How My First Guest Post Ever Was Published in 3 Days

Published guest postI have just found out a week ago that there is an option for guest posting in other, most of the time, very influential blogs, and it has lot of benefits for us as a blogger.

This was a surprise for me, keeping in mind the fact, that I’ve been blogging for about 4 months now.

What a great way to expose my work and myself to the world“- I thought.

I bet that you have similar thoughts.

And here I am writing a post about how to create an article that most probably will be accepted and published right away.

Just because it happened to me in about 3 days.

Guess what?

Those 3 days are backed up with another good 3 years of experience in self developing, writing, meeting different people to learn from, sleepless nights, irritation, doubt, self observation and believe.

I believed that I can do it.

That I am worth doing it.

That I can change myself and thus my outer reality.

That I can give to the world something valuable.

So can YOU.

How to approach an influential blogger?

Approach an influential blogger

Just like you are approaching every other human being.

With love, respect and a heart wide open.

We are all the same deep down beyond the personalities we’ve created.

It is likely to hit someone who hasn’t yet understood this yet, but if you manage to spare some time reading and getting into the person’s story and life, you will most probably notice that he/she is from another breed.

Meaning that these people have spent quite a bit of time working on developing themselves in a whole new direction.

Just what we are all doing by sharing our inspiration and uniqueness.

You remember how unique you are, right? And how your own inspiration differs from everything else and could be transformed in to something stunning that you can share with the world around you?


We all want to be loved at the end.

And when I say “loved”, I mean treated in the right way. With honor, with a smile and with understanding.

Understanding that we are all humans and we sometimes make mistakes or forget about things.

It happens.

To every single one of us.

Nobody is perfect.

Not even Buddha.

Think about it.

So when we are approaching one of these guys we need to make sure that we are being honest with ourselves first and ask a very important question.

Do we have something valuable to give?

There is a universal law called “The law of giving and receiving” which works all the time on all levels of existence.

If you want to receive something, you need to give something first.

It may be a smile or a compliment, doesn’t matter. Give it first!

In our case we need to give some valuable content in an article, that will resonate with the energy of the above mentioned influential blogger, who has spent hundreds of hours developing his blog, his name and reputation.

So you better write something good.

Write a 1500 word article and go to bed.

Wake up and read it again.

If you like it in the morning it’s probably good.

If your own words exite you and inspire you enough to keep writing and feel good inside, so IT IS good.

Send it over.

You won’t find out for sure, by the time you send it and receive feedback.

So you need to believe that it’s worthed.

Be Prepared

Be Prepared for rejection

As I said earlier, I’ve started my English blog about 4 months ago.

I was writing in most of my free time. Early in the morning and late at night.

And posting and posting and posting.

My best result- 6 likes or so. And 20 visitors total.


I obviously wasn’t doing something right.

But I kept writing.

I was so inspired by the idea that I have something valuable to give away, that I just wasn’t stopping.

Likes dropped down to 1 and below :)

Never mind, I said to myself. Keep writing, dude.

And I did so.

I wrote about 40 articles and then went on a 4 week trip around my beautiful country of birth Bulgaria.

In the mean time I wrote another 70 or so articles in Bulgarian and created for a period of one month the most visited beginner blog here in Bulgaria.

Total of about 14 798 visits and 9284 unique visitors.

From what I learned, it takes about couple of years to do something like that here.

How did I do it? I didn’t know about this 2 year thing.

I didn’t limit myself.

I was just writing and writing and writing.

Do not limit yourself to what’s possible or not.

Or you may find yourself struggling to write down a single valuable post.

You are the one that set all limits here.

And of course there is a catch behind all this.

You need to be prepared.

It came out that I was preparing myself for a few years by constantly educating, improving, self growing and self developing myself.

And I’ll tell you a secret.

It is not necessary for you to do the same.

Just start writing.

Start acting.

The results will come. They must come if you keep doing it for long enough.

The truth is that there will be always people who are so to say one step behind in their own self development, their blogging, their personal life or whatever they are doing, which is connected to what you have to offer.

This means that by giving your experience in a certain niche, the best way possible, will definitely lead to results.

It won’t be right away.

It all needs time to build up.

Be prepared.

With time you’ll notice how your own perspective change and how differently you start to see your previous self from months ago.

“Aha!”- it will strike you up. “That’s what it’s all about”.

Yes, in fact it is.

It’s all about what and who you become on the way to accomplishing your goals.

Exercise the Brain Muscle

Exercise brain muscle

Do not stop exercising the brain muscle.

Very important part.

Just like your legs and your arms (to name a few), your brain muscle needs to be exercised.

Put it in action every day.

Come out with new ideas about different topics.

Then write about them.

Write, write, write.

You’ll find out soon that writing is getting easier and you can throw in the air a 1500 word article in no time.

This post is an example.

Actually it took me more time to find all the pictures :)

Expectation leads to Irritation

Expectation leads to Irritation

Try not to expect immediate results.

Disconnect from the outcome. It’s easy to say but hard to do, I know.

There is always that voice in your head asking questions like “Did Steve, Darren, Tim or Harsh red my article?” or “Am I going to receive an answer soon?”

Well, you may, you may not.

More you expect, more the irritation and the disappointment will be if it doesn’t happen right away.

Nothing really you can do about from the point you’ve sent your post for a review.

Except being in the now and keep exercising the brain muscle, keep reading, keep writing and upgrading yourself.

If too much time passes by, try again.

This time send posts in different order.

Find more bloggers that resonate with your own energy.

Write new posts and send them over.

Keep trying.

Be persistent.

It will work out.

Four years ago I was thinking and visualizing myself introducing my experience to the world.

I didn’t know how I’ll do it.

I just knew I will. One way or another.

Now looking back, I see how it all happened.

As Steve Jobs said “You can only connect the dots looking back”.

Our whole life is build upon different dots, different occasions and happenings that have changed us.

Most of the time for good.

Dig deeper

Find more about Blogs

Read what other authors, bloggers and successful people have to share.

You can only learn from their experience.

It is not necessary to invent the wheel again.

Follow their advises and keep experimenting until you find out what works for you.

Then continue experimenting to find out what works even better :)

And so on and so on.

You will eventually create something amazing.

Just don’t stop experimenting.

It’s way too easy to step into the comfort zone and stay there once you’ve achieved some results.

Keep moving forward.

Keep aiming higher.

The journey has just began.

Keep breathing

Keep breathing

Some people dive in to what they are doing so deep, that they spend most of their time doing it, forgetting about life itself.

You live here and now. Remember?

If you are happy doing what you’re doing, fine, keep doing it.

But if sometimes the feeling in your chest, that you need to get some fresh air shows up, just go for it.


Most of the time it will set you up even in a better working mode.

Final thoughts

Get your post published

Everything shared above works.

It worked and keep working for me and many other people.

Although it’s only a part of the whole picture.

It is not easy to follow all the above tips at all times.

There will be moments when you’ll be missing something.

No biggie.

Keep in mind you’ve missed it and go forward.

Don’t punish yourself.

But don’t repeat the same mistake either.

Keep working and everything will come to its place.

It has to.

The reality doesn’t have a choice but to follow your intention.

Make it a good one…

What can you add from your own experience?

What do you do differently?

Please leave your thoughts below and share this post. Thank you!

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