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    HostGator Maximum Discount Code May 2014

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    Shopping for best web-hosting is always a tough job and to make it easier, I have suggested some of the best hosting for WordPress to Bloggers. One thing which in particular I like about Hostgator is their excellent support and response time. More over, when it comes to handling the load of a WordPress blog, Hostgator does the job pretty well. Even in our Webhosting comparison, Hostgator got the top points. Along with usual shared hosting features, Hostgator offers free blog migration service, which indeed very helpful for those who are planning to shift from free hosting or cheap shared hosting to reliable shared hosting.

    Like every month I’m sharing Hostgator discount coupon which will help you to save money when you buy hosting from Hostgator. Before we share Hostgator maximum discount coupon for the month for June and May 2014, here are some of the notable features of Hostgator baby plan:

    • Unlimited hosting
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Unlimited storage
    • Free primary domain renewal
    • 24*7 tech support (Chat, Email, Phone, Twitter)
    • Free Adwords credit
    • One click WordPress installation

    More over Hostgator is compatible with hosting requirement of latest version of WordPress, so if you planning to host a WordPress blog, hostgator will be an idle choice.

    Hostgator offers 3 shared hosting plan, and I suggest you to opt for Baby plan when you need to host multiple websites but if you are planning to host only one WordPress blog, hatchling plan is ideal. When ever I purchase Hostgator hosting, I opt for Baby plan as it allows unlimited domain hosting.

    Hostgator monthly 25% discount coupon: ShoutMeLoud25

    You can use coupon code “ShoutMeLoud25” to get maximum hosting discount of 25% off on your total bill. This is very useful if you are shopping hosting for 1 or more years. Here is a screenshot of discount on hosting, when I applied coupon code: ShoutMeLoud25

    Sign up for 25% discount ( COUPON: SHOUTMELOUD25)

    Hostgator almost free hosting discount coupon: ShoutMeLoud

    Here is another coupon code “ShoutMeLoud” which you can use to grab first month hosting for only 1 cent. This is useful if you wish to try your hands on HG hosting before paying in full. Though if you planning to use hosting for long, I would suggest buy hosting for 1 year and use above coupon.

    Here is a screenshot of hosting discount using coupon: ShoutMeLoud

    hosting 1 cent hostgator 550x275 HostGator Maximum Discount Code May 2014

    Sign up for 1 cent hosting (Coupon: ShoutMeLoud)

    Hostgator also started domain service, but I would recommend you to buy domain from somewhere else (ShoutMyDomain, Namecheap), as domains on Hostgator is costlier. Though, hostgator hosting is top class, and they will surprise you with their tech support. You can find Hostgator support everywhere.

    Do let us know which  Hostgator coupon code you used and if you are an existing customer of Hostgator, do let us know your views and feedback about their hosting quality.

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    I like host gator too! I have a dedicated server there. I’ve been with a lot of hosts over the last 10 years. Although definitely not perfect, they are better than the others I have tried so far.


    keshav mishra

    i have been using hostgator since 2 years.. and i am quite satisfied by their customer support!!!! far better than any other indian company!!!!!!!!!!



    Really a nice coupon code.I wish i have started blogging now.But unfortunately i have already chosen a plan of Hostgator. Well thanks for this.I will tell my colleagues for this code/



    Without a doubt, Hostgator is most stable web hosting out there at reasonable price. I have more than 30 Wordpress blogs hosted there and never had any problem with downtime.


    Suresh Khanal

    HostGator is truly great to recommend to anybody serious about blogging. But allas! if there were discount coupons to renewal too ;-)



    Hostgator is simply the best. I have installed shared hosting from hostgator after reading a lot about it on this blog. It has not disappointed me till now. It comes with cpanel which makes tbe task a lot easier and as harsh said, great support that comes in handy at critical points. So, go for it who are looking for a good hosting. I have been on hostgator from day 1 after reading reviews from harsh.


    Krishna Verma

    I had been using Hostgator shared hosting for a month now and have six websites hosted there. So far no problem at all, I hope it continues in future too.


    Nizam Khan

    Hostgator is really a good option for hosting. They provide really good web hosting service, along with excellent customer support. Thanks Harsh for this update on discount code :)


    Kushal Azza

    Wow.. great.. I wish I could see some renewal plans coupon code !! please reply with some..


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hostgator or most of the other hosting doesn’t offer any discount on hosting renewal. You should check out this article to learn how you can save money on hosting renewal: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/how-to-save-money-on-webhosting-renewals.html



    when godaddy is maintaining its site there no other good option remained that the hostgator..



    I have been using HostGator for several months, and have been very happy with them. The great thing is that Hostgator Support by chat is available every day, 24/7. And they are actually helpful!


    aditya bajaj

    Is your code valid for hostgator.in too or is it only for the U.S. site?


    Harsh Agrawal

    This coupon is valid for Hostgator U.S. site only.. For Hostgator India, you can grab a coupon from here: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/hostgator-launched-indian-web-hosting.html


    Rashmi Sinha

    HostGator has truly eaten away all its competitors!!!
    With number of this working in their favor such as Support by chat 24/7 and Unlimited storage, they are surely the force to recon with…Thanks for the coupon code!!!!

    GATOR here I come :D



    Can a shared hosting plan in HostGator handle 10,000 page views per day without slowing down the site?

    [N.B : I don't use any paid CDN. Currently I am using cloudflare.]


    Harsh Agrawal

    One of my blog (Callingallgeeks.org) was getting 22k PV/day on Hostgator hosting. Though I have done lots of optimization, and was using W3 Total cache… ( No CDN)..So it could handle… Since it’s WordPress, my advice would be:
    Use a clean theme
    Use only necessary plugins
    Optimize your theme and database.
    Use CSS sprites where ever you can.
    Use W3 Total cache plugin



    Currently HostGator hatchling plan rate is 3.96$/mo for 3 yrs.

    Is there any coupon code by which I can get it at a lesser price?


    Harsh Agrawal

    You can use coupon “ShoutMeLoud25″ which will get you 25% discount on your total bill…


    Shahid Khan

    Nice Coupon ….
    And Happy Earning @ Harsh Aggr. ;)



    Great Offer! 25% OFF it’s a good deal


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