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Benefits of Blogging for Business?

Benefits of Blogging for Business?

Okay, so you’ve heard the buzz about blogging for the past year now, maybe even longer. business blog But what if you still can’t wrap your mind around the purpose of it? Blogging for business is becoming a trend and everyone is getting into blogwagon. Having a business website is not sufficient to survive in this competitive online world. There is no doubt directly or indirectly Blogging increase business sales.

Well, this is the article you’ve been waiting for. We’re going to unravel the common misconceptions about blogs and put some new ideas in your head.

Aren’t Blogs a Type of Online Diary?

One of the most common complaints I’ve heard about blogging from business owners is the fact that they seem too impersonal, too informal, and don’t really have a clear business purpose.
If you are nodding your head in agreement with that last statement, I’ve got good news…You’re just looking at blogging incorrectly.

Weblogs, as they were once called, originally were a type of online diary that gained popularity back in the 90’s. As with most things, the original blog slowly evolved as different people groups got on the blogging bandwagon.

  • Journalists got a hold of blogging and suddenly opinions and passions were making waves.
  • Photographers and artists began blogging as a way to build online portfolios of their work.
  • Hobbyists started using blogs as a way to communicate with others who shared their interests.

So, Where Are the Benefits of Blogging for Business?

With a bit of creativity, a business blog can become a powerful tool to market and promote your business. They are simple to start, very user-friendly, and quickly indexed by search engines. Add a bit of SEO knowledge to your blogging skills and you’ve got a recipe for marketing success.

If you still are scratching your head, wondering how to use blogging for business promotion, here are a few ideas:

  • Answer Your FAQs – Most business owners can easily rattle off a list of questions that they find themselves answering repeatedly. If you can think of a few, why not address them in the form of a blog post? If you leave the blog post open for comments, you may even receive additional questions that you can answer as well.
  • Sales and Special Offers – If your business offers weekly specials or sales, you can provide this information on your blog. This is a great way to gain a loyal following of readers. Another bonus is the fact that people love to share deals with each other. By offering your sale information on your blog, you may be pleasantly surprised with new business as your loyal readers begin to post your deals on their Facebook pages and Tweet about them.
  • Contests – Want some viral traffic to your site? Holding a contest is a great promotional tool that will bring readers to your blog and keep them coming back.
  • Bragging Rights – It’s your business blog and there is absolutely nothing wrong with bragging about your latest achievements. Let’s say you are a flooring company and you just restored the hardwood floors in one of the historical buildings in your area. Blog about it! Get some photos of your work into the post as well. When potential clients read about the work you’ve done, they’ll automatically have a level of trust for your work, and when they are ready to have their own flooring done, they will automatically remember you.
  • Photos - Rather than writing a new post every day, why not use your blog as an online portfolio to showcase your work? This may not be appropriate for every type of business, but with a little creative thinking, photos can play a big part in promotion and marketing.
  • Inside the Trade – Whether you are an attorney or a webmaster, everyone is always interested in the inside scoop. Use buzzworthy topics to draw in your readers and give them some valuable knowledge from an “experts” point of view…That’s what I’m doing in this post, by the way.

These are just a few ideas to get you going.  There is no doubt about the fact Blogging increase business and if you have a business website and missing out benefit of Blogging, it’s time to look into the right direction for your business growth. Hopefully, you are now looking at blogging from a whole new standpoint and can see the true value a business blog can bring to the table.

This is a guest post by Donny Gamble who blogs at DonnyGamble. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, read our guest posting guidelines.

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    • Vivek Parmar

      start a contest and give a lots of premium stuffs free of cost with certain conditions like
      > follow me on twitter
      > like us on facebook
      > Write about this post on your blog (most pathetic if you want to grow you have to do this)
      These are some of the easiest way to make it as easy u like

    • Donny Gamble

      I think contest are huge and not used enough in the blogging community. They can attract a lot of new users as well as other bloggers to participate.

    • Geet | HobbyPainting

      For a common man blogging is still an online diary. Your points are convincing & may help in changing a few of the misconceptions.

    • Tinh

      You are right but I have not considered blogging a business yet to keep my mind fresh and making some pretty cash without worries about downsize :-)

    • Pankaj Gupta

      Innovative Contest can change the traffic on your website from 0 to thousands using SB sites.. Nice Post.. Thanks for sharing..

    • Jens P. Berget

      You’ve got some great tips. What I discovered was exactly the opposite, I didn’t have a business, I just started blogging. And this way I had to create a business when my blog was popular enough.

      On the other hand, what I believe works best (at least for where I work), is to create a blog in order to build a community of your customers. Usually, the customers never meet or talk, with a blog (or a discussion forum), customers can get a way to actually say what they feel, and make your business even better.

      • Donny Gamble

        Definitely agree with you Jens. I wrote the post more on the angle of a person who already has an established business, but not a blog.

        If you currently don’t have a business, then I would recommend starting a blog and building the community and turning it into a business like you stated.


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