Hostgator India Offers Free Adwords Credit for Indian Clients: 4500 INR

Couple of months back Hostgator India launched their dedicated Indian site and since then it’s getting popular and becoming one of India’s popular webhosting company. Hostgator is already renoewned for it’s excellent and top notch customer support. Hostgator U.S offers free $100 adwords coupon when a new user sign up with them, though the dilemma is Indian users can’t use free adwords credit offered by Hostgator U.S.

Here is a good news for Indian users who are planning to buy Webhosting from Hostgator India, you will be getting free adwords credit worth INR 4500. You can use this free Adwords coupon from Hostgator India to promote your business and for free advertising using adwords.

How to use Free Adwords credit from Hostgator India?

Once you sign up with them, you can login to control panel and on left hand side you will see an image like this “Google Adwords offer”. Click on redeem now and you will be taken to a page where you will get all the information to get started including your $100 worth free adwords credit.


As it is, Hostgator India offers unlimited bandwidth and storage which already give an ample amount of reasons for Indian users to sign up with them. There are many other webhosting company in India which are popular but a quick search on Internet shows how pathetic their customer support is.

I called Hostgator India couple of times and I always got greeted in friendly and professional manner. More over all my queries were taken with utmost care. If you are planning to start a Website and your target audience are Indians, or you one of those who looking for localized support and Indian payment option, Hostgator India is your best bet at this moment.

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Are you a Hostgator India user? Do let us know your experience and feedback about their hosting and support.

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COMMENTs ( 20 )

  1. kumartangavelu says

    This is the worst one in India. They are not providing proper hosting solutions even they are charging more than others.
    I am the live example. Because I have changed my hosting plan from some one to here with more expectations. But when ever I started using SQL Server database, they are started sending mails that your scripts are to be optimized other wise we will stop hosting. I am using only 8-10 scripts only in my site. And my average visitors didn’t crossed 400 on any day.
    But they said like that and suggested me to shift dedicated plan. Their only aim is to sell their dedicated hosting plans to the clients.
    I sincerely recommend not to go with

  2. Siddharth says

    Harsh, thanks for the link, but its a big Cheat by Hostgator i believe, Check out the footer of the link you provided, it says “Offer valid only for sign ups through the URL provided for the promotion by customers with billing address in the US or Canada.”

    Hope they are doing false marketing, also suggested to update this post reg. this !

    • Shobhit says

      Yes, Siddharth you are absolutely correct and thanks to your eagle eyes ;)

      I am the only one who had told ShoutMeLoud, about that free Google Adwords credit from Hostgator India.

      Just now i had contacted with Hostgator India Chat support and they replied that : “Shobhit, currently we are not offering Adwords credit. But in future we may offer.”

      Now that’s official now and when i asked about any expected time in future? he said that we’ll inform you via mail. So, Harsh, you need to edit this post!

      Actually i got extra excited when i discover that page but sadly that credit is not for us, it’s only for them!

  3. fazal mayar says

    i also have some unused google adwords cards that i think i threw to garbage like an idiot, what a waste. :D

    glad to see there is more opportunity for my indian pals

  4. Vijay says

    great! Google wants to expand their business in India which already seen good growth past couple of years. I remember Google letter to me with Rs 1500 adwords credit and now Rs 4500 which is very good amount to get your business running on adwords.

  5. Sandeep Tripathy says

    Thats too good, Hostgator is really taking an innovative step and I think it will work out and soon everybody else would be doing that

  6. [email protected] says

    Hostgater attracts more customers by giving more useful benefits like adwords credit for webmasters.. hostgater is the best for wp hosting.. :-)

  7. Ritesh says

    I am on They charged INR 2000 / year for silver hosting and can be used to host 4 websites.
    I am in fact running 4 websites (though all are low traffic) from speedhost hosting.

    when traffic is not terrific, better to use a cheaper plan and host.

    • says

      Rahul different would be in latency and speed. I have a client whose site is hosted in Indian hostgator server and his site is super fast. Even the FTP and loading time of main site. I guess it’s because servers are in India and it loads really fast. If your target audience are Indians, it will make a huge different in loading time and yes, search engine bots love a fast loading site.

  8. Shashank says

    Hi Harsh, one quick question. I already have a HG account that which I opened last year. Does this mean I can redeem the coupon now? or is it only for new Indian accounts.

  9. Vinoy says

    Hi Harsh,

    I am planning to shift my site to an Indian Host since most of my visitors are frm India. Do you have any rough idea on howmuch traffic per day does a new baby Shared hosting plan can handle ? I am currenly on Bluehost which is one of the best, but they dont offer the upgrade to VPS or dedicated. Also if I use a shared now and later is it easy to upgrade to a VPS or dedicated in Hostgator, since they have all. Also would like to know if their customer support (Phone) is Indian or US itself.

    • says

      Based on my experience with Hostgator, they can handle 4-5 Lack PV/Month without sweating anything… Max I have seen is 7.5 Lack….And You can talk to their customer service and they might offer you free migration of your site.. So would be easy for you to move to them.
      And Customer support is based in India.

  10. Harry Sehgal says

    I was Looking to get Hostgator Hosting in the Next Month… Now I am looking to get it soon because of these Adwords…:P

    • says

      Harry this is a steal deal…Money which you would be spending to buy hosting from them, you would be getting same amount of money back in the form of Adwords and one can easily use it for free advertising of his business/service.