Handy Tools to Add Personalised Features on Your eCommerce Store

Is your site’s target market is exiting the sales funnel without any profit? Well, if so, what is your plan of action when you lose the majority of your visitors? Let me help you with a plan that can actually make the shopper love your site every time they visit it.

It is simply through personalizing your online site which is neither difficult nor expensive. As we all know that running an eCommerce site is a never-ending task- from figuring out which referrers drive you the best traffic to squeezing out the extra bit of conversion rate. Today’s emerging technologies therefore, have discovered different tools to personalize your e-commerce venture. All you have to do is, find the right tools to implement on your site and let the software do its magic.

Tools to Improver User Experience of your E-commerce website :

Let us find out those tools to personalize the overall shopping experience of your website.

WP Greet Box:

WP Greet Box

Visitors can always feel the personal touch if they are welcomed properly. WP greet box is one such advanced WordPress plugins to display personal welcome messages irrespective of where the user is coming from. Visitors will always appreciate such gestures while they visit your online store. This personalizes tool supports multiple referrers such as Facebook, Twitter, and Digg or Google search.

WP greet box is the best way to improve your email subscribers. If your emails are not getting noticed and also if you are not too keen to implement pop-up messages, the ideal way is to design a customized box and place it above each post to grab attention towards your sign up links and messages.



Every online merchant wants to personalize the browsing experience of their shopper. It is quite possible with LoopIt tool that allow a “ask your friend” button in the product page. With this helpful widget, you are not only enhancing the experience of the existing shoppers but also the new shopper to your site. Also, it lifts the word-of-mouth marketing that can make your site stand out of the crowd. Moreover, this tool also helps you to give an insight regarding what people think about your products, how they influence each other and also the context related to their purchasing decision.



Technology has also made a provision to offer a complete shopping experience of your customers. With this eCommerce tool, you can improve your site by integrating different application such as media widgets, analytics extension and feedback forms. The greatest advantage with siteapps is that you can add site features without putting any extra effort to code additional functionality.

Moreover, this amazing tool also allows the user to adapt the behaviour of the apps based on user data. Further, you can also choose when the app will appear, who can view them and how they interact with the visitors.

WooCommerce Currency Converter:

WooCommerce Currency Converter Widget

You no longer have to disappoint your international customers related to currency. The WooCommerce currency converter is an add-on that enables your international visitors converts product prices according to the currency of their choice. The best thing about this tool is that they automatically detect the currency based on the shopper’s location. This makes the international shopper feel that they are valued and give them expedient shopping experience. The overall experience assures that they will complete the entire checkout process without leaving your site.

CNET Intelligent Cross Sell:

CNET Intelligent Cross Sell

If your online business deals with selling consumer-electronics products and technology, then you should consider using CNET intelligent cross-sell. It is software to manage the upsells and cross-sells depending on the site’s patented attributes such as product profitability or product review as well as behavioural data of the visitors.

Besides, you will also find certain tools to improve your customer service:


Live Chat

You can add LiveChat application in your site to provide a personalized support. Through chatting, you can easily extract important information such as the location of the visitor and the page they are currently visiting. The tool also allows the users to log on via Facebook, offering further insights. Your official Facebook page can also have a LiveChat application added to it. Alternatively you can also check out Clickdesk.



Zendesk makes personalization more precise. It allows one-on-one support through the different channel website, phone, live chat or social websites. The interface of the tool provides a comprehensive understanding of your customers such as their contact information, purchase history and much more to add, thus making it easier to offer a personalize customer service experience.

Technology will continue to help you achieve your goals. Its never-ending innovation is one of the best strategies for every eCommerce entrepreneur to gain customer insight and engagement.

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