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    Hootsuite Social Media Web Client Added 9 new Features

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    Some time back I added Hootsuite review and no wonder it’s one of the best Twitter web client for personal and for Corporate use. There are many features like manage multiple Twitter profile, Auto tweet posts, Facebook integration that will tempt you to try Hootsuite.

    hootsuite features 520x252 Hootsuite Social Media Web Client Added 9 new Features

    Adding more to it, Hootsuite added new features like Themes, Site analytics, Geo-targeted search, Grad and drop upload and many more. Probably it will give you more reasons to stick to this Twitter web client over Desktop Twitter web client Tweetdeck.

    New features in Hootsuite:

    I have been using Hootsuite for some time and using it to manage my multiple profiles on Twitter and Facebook and they have been great with their list of features. With new features and more network integration, this social media dashboard is becoming viral. Here are some of the new added functionality by them:



    hootshuie themes 520x256 Hootsuite Social Media Web Client Added 9 new Features

    Hootsuite themes

    How good it is to customize anything you use. Hootsuite added themes option. Using it you can customize your Dashboard.



    hootsuite analytics 520x246 Hootsuite Social Media Web Client Added 9 new Features

    Hootsuite Google analytics

    I’m an active twitter user with 5000+ followers and obviously I want to see how my tweets are performing. Is it blind tweets or people are actually listening to it. They already has analytic option in previous version but integration with Google analytic is added advantage.



    hootsuite geosearch 520x254 Hootsuite Social Media Web Client Added 9 new Features

    Hootsuite Geosearch

    If you use Twitter for marketing, probably first person you would like to follow are people around your location. New geo based search will help you to find tweeters around your location.

    Other useful features which Hootsuite added are:

    • Drag and Drop upload
    • Enhanced Facebook
    • New retweets
    • Localization
    • Insta load using HTML5
    • Redesigned interface

    Instead of me explaining all the features of Hootsuite, I would rather let you find out what’s new here and will love to know your feedback on new enhanced version of Hootsuite.

    Sign up for Hootsuite

    Do let us know if you prefer Hootsuite or do you use use any other Twitter Web-client for your need?
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    { 19 comments… read them below or add one }

    Dan Keller

    I am going to have to give Hootsuite another look based on your review. I tried this and tweetdeck about a year ago and decided against both of them and I have been using Twitter au natural.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Dan I wonder why didn’t you liked Tweetdeck or hootsuite. Specially as Desktop twitter client, Tweetdeck is amazing. Give it a shot and do reply with your perception.



    Nice article.. it will be really great tool for me. thanks for sharing.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your commet and I hope you going to enjoy Hootsuite.


    Surender Sharma

    HootSuite is the best twitter client.Its interface was not good previously but after adding features,it has become really awesome tool.
    Thanks @Harsh


    Harsh Agrawal

    Somehow I enjoyed the previous look and interface as well.. Even in this upgrade there is only minor change n features but the functionality has increased.
    Thanks for your comment Surender.



    it is great.i am also using Hootsuite.


    Harsh Agrawal

    What is the best feature you like in Hootsuite @techpage?


    Digital Imagination

    Tats cool……….

    i also wanna update myself to twitter fully and it will surely help me a lot……………….



    its a great tool. i have been using for quite a while. great to see the upgradations


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for your comment Himanshu.



    I am a big fan of Hootsuite. the recent update also made the user feel Awesome :)

    - Robin


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks Robin for your comment and feedback about Hootsuite. :)



    I signed up for long back but didn’t give much attention to what it can do. Let me try it out now


    Harsh Agrawal

    And do let us know how did you find Hootsuite ..



    I have been a Hoosuite fan since it was a beta hootlet…. My only complaint is that, with the latest update to the iPhone app, I am not able to do traditional RTs anymore….. Very annoying that I can’t annotate a previous tweet ;/



    p.s. I was mistaken….. It was the regular Hootsuite site, not the iPhone app with the funky RTs. :)


    Social Tool

    I love it! I was a bit peeved last week that it was under maintanance, but quite pleased with the awesome results afterwards. The site analytics function is definitely one that I’d be using quite often.


    Jens P. Berget

    I’ve been using HootSuite for a while, and I believe it’s the best Twitter client I have tested. The new features are awesome, especially when it comes to tracking clicks and the analytics.


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