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Honey Browser Extension: Find Best Deal Coupon on Godaddy, Amazon & More

Honey Browser Extension: Find Best Deal Coupon on Godaddy, Amazon & More

We all know how useful coupon codes are, when it comes to save money. When ever we are shopping online, and if we see a column for promotional code or discount code at cheakout page, we spend atleast few minutes to find the best possible coupon codes. Now, there are many online coupon code sites out there, but the major problem with them is expired codes. Most of these coupon websites have listed coupon which is either expired, or probably not the best coupon out there. In recent month, many developers are coming with browser extensions, which helps in searching coupon codes in real-time, and today I will be talking about Honey browser extension, which works with some of the popular sites like Godaddy,,, and many more. Let me explain how this extension works, and why an online shopper like you should have this plugin installed on your browser.

What is Honey coupon addon and how it works?

Honey addon helps in finding the best possible coupon code on hundreds of websites, and will help you to quickly get best discounted rate on your purchases. You can install this addon from Chrome store or directly from official website over here. Once you have installed the addon, this will add a “Find Savings” button on check out page of all supports website. All you need to do is, click on that button, and it will find most discounted coupon code, and will apply it for you.  I have tried using this addon with Godaddy, and it helped me to find cheapest coupon code. Before, I will share my experience, here is a video explaining about JoinHoney project.

As, I mentioned above, I used this addon with Godaddy site, and it helped me to find best possible coupon within minutes. But, in my case honey couldn’t apply the best coupon directly, and fortunately I noted down the coupon code, before this addon started trying new coupon. (It could be technical glitch, or may be one time issue), but what matters is, it helped me to save a huge chunk of money on my domain purchase. Here is quick step by step process for Godaddy:

You will notice a “Find savings” button at the checkout page. Click on it, and Honey addon will start finding best possible coupons.

Honey saving coupon

Finding best discounted coupon

In my case, Honey addon wasn’t able to apply the coupon code directly, so I pasted it manually, and you can see the money I saved using this addon:

found best coupon code

Similarly, this addon will work with more than 100+ online websites, and will help you to save a huge chunk of money on your online shopping. Here is list of supported sites by this useful coupon addon:

Specially if you live in U.S., I highly recommend to keep this addon a part of your Chrome browser, as it will help you to find best possible coupon code, and will help you in saving money. Do let me know if you use Honey or any similar coupon addon on your browser? Here are couple of more resources which will help you to save money, when shopping online:

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  • Sameer Suri

    This tool is seriously amazing !

  • Umesh Darwatkar

    Great addon, Thank u Harsh for such knowledgeable post it will save lot of $.
    Ur all blog rocks, i am regular follower of
    THANK YOU… For always keeping us updated…

  • Ankur Upadhyay

    I have heard about this extension before but never used it. It seems like a good utility to me. I just want to know whether it can help me in getting some discount on Host Gator shared Hosting plan?

  • Amal Rafeeq

    Hi Harsh,
    I’m a domain flipper and I really needed this extension. This would mean a lot to me. And thanks for the list too.

    You’ve made things faster for me. Cheeers!


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