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I usually don’t publish about my interviews here at ShoutMeLoud, but I realize I should share about interviews and other important updates here for regular readers. Starting with first one,  I recently got interviewed by Charmie from TechnoTactics and you can click on the link after excerpt to read the complete interview. Along with that, I have also linked to couple of more interviews on other blogs which you can check out to know more about my working and ShoutMeLoud story.

Interview on TechnoTactics:

There is hardly anyone in the blogosphere who is not acquainted with a blogger “Harsh Agrawal” having a unique beard and style to represent him or the domain named “ShoutMeLoud“. Yes, these two are one of the most admired things in the blogging world and also claimed globally to be one of the topmost bloggers.

TechnoTactics: “ShoutMeLoud”, a name which has always made me fascinate about its origin, please share that moment behind naming your internet space “ShoutMeLoud”.

Harsh Agrawal: There is an interesting story behind name “Shout Me Loud”. When I was planning to buy my first domain name, I wanted to pick a name which is not only unique but also is memorable. Instead of going for a keyword rich name, I decided to pick up a name which can easily be brandable. I was thinking of name for long and couldn’t finalize anything concrete. One day while traveling (Coming back from office), I saw the word “Shout” on a billboard ad and name “ShoutMeLoud” came into my mind. I reached home, checked the availability of domain name, borrowed my friend credit card and booked hosting and domain name right away.

Read the complete interview here

Few more recent interviews:

Do check out these interviews and I’m sure you will learn something new and different from them.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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  1. nishant sarma says

    Hello Harsh,
    Its really awesome to read someone’s interview like you. You are a legend to Indian Blogosphere.Its really an amazing story of you. Hats off Man!

  2. Debadeep Biswas says

    I would say Harsh Agarwal is Sachin Tendulkar of
    Really you are more than inspiration for newbie bloggers like me..
    May God Always Bless You….
    Best Wishes for your future,
    Debadeep Biswas

  3. Altamash says

    Hey Harsh!
    You’re great man too apart from blogging, I have noticed this as you sometimes do not change your every articles and everythings as marketing and If you do then only If the things are genuine you are marketing about! Your motivating activity really helps newbies to always being confident! Hats Off to you! Keep helping & Motivating… :)

  4. Paul Billygraham Reang says

    Hi Harsh,
    You are really great, you had not only winner with lots of success. Today whenever I see newbie blogger coming up & ask them who is your motivator/inspiration… Most of the replies are “Shout me Loud”. Hats Off and thanks for making such and informative blog.
    Best regard,

  5. says

    Couldn’t agree more…. so many sites with tech this tech that, or gadget or digi or something similar. they all sound the same, a unique name is easier to remember – like my blog’s name :)

  6. Daniel says

    Excellent Interview Harsh,
    I appreciate how you share your experience eespecially how you made your decision to go independent and not seek “a salaried safety net” this is extremely inspirational.

  7. says

    Great interview harsh. You are really a good motivator for all young bloggers. I have been reading your blog for more than 4 years. You are really great and inspirational. Whenever I talk to my friends about blogging i always used to tell you and Amit ( labnol ) as my roll model.
    Thanks for sharing this post harsh :)

  8. Abinash Mohanty says

    Hi Harsh!
    This is an amazing story to read after all. I have been following your blogs since a long time and guess what! You write so well. The best thing I like about your blog is that the kind of information you share along with quality facts and examples. Keep it up!

  9. says

    Excellent Interview Harsh,

    I appreciate how you share your experience eespecially how you made your decision to go independent and not seek “a salaried safety net” this is extremely inspirational.

  10. Biswajit Chopdar says

    Hey I read the full article. Your answers were so wow, it will inspire new bloggers like us :-)

  11. James Ryder says

    You are really an inspiration to new bloggers Harsh. I have read some of your previous interviews and they are really motivating. Your blog is also full of important articles for any internet user and especially a blogger.

    You should keep sharing about your interviews here so that we don’t miss anything. Thanks!

  12. Trivedi Jay says

    Great Man ; Harsh you are a awesome person on blogging world in India. :) Thanks for you all work in blogging field.

    We all want to say you thanks for helping new bloggers.