4 Ways to Hone Your Writing Skills to Be A Better Blogger

improve your Blog writing skillsAs a blogger, you MUST hone your blog writing skills. No matter how good you’re at Internet marketing, there should be a reason for others to read your content.

If you’ve poor writing skills, you REALLY can’t create a great impact on other bloggers. Well I’m not saying that you can’t survive in blogosphere without having great writing skills, but you’ll get ‘more edge’ when you’ve captivating writing skills.

So how can you sharpen your writing skills to become a better blogger in your niche?

How to Improve your Blog Writing skills?

1. Spend time to write everyday

If you want to become a great blog writer – you must be writing everyday no matter what. Writing daily can definitely improve your writing skills. The 100th post you write can definitely a better one when it compared with the 1st post, agree?

So focus on writing every day. That’s the ONLY way you can improve your writing skills much faster.

So, how to get started with writing every day?

Know your best times:

When you work more productively? Is it early in the mornings or late at mid nights when no one is watching over your shoulder?? If you know your best times in a day, you’ll better deliver whatever you’re doing. As I said earlier in this post, if you want to become a better blogger – you’ll definitely need to improve your writing skills. So always spend your best times on writing something.

Know your best spot:

Do you write better when you’re at home or café? I myself find writing better blog posts when I’m in café. Because working from home don’t always give motivation to me. So I always change the spots, sometimes libraries, sometimes café, shopping malls etc. So know your best spots first, then start writing.

2. Give yourself writing deadline

Don’t stare at the blank screen on your laptop. You’ll end up writing nothing! Write whatever comes to your mind, be it a poetry, blog post, about your crush, recently watched movie – it can be anything and everything. Your goal is just to write. And you can get this done better when you give yourself a deadline for each task.

Here’s how this process goes..

Give yourself 25 minutes to write without doing anything. Just write.

Avoid distractions while writing.

This is SO important to write faster blog posts.

You need to use distraction-free writing tools to focus ONLY on writing part.

Here are few tools for you to use;

What do these distraction-free writing tools do?

They work like charm and gives you more freedom to write without any distractions. I personally use zenwriter – it also plays background (soothing) music to write even better. A research says that while playing background music, one can write effective blog posts. Because there will be no distractions will reach you from outside.

3. Don’t edit while writing

This is a pro tip, ask any prolific writer what’s his secret to write faster blog posts – it’ll be writing without editing.

No, I’m not saying you to don’t edit at all.

But don’t edit while you’re writing. Writing and editing are two distinct phases which must be done one after the other. Remember you can’t write better blog posts when you often edit while writing.

Okay, it’s always better idea to edit ruthlessly the unwanted things, but give yourself time to writing part first. Editing comes later.

How to edit like a pro (after finishing the writing part) then?

Make it easy to skim: Most online readers don’t read word to word, do you? They simply prefer skimming the topics, because they’re by default lazy. There’s nothing wrong in that though but you must edit your blog posts in a such a way as it becomes easy to understand the meat of your content easily.

  • Use bullet points
  • Write list posts
  • Embed appealing images
  • Use short paragraphs
  • Include relevant links
  • Use sub heads etc

This is how you can sharpen your writing skills. This way you can write better blog posts almost every time.

4. Read best writing


To analyze the pattern of best writers:

This way you’ll know what to write and more importantly what NOT to write. Most prolific writers spend thousands of hours on improving their writing skills, that’s how they become great writers. When you’re reading the blogs like Copyblogger, Write to done, Young pre pro etc – you’ll certainly learn something from each blog post. Read word to word, don’t skim through them if you want to make most out of your reading time.

To understand how great posts are created:

Great posts are not only those which include great meat, also those which are crafted in a perfect way. You’ll learn how to craft like a pro, when you’re reading good writing.

To hone your Blog writing skills:

This is a no brainer, when you’re reading the best stuff online – you’ll know how to improve your writing skills. You’ll also know what to read and what not to read when you’ve gone through the best posts either in your niche or out of your niche.

Bonus tip – End with a CTA (Call To Action):

This is a must, but most bloggers don’t end their blog posts with a CTA. Without calling your readers to take some action, they don’t do anything after reading it. End your blog posts either by motivating them to subscribe, leaving a blog comment or sharing with their networks.

Over to you:

Which tip did you find REALLY better to hone your writing skills? Or do you’ve any more tips to sharpen writing skills? Please share them below..

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Hello. My name is Rahul Kuntala, a computer graduate turned blogger. I write about blog tips at LearnBlogTips.com.


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  1. Saurabh gupta says

    Very helpful article for new beginners, i appreciate the work done by Rahul Kuntala. No doub’t that he is one of the successful blogger. I also appreciate his hard work and he is very passionate towards his work and this is a sign of quality blogger, the article is very helpful for us, thank you so much.

  2. says

    Thanks, I always have trouble with #3. I always edit as I write.. talk about WordPress preview post much?? Lol, it’s an obsession. #3 is something I will work on.

  3. Rahul Kashyap says

    Really Rahul I am agree your all point. This is Great ways to improve writing skills. Thank you very much. sharing this Valuable and informative Article on shoutmeloud. In this article I got valuavle information and writing skills.

    Rahul Kashyap

  4. PrIyAnGsHu says

    Hi Rahul, I think writing skills reveals the standard of a blogger. Afterall, blogging is all about writing. Yes, I agree that we must practice daily to be a good at any type of work, so I think writing a post everday can surely help you become a better writer.

  5. Mohammed Zahed Hussain says

    Thank you for insight article on improving writing skills. I have doubt, does pro blogger uses only paper and pencil or computer; or both for writing?

  6. Jayaar says

    One of the excellent points is about reading good stuff to become a good writer. As in music, this is applicable to writing also. You have given a good stuff through the article.
    Thanks and good luck.

  7. Rohit says

    Thanks…for the tools you suggested in the like Zenwriter , Ommwriter in your post help me alot during writing

  8. david says

    writing is a skill that requires practice to improve. It is much like any other skill that we can or should learn as human beings.

    The pen (or blog in this case) can reach millions if used correctly.

  9. Nishant says

    Nice Post Rahul

    in this over crowded blogging tips niche your writing style and your posts are really attractive

    i m gonna remember all of this when i will switch to professional, currently blogging is just my hobby

  10. says

    Hi Rahul,

    Impressed with the way wrote the article and nice content as well.
    I like point of Making a dead line, i myself maintain my own diary in which i write my task to do, it really help me very much in increasing my pace and yes the last point CTA is very important as it helps in making bond with the readers and to share more information which are not mentioned in the article.

    Great post brother keep it up.

    Thank you
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

    • Rahul Kuntala says

      Hi Shorya,

      Thanks for the appreciation. Yea, having deadlines while writing is one of the best tactics to hone your skills, let me know if you’ve any queries regarding this :)

  11. gossipo says

    awesome post. very neat and clear description about writing blog posts. i prefer using diary to make points to write because somerimes we forget what we think.thank you very much

  12. Shubhajit Chakraborty says

    Nice post. Personally initially i used to write in the diary (most of the articles, stories, verses etc.) then I put them into blog, but that takes a lot of time, so now a days i quit writing on diary, though pen and paper is always better for creative writing. I agree with you when you say, read good to write good..i always believe to write one page you need to read at least 100

    • Rahul Kuntala says

      Hi Shubhajit,

      Writing offline is another great way to hone writing skills. But it does consume bit time, for the beginners it’s a great way to start with, because you’ll be having less distractions :)

      Keep visiting the blog!

  13. Ravi kumar says

    Hi Rahul,

    It was great tips for new blogger. It was new to know that we should not edit our post while writing.

    I have one question that how to write quality keyword article.


  14. stargaterich says

    Excellent post with great tips on how to become a better writer. I guess its a fact of life that one must take time and efforts to strive to become better write otherwise no point to become a blogger. I must say a lot also depends on the topics that you blog about.
    You can be a prolific excellent writer however if the topic or the theme that you blog on is too narrow focus, too specialized or too technical then chances are that the number of visitors are limited.