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Drunk Man Game : Fun Online Play

Drunk Man Game : Fun Online Play

Couple of days back I posted about Funny advertisements and now it’s time for some serious stress with this drunk man. I personally feel, online games are one of the easy way to beat stress and few days back I also talked about playing Mario on your computer. Also, don’t forget to look at Net disaster which let you void out your anger.

When I was on college, this is one of those game which we play as a challenge. Unlike other drunk games, in this game you will be breaking your own record. Or better, if you are 2-3 friends playing together (on separate computer), you can use it for a quick race.

Drunk man

You need to use mouse to control the drunk man and help him reach home. I’m not sure in how much m he actually hit the home run, as my best till now is only 68 :(. Lame! I know.

Anyhow, this game is addictive and I’m sure you will enjoy playing this game. Don’t forget to share your best score on our Facebook page or you can upload your best score and tag @shoutMeLoud on Facebook. This is a .swf based online game and works smooth on chrome. I have also added a video of helping this drunkman.

This game is a real stress buster. This is a .swf game in which you have to help the drunk man to walk straight. Try to make the best of the score. The game is very addictive and I’m sure you will love it. I used to play this game when I was in college and luckily while stumbling I came across this game again.

Link : Drunk man Game

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  • Zaid

    Wow, its a very funny and interesting game. THanks for sharing !

  • Ujjwal Kumar

    I used to play this when I used Orkut :P


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