How Commenting can help you get 1000 Feed subscriber in few days?

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How Commenting can help you get 1000 Feed subscriber in few days?

When you start a new blog, your first target is to get new readers, traffic and subscriber. Out of all, I always suggest to start with getting more subscribers as they turn into return visitors and increase the trust value of your domain. Though, for a new blog it’s a tough task and in this post, I will share a tip which might be very useful for you to get targeted traffic and most important with your quality content you can turn them into subscribers.

Tip : Follow most of top bloggers and social media person on Twitter to keep track of all the updates in real-time.

So how commenting can help you grow your blog to next level?

The strategy is simple, you need to spare half an hour a day for the commenting.

Select few major website in your niche. Make sure the target users are the same as yours. Now I hope you keep track of all the feeds using feed-demon. If you do then I hope you manage folder like me or better than this.

The approach is, create different folders on your feed reader for different type of blogs which you are targeting to comment and get subscribers. It’s better, that all the blogs should be in same niche. For example, my niche is Blogging and technology, so I would create folders for the same niche and typically my folders are:

  • Popular Blogging blogs
  • Blogging blogs using top commentator plugin
  • Blogging blogs using comment luv plugin
  • Dofollow Blog comments on Blogging niche

Now, commenting on Popular blogging blogs willl help me get decent traffic and if content on my blog is compelling and interesting, I can expect good amount of conversion.

2nd and 4th type in the above list will give me SEO advantage and as backlink will be high quality relevent backlink and comment luv plugin enabled blog will help me to showcase my latest article, giving it more exposure. A good article title will do the trick to get more CTR.

Now spare 30 minute a day at least on commenting to these blogs updates. Make sure you add value rather than just a comment like Nice Thank you. If you keep track of blogs updates using twitter then you might be the lucky one to be the first one to comment. First commentator will always get more traffic and thus his comment will be more beneficial.

Suppose you be the first one to comment at, and first day you get 10 hits from the problogger, next day it goes down to 5 and gradually it decreases. But it will keep giving traffic once in a while. Suppose you make 10 such comments in a day.

Now let’s do simple calculation for a day.

Out of 10 comment strategy, 6 works for you (Worst case scenario).

  • So First day you will be getting 6*10= 60 visitors
  • 2nd day 4*10 = 40 visitors.

So you getting 100 visitors within two days from your niche sites. Now show them the best of your content, best way is by using landing page strategy.

So even if you are successfully converting 50% of such visitors to your loyal visitors, you will be getting 50 RSS subscriber within a day.

Worst case scenario, if you are a new blogger and not much content but if you manage to grab 5 RSS subscriber with this strategy, is int it better than spending an hour on writing content?

Here is a testimonial from one of the reader, who got a lot of traffic and Email subscriber by just adding a meaningful comment here at ShoutMeLoud:

Feed subscriber via commenting

There are many other Factors which will help you here and those are :

  • Your Blog theme
  • Prominent Feed button
  • Ease of navigation
  • Quality content.

Work on the strategy and do share your strategy to increase the number of feed subscriber?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1043 articles.

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  1. susheel karam says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thats an inspiring post. And that calculation was cool. Now I get to know the value of commenting. But can you tell me, how many blogs will be enough to comment on? As I am a student, i don’t get time to comment on many blogs and that to daily.

  2. Ashok says

    Hi Harsh,

    Nice Post and this is one of my favorite post on your blog. This post make me to learn how to professionally work on blog comments. Thanks.


  3. says

    Hi Harsh, this is indeed nice post and one good to give a try. But I would like to state here that in as much as blog commenting is one of the bed rock of profitable blog, is not a better strategy for driving “Massive” blog traffic.

    And according to your post title, “getting 1000 subscribers through blog commenting”, I think this would be a doubting task. Lets assume to get 1000 subscribers, you’ll need about 5000 unique human visitors, that is out of every 5, you get 1 subscriber. 5,000 unique human visitors through blog commenting?

    A blogger will have to spend is whole week leaving comments on blogs if not months. Why not put that same time on more positive actionable task like guest posting, engage on social bookmarking sites like Digi, StumbleUpon, expose your content to Blog engage community, Bizsugar etc.

    Just my opinion. Have a nice day.

    • Sarah Popejoy says

      I really did enjoy this article, but Shamsudeen you have me curious about those sites. I’ve heard of stumbleupon but not the others.

  4. says

    Hi Harsh,
    I have been following the blog commenting strategy for last some time and it is helping out too. But the number of visitors that I derive on my blog through it are still not satisfactory. Can you suggest me something that can help it?

  5. karan virk says

    hello, i started a website. & i read many of your articles, but i am not getting clearly what commenting is. r you talking abouts the comming which i am doing now on your blog or something else. ???

  6. Shailendra Singh Bais says

    Wow. Harsh, a very good say. I will surely follow it. After all commenting is part of SEO. And, one more thing One should keep adding new blogs to their list of blogs. Commenting on same blogs will also a waste of time, what u say? I keep commenting on blogs like Devil’s Work… & some other. In due course, I have came in contact with them personally. And, we are good friends at Fb. Aditya Kane wakes up early morning, for his work.

  7. says

    Nice one. I went wrong with this strategy. I get the realization that I got pretty wrong with subscriber strategy, I was followed the commenting strategy without focusing on my blogs niche which harmed me and didn’t increased the subscribers.

  8. Bhawika says

    Yesterday first time I saw your blog and gave comment on article ” understanding do follow or no follow ” , although in that article you have written that comment on site which close to your niche, but your site is not close anywhere from my site but I cant not stop commenting on your blog bcoz its so informative for me. Thanks again!!

  9. craig says

    Great informative post. I have been struggling to work out how to get subscribers so will give this a try. Any traffic is good traffic for me ;-)

  10. Laxmikant Rajput says

    Very nice post. It is very helpful for all designers, developers. it really easy and cool,doing this surely increases time we use to comment on blogs or websites,which will surely increase our traffic and subscribers.

  11. sudha says

    I think this will work. I haven’t tried this. I have to admit that i am bit lazy in going to other blogs and commenting. It is bad. If i want to get good traffic i need to read more and more blogs and comment.

  12. Ajay singh bisht says

    ohhh…harsh !! this has been the best article i read over your blog..thanx a lot for this mate…

  13. Anand Kumar says

    Thanks Harsh,

    I am following your suggestion from your blog. Let’s hope it will work and i will get some traffic.

    One question! may you tell which is better Genesis or Thesis. any comparison?

    • says

      Hey Anand
      I hope this will work for you too…. Though if not subscriber, I’m sure this strategy will bring you recognition and people will start knowing you. Just one same avatar all the time..
      Meanwhile when we compare Genesis and Thesis both are good… People who are using Genesis says it’s easy to customize but it’s almost the same coz you need to have little bot of CSS knowledge. My recommendation would be Thesis of course. :)

  14. Neil says

    Thanks Harsh,
    I need to be more organized and targeted. Being involved in the sites I like is something I’ve been meaning to do, but now I have a blog I have even more reasons for doing so!

  15. sumanth says

    i think today u got this much traffic because of your strategies only..any way nice one will surely work…

  16. Jagan says

    harsh you made it really easy and cool,doing this surely increases time we use to comment on blogs or websites,which will surely increase our traffic and subscribers.

  17. Bindu says

    Very good knowing sharing. Will definitely implement it. I liked the comment by Manish Chauhan, “Even if you dont get expected readers , you will get unexpected knowledge. ” Wonderful!!

  18. Tech Sputter says

    your site s awesome n excellent n…..there are no words really to express the greatness of your site dude…:-):-):-)
    day by day its improving a lot and this article which you have posted here is extremely useful for my site…..really nice 1

  19. nelson says

    I comment for getting backlinks as well traffic and i think chandan is right. Getting backlink is different task, when you get backlinks from the listed link then it doesn’t need to first or second in the list. But make good comment regarding the post.

  20. Manish Chauhan says

    Well.. I think this is a nice idea .

    Another Important point which one body said here was that if you try to give genuine comments , you have to actually read a lot of stuff first and that will help you get some serious knowledge too .. so its a great thing in itself . Even if you dont get expected readers , you will get unexpected knowledge :)


  21. chandan says

    I only comment for get backlink, I do not think that being first on comment list can increase feed subscriber to 1000, but it can help for grow traffic and backlink. afterall your blog is nice.

  22. Romel says

    Any one can get quality backlinks by commenting also. Dofollow blogs are great for easy backlinks :)

  23. hami says

    after all, all in one working forumula for new bloggers to understand the traffic metrics and commenting power ..

    p.s. any one heard of that Paid Internet Commenters by China ! chinese know power of commenting :D

  24. Simon | Teenius says

    Great post. Personally I spend about an hour a day commenting on other people’s blogs, and I must say I think it’s had a big impact on my own blog. I mean, I get around 17 comments per post on average, so I’m really pleased with that :)

  25. Harshad says

    It works, but not for all blogs and spending that much time on commenting would never give sudden boost in feed readers.

    Btw, have you seen any pro-blogger wasting his/her time on commenting? They would rather prefer to work on their blog. :D

    • says

      Harshad the stage at which Dareen is now, he does not need to comment anywhere.
      Most of people try to become the first one to comment on his blog because first comment always get noticed.
      That’s what I try on his blog and it actually works. I won’t say I get lots of traffic but if my posts are based on SEO or blogging, that attracts the same kind of visitors.

      Always try to comment on the niche blog according to latest post which you have posted.

    • Michael Aulia says

      Great post. Never have thought of organizing feeds that way. Honestly I only subscribe through email but now I think I’m going to try your way so I can comment more on specific blogs :D

      • says

        Thanks Michael.
        And from my personal experience it works big time. Though it needs lots of dedication for few days (7-10 days ) and if you can spend this much time on a blog with useful comments. You will see the difference in no time.

    • Joanne says


      Blog or website commenting will provide quality backlinks. However, I am not sure if it helps in generating feed subscriber.

  26. Nihar says


    I think this will work. I haven’t tried this. I have to admit that i am bit lazy in going to other blogs and commenting. It is bad. If i want to get good traffic i need to read more and more blogs and comment..

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