Guide for Home Makers who Like to Blog from the Comfort of Home

Home makers guide to blogging

These days blogging is fast growing in its pace and due to the popularity it has gained over recent times as a means for good source of income which can be earned from the comfort of one’s home, many home makers are choosing blogging as a profession.

Home makers who are blogging for fun or just as a free time hobby can turn their part time blogging into a gold mine which can help them earn few bucks. There are many examples of home makers who are comfortably earning some money which is far more greater than what their husbands earn out of their day job. Nevertheless there are some things to consider before you start your own blog.

Blogging Tips For Home Makers who already blog:

I would like to give some useful tips and suggestions to home makers who already have a blog or who want to start a blog. There are many home makers who are blogging and are successful too. Most of them just still blog as a hobbie but due to the time factor they really find it hard on how to keep things going on in their blogs. Many home makers still struggle hard to learn the inner science of making money out of a blog. Below are few suggestions which can help you maintain consistency in blogging.

Planning a Blogging Schedule:

Being a home maker, looking after household works it is very difficult to spend hours of time online writing posts and interacting with others. So just to maintain the equilibrium between the work load and blogging below is how you can plan.

Writing a post:

Write a post every alternate day. One day plan for what you are going to write the other day keep them in words. See that you could write 2 to 3 posts a week and reserve Sundays for your family. Keep reading more and more on the day you take off from writing as it can give you some ideas on what to write the next day.


When it comes to interacting with other bloggers it is better you choose to be a part of blogging communities. There are many such wonderful blogging communities only for home makers who blog. Just Google it you will find many such communities and be a part of them. This helps you in reducing the risk of bringing in traffic to read your articles. Now and then keep helping other home makers with their problems. Don’t keep long hours of interaction as it disturbs your daily schedule. Keep one hour schedule on the day you won’t write a post for interacting with people who have commented on your posts.


You need to promote your articles now and then and to do this you have good social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+. Initially you might not get many followers but as days go by you can increase them. Spending too much time on social networking sites too is not advisable.

For Home Makers who like to start a Blog for money:

1.    Choosing a Platform:

It is very hard to choose a self hosted WordPress blog in the very first go. You have to do many customizations, learn many things like plugins, frameworks and designs. Above everything else you need to spend some money for buying a reliable hosting and a domain name. Regardless you can start off your blogging journey with a free blogspot blog. It doesn’t cost you a buck. If you can afford some money then you can choose going for a self hosted WordPress blog. All you need to spend is less than 100$ for a domain name and hosting. If you want to get concession on hosting and domain name search for latest coupons in ShoutMeLoud. Still you have any doubts, queries and need help in setting up a WordPress blog there are some wonderful people like Harsh Agarwal who could suggest and also do the job for you.

For beginners:

For Advanced Users:

2.    Choosing a Niche:

So what are you going to write on? I don’t say not to prefer some good niches like blogging, making money online, technology etc but it requires lot of time to be spent in order to build a successful blog. You can go with some of the niche’s like Parenting, Cooking, Home Decoration, Gardening, Fashion as it would be easy for you to write. But there are few home makers who are pro bloggers who teach people on how to blog. You too could grow to that stage once you start learning blogging.

3.    Setting a Timeline:

Have an organized posting schedule to your blog. Keep your articles coming and keep them sharing with the communities and social networking sites. If you are able to give some good handy tips for home makers you would grow your fan base without any promotion.

4.    Monetizing your Blog:

Yes this is what is important but don’t be in a hurry it needs some expertise before you earn money out of your blog. Recently a case study was posted on How a Fashion Blog earned money out of Viglink. You can read at VigLink Income Report from a Fashion Blog. You can earn from your blog provided you know how to monetize your blog properly. Below are some articles which can help you in earning money out of your blog.

So what do you say aren’t these tips simple and easy. Blogging is not hard at all and there are also no schools to learn blogging though few workshops happen now and then. Mostly all the people who now blog have mastered the art all by themselves by some trial and error methods. Few learn blogging from few successful bloggers, but at the end it is we ourselves who need to learn blogging. So without wasting any time start your own blog.

This is a guest post by Vijesh from Blogingrace. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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  1. Anish Panicker says

    If you won’t get the enough traffic, I don’t think any tricks will work in your favour for getting enough income, whether it is part time or full time…
    Vijesh.., I have read your all post so far and this one too adds the value to the readers..

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Anish. It’s true that traffic does the magic in earning a decent income from blog as you said whether full time or part time.

  2. Kapil heera says

    hi vijesh you right a great post for freshers. I am not a blogger but desire to say that you need to ad earning platform similar to Google ad sense because you are telling about full time blogging so when will a person earn.

    • Vijesh says

      Hi Kapil,
      I have mentioned about monetizing ones blog in the article at the end, may be its true that we need more earning platforms like Adsense, hence I have given an example where a fashion blog earns via Viglink, if I need to write on different earning methods it would take a separate post. As of now there are several money making tips and guides in SML which do help in choosing the right method to monetize one’s blog, just go through them.