How Colors can Influence Readers Actions and Make Us More Money

As bloggers we all focus on many aspects of our own form of blogging and doing our own thing. Many of us do not think so much about how colors effect us, help us make decisions online and even effect our persuasion. Online is not much different to the real world. We are effected by certain variables, certain colors influence us to do certain actions and also help us to make more money by using this influence. In this post I will focus on a few actions to do with a template or blog theme that can increase clicks, increase conversions and even help one make more money.


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Link Colors

Through study and research and feedback from many online marketers and ppc companies it has been said time and time again that links that are in Blue are clicked more often. The reason for this one is easy, we are all used to this color online and in a way conditioned to it being the color for links.. As an example any link that is underlined in blue is automatically thought of being as a hyperlink whereas if the link is in another color we do not always assume it is so and so some may ignore it as a viable link. This can in turn then lower the amount of internal or external clicks, so keeping all hyperlinks as blue is a very good easy tip..

Template Colors

Template background colors are also very important as well. They have to be easy to read for customers, quick loading and the text needs to be an easy to read color as well. After reading many testimonies, affiliate advices, ppc marketing evaluations, forum discussions the color that is considered to convert the best as a background for keeping a reader on your site the best is the color white.. Not really a color but anyways. The reason being is it is easy on the eyes and makes reading text easier. I know to many, it is exciting and interesting to have multi colored or multi patterned backgrounds, however what you need to look at is factors such as, is your bounce rate going good, are your customers or readers hanging around and how many page views are you getting per visitor.

If they are low then maybe it is your back ground that is effecting this outcome.

With this one, I have trialed and tested many times on my own site as well and in the end a white back ground won overall for its effectiveness at reducing bounce and visitor length.

Text Color

With text colors you want to focus on shades of Grey. By default WordPress uses a dark Grey in themes, this was decided by its look and easiness on the eyes. It is easy to make text hard to read by using bright colors or light shades, this practice is best avoided as readers may get annoyed at trying to read the text and leave your site.

How This information Can Make You More Money?

By complying with a few simple adjustments to make your website more user and reader friendly such as the color tips above, it can dramatically improve conversions of clicks to affiliate programs, to your own product line, reduce such things as bounce rate and increase page view count. Each of these alone can increase earnings or money that you are earning from your website or blog.

In conclusion and after looking at it all, it all comes down what the customer or reader is used to and the power of colors. It is always good to try new things as well, these tips above are for advice only. If you find your blog or website fits under this category already then no worries, however if it does not then consider them as a tip one can use to improve ones website or lower visitor bounce rate, etc.

This is a guest post by Timon Weller who blogs at Buyers Web. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. seenu says

    You have given great ideas which pople ignore normally. My blog links are red. I will test with blue links and I’ll learn what happens, frm my experience.

  2. Christian says

    I’m a huge fan of blue and orange. I tend to gravitate towards those colors when designing and creating images. A striking red/gray website can also be quite fantastic!

  3. Donna says

    Colors playing a very good role to influence the reader to read the post, blue, red, green magenta are eye catchy colors.

  4. Hank says

    Don’t you think that blue is the most clicked on link color because it is the default. If more and more websites started changing their link colors, readers would get the hang of it eventually.

  5. Wasim Ismail says

    Colours play an important part on your site, as you can draw your visitors attention by using certain colours, and highlighting certain parts of your site. I think white background always works well, as you have a clear canvas, and you can use colours to really bring out certain aspects and features. Black background is also good.

  6. Nihar says

    Very true…

    Small change like color in the CSS file to change the look of background or sidebar or href links gives a big impact…

    Thanks for the excellent post.

      • Timon Weller says

        @ Harsh, Have you tested that fully? As an example run one week on blue like this website and then one week on red one week and compare the click ratio. The reason i ask is i have done a similar test for red and orange on different occassions but concluded from my test that it produced less click throughs and increased my bounce rate..

  7. Jasmine says

    Good tips. Looks like I must ask my designer to pay more attention to the colors we use on my website! I want to make more money by playing with the colors!

    • Timon Weller says

      @Jasmine, It is definitely is worth it, recently i changed a few colors on one of my blogs niches – and the bounce rate reduced by about 15% (meaning more page views) after a few minor changes. This can equate to much more readers and earnings from that site.. :)

  8. tushar says

    i too like experimenting with various color combinations but at the moment, my theme does not allow me to try those…will do it surely once i get a new theme with lighter background

  9. Tara @ The Shopping Mom Blog says

    Interesting. Do you know where these facts came from? It would be worth a color change if indeed the links being blue makes a big difference.

    • Timon Weller says

      @Tara, some of the recent stuff I have on the subject was from a Infolinks review on white backgrounds and earnings. It revealed that websites with white backgrounds get more clicks and made more money..
      read that one here –
      The aspect of the blue in links has been taken from many online marketers and my own personal view of internet conditioning. Many have tried and tested the results based on different colors and come to similar conclusions.
      All the information I compiled from my own 8 years of experience online as well as that of other online marketers I have had discussions on the subject, including forums..

  10. Anoop says

    Loved the template colors section. I have seen many blogs with background set to an image of their favorite celeb etc. which is totally different from what their niche is. White or Gray background is the best!

  11. Mohammed Fouzan@ ScreamingTips says

    Yes I too Agree with your views. Implying colors suitable to ads can also bring more attention and thereby more clicks.