retired them to bring something better to the table, as the service sector requires a great deal of time, and time is always an issue for a professional blogger. I realized that instead of offering those services for $20-30/hour, I could make the most of my time with blogging consultancy.

Well, these are just a few methods that I use for blog monetization, and there are many more ad networks that I keep trying on my blog network. I continue to play with the latest monetziation methods to make the most out of my online journey. I will keep updating this page with the latest methods I find successful, so make sure you are subscribed to the ShoutMeLoud email newsletter for updates.

I’m sure this will help those who are looking for ways to make huge money from blogging.

Do share your story with us.  How are you making money from blogging?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing the various income source from which you earn these information will help us to diversify our income stream than depending on Google Adsense. Everyone think blogging is only for Adsense, and if they fail to get adsense, then they leave blogging calling it as failure.

    So this article should be an eye opner for everyone that we can earn from many ways from our blog and not to rely only on Adsense.

  2. SK says

    I personally don’t like in-text advertising like infolinks kontera etc. Other than that, all points you mentioned are really awesome. It’s an inspiritation for new bloggers.

  3. Rohit says

    Hello Harsh

    How to become premium publisher in infolinks ? Is this becomes automatically or we have to do something ? Any Requirements ?

    • says

      You need to give high impression along with quality traffic..Once you have it..Simply Email Infolinks team and ask them …At times they entertain and at times they naturally promote publishers to their premium publisher..

  4. says

    hi harsh,

    am a regular reader of your blog, and you really is an inspiration for Indian bloggers. I needed some information regarding copyrighting a website.
    like in my case i stay in india, and my website is hosted through servers in US, so do i come under the ambit of US copyright or indian copyright? kindly please let me know the steps involved in copyrighting a website..
    Keep the good work man…

    Thanks & Regards
    Sarath Pillai

  5. Adil says

    Nice to see that you are making handsome amount of money. After reading this post, my imagination about earning from blogging has been totally changed. However for applying all sorts for money making methods one needs to develop high traffic blog.

  6. ravinder sharma says

    i aggree with you, we can earn much more and huge ammount through our blogs.ihave opened 3 blogs and now i have started my website in sept 2012 but unfortunately i have opened free blog i want to purchange a domains but due to un known reason i am unable to purchang my domain as my debit cards -visa card with secure code and master card internation are not working.i have write you to help in purchanging and want to open a blog or website with you.

  7. walif says

    It was so amazing. Every owner blogger know how many hard work need to establish a website and cost money. So It will help new blogger.

  8. Vijay Reddy says

    Good earning, it will be inspiration for new comers… My affiliate income has decreased after panda and penguin update :(

  9. Suhail says

    Hey Harsh,

    Really thanks for sharing the information. you brought back the motivation for blogging. Keep up the good work buddy. Keep rocking.

    Thank you

  10. Ehsan says

    Hi Harsh, Can you manage your time by working on 5 blogs? I mean a single person working and posting on 5 blogs everyday isn’t easy?

  11. says

    I ve been longing for blogging for a while,since last yr.,and have gone further to create blogs’ a/cs both at wordpress and blogspot. Ironically, i ve been unabled to post from my simple mobile phone as the pages there returns app. Error msgs. I also tried to create adsense a/c.BUT i must own a site too.I now look forward to buy android phone.Basically, i want to blog for money.At the moment i have to learn basics.

  12. Gopal Gidwani says

    Wow Harsh!!!! Awesome Income Statistics!!!! Hearty Congratulations to you for the same!!!! I hope you keep getting lot more success than this in future!!!! All the Best!!!!

    Harsh you have always been a great source of inspiration and motivation for amateur bloggers like me. I hope some day I also turn a full time professional blogger like you. Bachatkhata, that you helped me set up, is just the first step in that direction. After one year, it has now start giving me financial planning clients on a regular basis. All thanks to you for that!!!!

  13. Jens P. Berget says

    At the moment, the only way I’m earning money from my blog is with affiliate marketing. I’m thinking about testing buy sell ads as well. Thanks a lot for sharing your list.

  14. Michael Aulia says

    Wow, thanks for sharing the details Harsh.. if only I can make that amount of money, I’ll probably stop working full time! I couldn’t get any advertisers for BuySellAds before, I guess I don’t have enough traffic yet so I might give it another go later

  15. Siddharth says

    some people sell adsense accounts, so you can get it, or try Indyarocks or docstock , its best way to get adsense account.

    • Nelson says

      Don’t purchase adsense accounts from unknown people. Your account will be banned before the payout. They apply 100 accounts using the same IP’s. I got my adsense account using Indyarocks method.

  16. Sagar Rai says

    Oh this is great report BUT I was not that happy with your adsense earnings even after 2 yrs of successful running. I was expecting atleast 4 digits if not 5 digits.

    Your blog is a big hit and why is adsense not that good for this. One of my Indian friend makes 5 digit just with 1 blog and the blog is 2 yrs old.

    Anyway I just tried motivating you. BTW I have done 1 guest post earlier this year :)

  17. Mahendra says

    Hey harsh I really like ur all post but will you give me some tips to make my blog more proffesional, attractive and please give my blog rating overall HONESTLY bcoz I want to improve

  18. Jeevanjacobjohn says

    Just shows how much you have worked for your site. You really deserve it man !

    Note : How is Delhi ?

  19. Ragunath says

    Dear Harsh, i would also like to know how to generate traffic from twitter and facebook, meanwhile i need to know where can we get source for technical blog to write? plz mention technical websites list in your article….

  20. Vikash says

    Harsh, I would like to know, How can we generate traffic from Twitter, i am using Twitter for a year now, but hardly any traffic for me through twitter. FB is giving me good traffic

  21. Swamykant says

    Hi Harsh

    You know the smartest way of making money online. Good use of your online presence via Blog and Social Media.

    Do you make use of twitter and Facebook accounts for any promotion ?

    • says

      Facebook and Twitter are one of the top traffic source for me and they convert into sales as I go for quality targeted traffic instead of quantity…
      If you not using Facebook & Twitter, you should try it right away…

  22. Eddie Gear says

    You mentioned “If you have a blog with decent traffic, you can make good money with Google adsense.” Can you define decent traffic? I ask this as the perspective of each blogger varies.

  23. Cyber World says

    after reading the post i get some relaxation as my adsense is banned some days before and here i got to know many way to earn from a blog… thanks for share…

  24. Bilal Ahmad says

    Harsh is a role model for me and i am always struggling to achieve the level where harsh is now.
    I know harsh struggled a lot and still struggling and that is why he is now so popular in blogging industry.
    Wish you all the best harsh.

  25. Vikash says

    First of all, Hats off to you Harsh. On a very serious note, You are now turning into a Inspirational Blogger. There is so much all of us can learn from You.

    As for my blogs income, Adsense and Indian Affiliate Marketing doing good (Combines around $600 a month). But Infolinks is not all working for me. I really need your advise for that. My 90% Traffic is Indian. Is that one of the reasons?

    Please suggest. Thanks

  26. Siva says

    I was wondering how much you charge per client for individual service ?
    Also the customized thesis theme is coded by yourself ?

  27. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    this might be the best topic to talk about since i’m following shoutmeloud well , i think these are very good ways to earn indeed , but still honestly i guess not all of them are perfect for evrybody

  28. Suresh Khanal says

    Oh My God its a bomb on my head. Great Harsh! This proves what blogging deserves. You post is a great source of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your private data!

  29. Vivek Krishnan says

    BSA has been quite effective for my blog. I think it may be due to my blog’s niche. Recently, I cashed out the first payout from BSA. So it is a pretty good ad network!

  30. Irfan Siddiqui | RealTimeTricks says

    Great, i just total down all your monthly income and i got a figure of $4500/month you make with all your services and programs. God means you make Rs. 2,02,500. A huge amount of money you secure a month.

  31. Robin says

    This shows that Harsh u are really dedicated to wht ever work you do.. This is the mail reason for the success of your blog:) Keep it up

  32. kbharath says

    This is what the post what lot of the new blogger expect from other successful bloggers. to know how a successful blogger is making $5000 to $6000 a month form his blog. i am also one of the blogger waiting to see this post. thanks for sharing this Harsh.

  33. problogger says

    wow its amazing you can do that, i’m just only pay from Paid Reviews, and Sell Links, my adsense its not good only $100 for three month lol, actually my income only $250-400 ever month maybe i should join affiliate marketing :d to buzz my income :d. Two thumbs for you. You inspire me

  34. Sarah says

    Hi Harsh, it’s Sarah from Infolinks. Congrats on all your money making success. We’re happy to be a part of it. If any of your readers have further questions about Infolinks I encourage them to contact us at . We’re more than happy to help out.

    • Rahul Dubey says

      What is the minimum requirements and eligibility criteria for a blog to get approved by infolinks ? I tried with some affiliate ads already placed on my blog but disapproved. Can I re-apply ? Should I remove affiliate ads before re-applying ? Does it has anything to do with traffic, pageviews and no. of posts ?

  35. OceanOfWeb says

    Thanks for sharing, it will really helpfull for all the blogers and motivated the peoples to become a full time blogger. keep it up :-)

  36. Typhoon says

    Why did you opted for check payment at DreamHost? Don’t they offer paypal payment option like HostGator or other web hosting companies does..?

    I think the check payment takes lots of days to be completed…first they take around 10-30 days to arrive in India then it is again sent back from Indian banks to US for deposition which again takes around 30 that’s a long wait..I really don’t like waiting that long especially in case of clickbank and sharesale with whom my most affiliate programs are associated…

    Infolinks earnings are great but what is meant by premium publisher? in what ways they treat especially..? By the way, have you tried their related tags feature to increase earnings..It’s just like adsense feature which shows related tags wherever you want it to appear..

    PS. that pizza watermark in dreamhost is really funny..I think they are deadly pizza fans..

  37. sheik meeran says

    really nice of you,because mostly peoples wont share like these secrets.
    and one more thing im earning very less traffic in my blog is there any way to increase more readers,if there plz provide me.

  38. Basant says

    Highly motivating post! Currently the only source of income @ my blog is AdSense. I tried Infolinks but it’s not worth, it seems. At times they are paying as low as $ 0.01 for 3 clicks :) I am higly satisfied by my AdSense performance & expecting my 1st Pay-Check :)

    • Rahul says

      I had one blog which yesterday gave me $0.02 for 8 clicks. So, i dont want to enter in such a low paying niche. I think earning money needs skill. It not easy not very difficult too. Blog like SML $500 adsense is decent, because it is blogging related. tech blogs can earn more then if it has this much traffic.

  39. George Serradinho says

    Wow, I actually just sold a banner space from BuySellAds and I’m happy again. This is only my second one sold, so it’s still taking time to get going.

    My income is not as spread out as you, but I will work on it and see what comes in.

  40. Caleb says

    And so many ppl steady bash Adsense failing to realize it is easy money as long as you have decent traffic and logical ad placements for it.

    I like that logo underneath the first paragraph, you should show it more often in other places as a branding device ;)

  41. jaganmangat says

    wow! thats gr8 are just rocking with your work and,this post is really nice,it makes us believe that blogging really can let you have a large amount of money.Good job.

  42. Shafi says

    Good to see your true attitude and open nature post.
    Not many blogger disclose their income source.

  43. TheTechMedia says

    That’s good dude. Tried searching ur blog for Affiliate Marketing. Got some info but want to know the sites which can be approach for the same. Google give lots but dont know how reliable they are. Can u give some inputs?

  44. Jitendra says

    Hi Harsh! good information! As a novice blogger, I would also like to know how to decide about the money we could charge for various services…any insight?

  45. Manikandan says

    Hi Harsh its g8 to see your income sources as a blogger. It keep motivate us to achieve like you..Thanks for sharing :)

  46. University Eight says

    Wow! The figures are awesome!
    I’ve had a cold income from blogging so far, mostly due to irregularity. Venturing into microniche sites, I hope to earn better with Adsense.
    Freelancing has been pretty good for me, but it does take effort for ever $!

  47. Anup@Hack Tutors says

    Nice sharing about making money using blog. This may be worthy. Thanks for sharing.
    I recently approved by Hoping for advertiser :)

      • Anup@Hack Tutors says

        Hmm.. Thanks for your information. I just reduced advertising price from $15 to $10. And it is minimum :)

  48. Dinesh says

    It’s nice.
    Not all bloggers share their income amounts and methods like thsi, you did for your readers. Thanks.

    Harsh, how do you promote and find customers for your affiliate products?

  49. Anil Gupta says

    I himself have been using most of websites that you are currently making money from. But right now, I’m not offering any kind of services or don’t have any products of my own to sell.

    • says

      Anil when you don’t have your own services, you can always make money via referral. You can add set of service and you can pass the client to some one who offer such service. This way you will build an authority and more over you will make some decent money doing nothing. :)
      You can always start from Shoutmeloud service page:

  50. Ajith Edassery says

    lol Just finished writing about BuySellAds and saw this… Cool man. Good summary of various options and service that worked for you.

      • Ajith Edassery says

        It’s a good market place for certain niches. They have to improve on their rendering speed, styling options etc. Also, there should be some way of putting our own ads, if the fill rate is bad.

        Overall, I am happy though I have priced it low based on my initial reported page views

  51. Mani Viswanathan says

    Thanks for sharing Harsh. But one question is BSA & Affiliate Marketing services like Commission Junction different from each other ? Since my blog is new BSA declined my site as they require 100K impressions per month. So I ‘m using CJ, inspite of getting approved their and getting clicks and impressions, my earnings are nill. So would you suggest some ad services other than Adsense & Infolinks (Since adsense requires 6 months & I hv signed up for Infolinks in-text & even got approved)

    • Abhishek Bhardwaj says

      First of all there’s no required age for your blog or website to get an approval from adsense, I got my account approved even when I didn’t have a blog/website and got another account approved for my client even when the age of his website was just 2 days. The only thing adsense demands from you is legit information + some more professional things..

      • says

        Thanks for replying to @Mani comment Abhishek :)
        BSA and CJ are entirely different and BSA ads are ads which will be run at fixed define rate . See an Example here:

        Where as at CJ you make money when someone buy something using your affiliate link.

        For me Adsense+ BSA+ Infolinks works the best.
        As Abhishek added, 6 month time is a myth for adsense but you have to make sure your blog is constantly updated and is professionally designed.

        • Abhishek Bhardwaj says

          No problem :) Only thing you should make sure of is that you need to have a sleek interface {not something messed up – site navigation should be easy} and also make sure that you never break adsense ToS!!

        • Kunal @ TechHogger says

          Hi Mani,
          Adsense policies are must to follow. The main reason for disapproval can be your site design. Make you before you apply your site is not messed up with lots of many ads. Show them space for “ADSENSE”. I did the same. Being honest for my first blog on submitting request for the third time my account for approved. Re-submit your approval request again. Wish you best.

  52. Mahendra says

    Thanks for sharing valuable information. Today
    me also wanted to update you and readers that finaly my Adsense account has been approved. The result is pretty impressive and is far beyond my expectation. All I can say is that Adsense is the best. If a new blogger is not able to get approval for other big medila like tribal or other then the blogger should focus his/her attention only to Adsense and try out all the way by which his/her adsense account can be approved. The leader is Adsense and infolink.

    • says

      Hey Mahnedra
      It’s great to know that your adsense account is approved and now you are a proud adsense user.
      I wish you success and hope to see you making lots of money :)

    • Chintan says

      Hi Mahendra,

      Its great to hear that you got approved into AdSense. I would love to read a post about your adventures with it. :)

      • MAhendra says

        Hi Harsh and chintan.
        Thanks for your response.
        Surely I will write about Adsense. Just to update that within my first month with Adsense, It made $125.00 . So I am happy with its performance.
        Also my bounce rate is now about 12-14% only from earlier rate of 60-80%
        As per Google Analytic. Will write in details about it in future

  53. Arijit Das says

    Wow!!! You are making 9-Figure income from your Blog…. :) Thanks for sharing those over here with Us… :D

  54. Nabeel says

    Whoa Harsh, very good to see your success!

    Really well done! It’s an inspiration to all of us that the web works. Systems work, it’s people that fail!

    Currently I am just following the affiliate marketing model. Though in future, I plan to enter into other areas also.


    • Harsh Agrawal says

      Nabeel if you get succeeded in Affiliate marketing, that means you hit a jackpot. Do give it a try and do come back to share your experience.. :)

  55. venkat says

    Harsh that’s great you are trasnperent in revealing in your sources of income, is that true if Google adsense can’t earns a blogger much then will Affiliate marketing will give income

    • says

      Venkat Affiliate marketing depends more on the type of readers do you have and also which affiliate program you are running. For example: If you are running a tech blog where you write a lot about anti-viruses, best advice would be run any antivirus affiliate program. You can always pick some from CJ.

  56. Ravish Mody says

    Thank you Harsh for sharing this information with all of us…. I must say this is really very helpful stuff you have shared with us man…

      • Simrandeep Singh says

        Hey Harsh what is the difference between normal and premium publisher of infolinks ? I mean what additional features they offer to premium publishers ?

        • Anish K.S says

          Hi Simran, Me a premium publisher at infolinks, one of my domain with the status premium, we can’t see it. after that change my ecpm slightly increased.

          Still their ecpm is not good. :(, but they are superb, their cutsomer relation, payment are superb :)

          • Bimal Roy says

            I am using Kontera at the moment. I got a $1400+ from it last month. So, is it better than infolinks?

          • TechNina says

            $1400 per month from Kontera is pretty Good :)
            However infolinks pays better than Kontera. You can try them.