How Difficult It is to Become a Confident Blogger?

I started blogging few months back. Once I was reading monthly income report of Amit Bhawani from his blog and got impressed by his stats. By mistake (my good luck) I read a comment whose avatar was a picture of tattoo on back of neck and his name was Harsh Agrawal. The picture attracted me to watch his blog and I got shocked that I came to a blog whose Alexa rank was 4500. I was surprised that how come I didn’t hear about this blog whose name was ShoutMeLoud.

Confident Blogger

Before viewing this blog I was involved into making small websites for example websites for Orkut scraps, ringtones download, jokes, sms etc. I thought that one day my website will become very famous and I worked really hard to make my website big enough. I started getting nearly 100K visitors per month but still I was unable to earn more. I researched Adsense and found that we will earn less for entertainment blogs in comparison to tech or edu blogs.

How I landed into road of being a confident blogger?

After reading articles from ShoutMeLoud blog I realised that I actually wasted my time by devoting my precious time and money in creating and maintaining an entertainment blog. The reason of this was if you host multimedia items in your blog then you have to invest too much on hosting.

I was investing more but I was earning less. When I was in BITS Pilani, I developed a blogging platform ( for students of BITS Pilani by using WordPressMU (A multi user WordPress to run various blogs). The idea got hit and more than 1300 students registered and as a blogger on was such great result of my hard work. I posted a lot of posters for the advertisements of at mess, noticeboard, faculty division, night canteen, etc. I also contacted dean of student welfare division of BITS Pilani to send mail to all students on behalf of student welfare division. Those days were going like I am going to be an entrepreneur in near future. But the mistake I did was I was investing more than $250/month on hosting (dedicated server to handle 1300 blogs and WordPressMU) but wasn’t able to earn even $10/month. After eight months I got success (in terms of number of registered users) but unsuccessful entrepreneur in terms of investment ($2400 approx) and finally I closed

I was about to leave all my online business (all were unsuccessful) but monthly income reports of ShoutMeLoud stopped me to take a last chance :P

I stopped all my websites which were going into huge loss (because of dedicated hosting) and I concentrated on only blogging for and decided that I will write what I have learned from blogging, SEO and WordPress. I didn’t think of taking separate domain name since I learnt from all my past experiences that from now I will move forward in the direction of profit. MazaKaro (Maza is a Hindi word which means Fun and Karo means Do, so Do Fun on MazaKaro) name is not having a nice name for the blogging niche but since this domain name was more than 2 years old and got 4/10 Google page rank so I decided to move only with this name.

I explored like anything to know how to become a confident, and a famous blogger. I read a lot of articles to learn SEO, blogging tips, Social Networking tips, etc. I started blogging on blogging niche just 3 months back (August) and I projected that within 3 months I will achieve Alexa rank under 50K. I am happy that I am very close to achieve this goal.

To achieve 50K alexa rank from 300K in 3 months duration, I published nice articles, I did comments on same niche blogs, I tried to increase twitter followers, I tried to increase my Facebook friends count, I worked on SEO and I published articles on various article submission directories.

I know that since I am new to blogging (in terms of building networks) these steps may be very less in terms of the secret steps followed by famous bloggers like Amit Bhawani, Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agrawal, Hesham, etc. But these steps gave me a huge jump in Alexa.

I didn’t find any article on great blogs about secret tips for increasing twitter followers, increase facebook fans, secret SEO tips, secret tips to increase email subscribers (of feedburner), secret of getting approval in BuySellAds network, secret to get approval in Commission Junction advertisers, etc.

I hope that one day these famous blogger will post their secrets and newbie bloggers like me will learn more about blogging. Because every one is trying to post same and same type of articles like 3 SEO Tips, 7 SEO Tips, 9 SEO Tips and by reading these tips it seems that no one is reading a new article.

Please share your secrets and then may be you will become a confident blogger because people will follow you to know your secrets.

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Rahul is a part time blogger from Chennai, India. His blog is which is a technology and career blog. Apart from Blogging , he is a software engineer. His areas of Interest are Computers, Programming, and Blogging. He is masters in computer science from BITS Pilani. You can read more about him at About me page of


COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Zaheen says

    Great information.
    Good post dude.
    Wish you all the best,i know one cannot become a millionaire from one day,
    try the best,do hard work,and one thing never give up your blogging passion

  2. Neeraj K says

    I believe its good to start as part time blogger and see how yours blog grow..than later you can for sure take it as full time blogging.

  3. Rajeel says

    Never mind about your past man…..I have seen your site. You are making some good $$s from adsense and do have good alexa rank…I hope that you are really being (will surely be) a problogger .:)

  4. Prabhu says

    Hi Rahul,
    Thanks for sharing your experience…you wouldn’t have earned much from what you did so far…but the experience would give more return in near future…one of the sample is how you got your page rank and alexa rank very quickly as a newbie.

  5. Kunal says

    Establishing yourself as a successful blogger is very difficult. It requires lots of time and patience. I am another blogger who is trying to establish myself.

    I like your story. It’s kinda a success story because your rank is impressive in 3 months.

  6. rahul says

    Yes, really its very difficult :(
    I hope harsh will give more tips to us to become a successful blogger since I followed all his articles but still lot of things are remaining to learn which he didn’t mentioned yet :(

  7. Bilal Ahmad says

    Hmm very nice story rahul. But i am afraid that your alexa rank is very less and your income stat is very healthy. Once in a post you said that my adsense earning is around $450 from mazakaro.
    Is this real.

    • rahul says

      Hi Bilal, yes I earned once approx $450 but in Aug month I earned $302(approx) and september I earned $368(approx). I get 100K visitors per month. You are again confused with Alexa ranking and number of visitors.
      Read this article for more clarification – Alexa never shows actual traffic rank

  8. DailyTechPost says

    Hi Rahul,
    Nice story….the secret that you have asked from famous bloggers, i am also looking for the same :)
    Its true that everyone write almost the same when it comes to writing on SEO…No one actually shares the ‘Ultimate”…

    • rahul says

      Yes not only for SEO, they are posting for every topic the same and same points just by twisting others old points :(

  9. Harpreet Singh says

    Hello, Don’t say you wasted your time creating and maintaining an entertainment blog.

    Entertainment blogs can also get good traffic and income.

    Entertainment blogs are not easy to go with bcos they need to be updated daily with fresh content and you need to have huge loyal visitors who visits you daily .

    • rahul says

      I didn’t mean in that manner I said it coz we get very less income from entertainment blogs than tech blog with same visitors count. I spent more than $10,000 in 2 years duration and I earned only $1000 in 2 years (every one will say this as wasting time and money)

      By the way thanks for reading my article :)

  10. Nurul Azis says

    You wrote it so deliberately Rahul. This kind of post is really inspiring. Since 2 years ago, I failed several times but the story like yours always motivate me to improve day buy day. Nice to meet you here on SML, will check your other posts :-) Greetz

  11. Jagan says

    Great story and is good for new people in blogsphere.And about you would have taken help from your college as you made this project for students,college would have spent all the money on it[if its not related to entertainment].

    • rahul says

      I talked with dean of student welfare division and they were ready for hosting and maintaining but they asked me to handover every responsibility of mine from So at that time I was not ready for this.

  12. Amit says

    Very nice thoughts and very honest tone, I loves reading these real life experiences. Agree, Blogging ain’t any easy thing, you have to dig well in the subject and produce content on a regular basis.

    50 K in 3 months is quite an achievement, took me 2 years (if not less).

    Secrets ? I think every blogger has to walk his own road, his own voice and market his own ideas. You can’t copy mr X’s idea and hope to excel, you have to produce your own thing in your own way (ultimate secret :)). That’s what I have learned so far, still a long way to go.

    Thanks for the post

    • rahul says

      Thanks Amit
      I talked about secrets because these famous bloggers are giving blogging tips which are known to every one and which are very common. I said that these bloggers must share their secrets since lot of new bloggers follow them regularly.

      • Mani Viswanathan says

        Here I agree with Amit. Every Blogger should pave his own path. No doubt, he should take tips, learn from other pro bloggers mistakes, etc. But a unique approach is very essential for long term success in blogging.