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    How Google Secure your Data at Data Centre’s [Video]

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    We all know when it comes to file storage we need to make sure our data storage device is safe and secure. By Safe and secure it means no intruder get’s online of physical access. Google which offers various services (free and premium) shared a video showing how they keep the data secure at their Data centre’s.

    In this video Google team will give you a tour of their data centre where a normal person is not allowed. The video will give you an idea on how Google works on their security to make sure that your data remains secure.

    googledatacentre thumb How Google Secure your Data at Data Centres [Video]

    Also in this video you will see something interesting facts about Hard disk. When a hard disk gets corrupt or at the end of it’s life. Google crushes the hard disk using their mechanism to make sure those hard disk can’t be used anywhere.

    All the system which is used to store data are custom developed by Google running on a stripped down version of Linux. This ensures extra level of security and better performance of system.

    If you like reading about technology, this tour to Google data centre will give you some new insight about data centre’s and how they keep your data secure:


    I have enjoyed watching this video and learning how Google keep data secure. One thing which I also learned is one should always work on blocking physical access to your system to make sure your data remains safe.

    Do let us know if you enjoyed Google data centre tour or  not?

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    sahil bj

    loved the video. Thanx 4 sharing. I would appreciate if u vl provide something more regarding google working



    Very good video. Thanks for posting.
    Cameras, huge fence, security service and more… WOW amazing…


    shyam jos

    watched the video ,great if you shared videos of Google offices around the world



    good to see how well google is using its resources to protect our data. it almost like army headquarters.



    Google ! They really care for us :)


    Nipon @wonboard.com

    This is a very informative video



    @harsh you have written that they use linux operating system which is more secure. I want to ask why linux is more secure than Windows OS. and at one place you have written Harsh disk instead of hard disk



    Will check the video. Thanks for sharing this.


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