How BuySellAds Sponsored Tweet Program Works?

Last time I informed you that Buysellads started sponsored tweets program and so far I have received three tweet request which made around $30 for me. Though it’s not a big amount but when you are sending a tweet which is relevant and have #ad hash tag, it makes sense to make some money out of it.

Now in this tutorial, I will be informing you how BuySellAds sponsored tweet program works, so if you get an offer for sponsored ad tweets, you will know how to move ahead with it.

By far, I assume that you have set the sponsored tweets from Buysellads dashboard and set the price for every ad tweets. Here is an example of my set price for sponsored tweets.


So now when ever an advertiser will buy a tweet ad from you using BuySellAds, you will get a notification Email to accept or reject the offer.


So once you approve the request. You will get a confirmation Email with following message:


So once the time to tweet will come, you will receive an Email from buysellads to tweet the ad:

buysellads-email Now here is the thing, instead of copying paste the ad, you need to click on link mentioned and login to Twitter and tweet the ad. This is done to track the performance of your tweet.

For now, I find this system to be little confusing and BuySellAds should work to make it better in following two ways:

Twitter Integration:

They should let authenticate via Twitter account and once we approve any tweet ad request, it will be sent out automatically from our account. Since we have the rights to approve or reject the tweets, there is no chance of sending out any spam tweet and this will automate this system.

Localized time:

By default they show time in CST, but they should also see the time in your local Time Zone. This will save our time to find the local time equivalent time to CST.

Overall this system is working and with in little time getting good response. Since Buysellads marketplace is full of quality publishers, so for potential advertisers it’s a good place to spread the word about their product.

If you have any experience selling tweet ads via BuySellAds, do let us know your experience and suggestions to make it better.

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  1. says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information to us. But I have question, if my blog is disaprroved by BSA, after that there is any option to use sponsored tweet as a publisher or not ?
    Please help in this, I have 11k followers on twitter.

  2. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    I was wondering what is this sponsored tweet in BSA. Thanks you wrote about it.. now am clear.

  3. Fazal mirza says

    Hey, nice informative post..! Joining your newsletter is really helpful in blogging… I appreciate your suggestions for BSA which are really accepted by them to improve themselves..

  4. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says

    I just added the Sponsored Tweet zone in my BSA Account. Thanks for the tutorial Harsh :)

  5. Vijayraj Reddy says

    good tutorial with screenshots… i also sold 4 sponsored tweets in a week… that’s a good feature added by BuySellAds…

  6. Kavya Hari says

    Nice informative post:) Great Harsh. Its one of the best place to know about BSA tweets program work and so on.

  7. Karen @ Blazing Minds says

    Many thanks for the explanation, I’ve got my tweets set up on my BSA, just waiting for some tweets to send out ;)

  8. Sandeep@CuriousLittlePerson says

    Hey Harsh – Thats a very nice tutorial on how Tweets work for BSA.. Thanks

  9. todd garland says

    great feedback, and thank you for the post!

    For the timing, we now have the tweets localized for both the advertiser and the publisher. So the advertiser selects the time (in their local timezone) when they want the tweet sent out, and then we display the localized time for the publisher (based on their timezone setting). Therefore, it’s important for both parties to set their proper timezone under My Account > Account Settings.

    For the Twitter/oAuth integration – we’re planning to give publishers the option of using Manual (as it is now, via the special link) or oAuth automated. We imagine some will prefer the manual posting, while others will prefer to have it automated so that they don’t run into timing issues.

    Thanks again for the suggestions!

  10. DiTesco says

    I have set Tweet ads on BSA last week and already did get two sponsors since. I agree however that it is confusing because the “timing” is not provided and it does not make any sense for me to sit around all day waiting for an email to tell me, its time to Tweet. Just curious as to what will happen if I am not around to click on that “email”. I hope BSA listens to your suggestions.

  11. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Never got a Tweet till now, but it seems these guys can really get us some good sponsored tweets. BTW, Thanks for the tutorial man.

  12. Typhoon says

    I have received one sponsored tweet till now..And that one was from buysellads itself. I think bsa has got great amount of advertisers so it would be great to see how it goes ahead.

  13. iPhone-Android-WP7 says

    great addition by buysell ads. i don’t have account on buysell ads. Wil create when my visitors will increase and i will have my account approved


  14. Irfan says

    Every time i apply for BSA account they decline my request i guess the reason behind is my blog still run under a sub-domain of Google.

  15. kbharath @ Techntricksonline says

    Thanks for sharing the nice tutorial Harsh. anyhow may is is not yet got approved in Buysellads so as soon as my site gets approved i have to try this.