Biggest Guest Posting Mistakes That I Made as A Newbie

Guest posting MistakesBeing a guest poster not only helps in letting your words reach to new audience but also helps in your personal branding. For me guest posting is a way to communicate and connect with new audience and let them know “Hey I’m also here“!.

This is my first guest post at ShoutMeLoud and it’s an honor to see my article here. Before, I move ahead, here is a little background about me: I was rejected in 11th class for the admissions, later on getting into college was not so easy for me. About 15 colleges rejected me for my graduation studies. When I started guest blogging, I tried my best to guest post on approx 20 blogs. But unfortunately my all guest posts rejected and I was losing confidence. I thought something is not right with my guest posting approach or may be I’m not a good blogger. But being a newbie, no matter what complaining is not a choice. We have to work on finding out all the mistakes and start working on improving them. So, I started making a list of things which I need to work upon and I started improving them. (Work under progress).

After 3-4 months again I again started guest posting with a fresh mind. This time my hard work gives a lot of happiness for me. The results were good and my guest accepted at a very fast rate. That time I submitted 12 guest posts in just 10 days. That was a great feeling for me. When your guest post published on the high rank blogs than your every word, every paragraph, every comment and every response is counted. Your post may get negative reactions too, But the main thing you have to maintain your confidence all the time. Don’t be afraid of negative comments there. Respond the comments very warmly.

So, I will be sharing few things which I have learned over the time and some common guest posting mistakes, which you or any newbie blogger can avoid and be a rockstar guest blogger.

Most Common Guest Posting Mistakes to avoid:

Alright, lets start with first thing first: Read the guest posting guidelines of blogs where you are planning to write. This will give you an overview of what are minimum expectations from your guest post. How many words/Article is accepted, what kind of topic gets more priorities and any other guidelines which you should keep in mind. An example could be seen on ShoutMeLoud guest posting guidelines page.

Here is one useful which will help you to start with your guest Blogging campaign:

So, not make a list of blogs which are similar to your niche and approval process is moderate. For example, many blogs take months to approve and publish guest content where as many of them publish within a day time. While making a list, take a look at Social media engagement, user engagement, Blog credibility, Blog page rank and other quality factors in your mind.

Select a Topic that Get Instant Approval:

The selection of topic plays a major role in your guest post. Try to stand alone rather than a crowd of 1000 peoples. Make your own ideas. Always try to give the guest post on a unique topic (but be remember that topic should be related to blog niche). 30% guest posts rejected due to selection of topic.

If you are an awesome writer and keep a track of latest trends and hot topics, start writing a great post on latest hot topic in your niche.  Submit the post and also notify the admin via contact form about the time-sensitivity of your post. Make sure your content is ever-green, else you miss out the referral traffic after some time. Oh yes, referral traffic from guest posting gives very low bounce rate.

Maintain your style of writing:

So, whats your purpose of writing: Traffic, branding and backlink building ? For me, it’s mostly branding and traffic generation. Backlink is something which comes as a freebie with your guest post.

My target is not only to make people read my guest post, but also convert those readers into regular subscribers. And it will only happen, when they can connect with my style of writing.  When you write a guest post for a blog, maintain your writing style. When a blogger tries to copy the writing style it makes a lot of mistakes. So write a guest post article in your own writing style, but don’t forget to use technical and professional words. However, you can take idea about the blog by reading the previous posts. Also, one major benefit of this process is, when readers will land on your blog via guest post, they can connect to your other articles and it will not sound like an alien voice.

Add links the right way:

When the bloggers submit their guest posts, they made lot of interlinking inside the post. This always leads to the rejection of guest posts. Think yourself, why the author of a guest blog (on which you are submitting article) will give so many interlinking; he never wants to sent his visitors to other blog. While Guest posting, always remember this point, however you can interlink one post.

Though, a good approach is mix it with many other useful links. For example, if you are covering a detailed article on Webhosting affiliate, links to all important resources and add 1-2 link to your blog on the same topic. Make it look natural and again keep the no. of allowed backlinks. The idea is to make it look natural. Add links only when it’s adding value to your article.

Reply to all comments:

If you have written a genuine and unique piece of content, it will get lots of reaction in the form of Social media share and comments. Now, here is how you will be leveraging the power of guest posting. Comments on your post may include some questions, some doubts, your appreciation and it could also be included negative comments. Be calm to respond your comments because the commenter will always wait for your response. No one will ask you to comments there; you have to be comment if you want visitors for your blog. Your responds will clear the doubts of commenter and they also start following your blog too.

Work on Post title and headlines:

Article title works as one liner sales pitch of your article, start working on writing clickable titles. Keep your Keyword in mind and come up with a title, which not only contains your target Keyword but also looks attractive. If you are spending your 2-3 hours for writing guest posts, why can’t you think for 10-15 minutes for a title. It will be like a bonus for you. Your 5-6 words title will leads to visitors to read the post of 500-700 words. :)

Write your Author Bio

Before writing a guest post, think once, why are you writing a guest post? Obviously, for traffic, back linking etc. So if you have written an author bio badly, then surely it can’t help you in any way. Try to write in a simple, short and a specific manner. If possible ignore using Click Here.

When you create your profile on any blog, make sure to fill it properly including Name, Website URL and description. Always fill your profile in detail, which will help editors to manually make changes where ever necessary.

Re-publishing or Re-writing your own content:

Many newbie who are not very accustomed with the concept of guest posting, they usually submit their best post as guest article, or rewrite their own content and submit it. Wrong! Wrong!Wrong!. Your guest post should be unique and should be specifically written for blog, where you intend to submit your article. This is one of the most common mistake which newbie bloggers make while starting with their guest posting career.

Not sharing your Post :

When you guest post on authority blog like ShoutMeLoud, ProBlogger or any other top blog in your niche, it works as your portfolio and help you get recognized as credible author and blogger. It’s always a good idea to share your post with your Social network via Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.  Even your readers will be happy to know that your guest article is approved on a authority blog and will help you get more kudos.

Being a newbie bloggers, mistakes are suppose to happen and this is the best time to refine our Blogging style and become a better Blogger. Hope this article will help you to avoid those common guest posting mistakes, which lead to rejection of your guest post. You should also read: 5 Things to remember while writing first guest post.

So, hows your experience with Guest blogging so far? Is there any other message or suggestion you would like to give to me or other newbie Bloggers to avoid common Pitfalls?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Ambika Mahajan says

    Hi Sugam,
    I read this post of yours last week, and submitted my first guest post yesterday. Needless to add, valuable suggestions. Keep up the good work.
    Since you are much more experienced than me, could you tell me where to get a list of dofollow blogs in the health niche`? Unable to locate too many on them on Google.
    Also, tell me : Do directory submissions help my blog rankings and traffic?
    If YES, let me know how to go about it. Would appreciate that.
    Thanks a ton.

    • says

      Hi Ambika@ You can use to find out related websites or blogs to comment on. This is very nice free tools available online.

      Sugam@ You really did not stop working and trying again and again. You got a lot of “Patience” which is must have quality in a blogger!

  2. Mahesh says

    Hi Sugam,
    Thanks for proving us such a useful article on guest posting. From now onwards i will try follow all steps told by you on writing article.

  3. Veer Modi says

    Hello Sugam, Very nice list of mistakes. Every beginners blogger must keep all these points in mind while writing for great blogs like shoutmeloud.
    And it’s necessary to read the guest posting guidelines before submitting the guest post.
    Thanks for such inspirational post.

  4. Sugam Kumar says

    Hello Manish,

    Thanks for your words.. You can improve your english by reading, writing, by practicing. There are many bloggers who were weak but now they are rocking….

  5. Manish Agarwal says

    Hi Sugam,
    After reading your articles, I get lots of confidence to being a content writer. Similarly i am also weak in English writing and afraid about the rejection by the audience always. But, This article an inspirational for me to begin my journey.

  6. Robinsh says

    I found that people don’t care about reading the guest post guidelines and shoots email regards asking the procedure and rules by email and then the webmaster feels them to send towards that post or page where the guidelines was listed.

    So it would be a problem if you are not reading the necessary points about a particular blog how can you submit a related content that will get instant approval.

  7. Amrik Virdi says

    Hi Sugam,
    I really liked your post. You have just shared awesome points, eespecially that part about “not sharing your post”. I am agree you need to share your posts like hell to help increase your blog traffic.

    Thank you.

  8. Shitij says

    Sugam you have faced lot of rejection not only in blogging but in real life too but you always strive back again…..thats great…I agree selection of topics that gets instant approval is very important…thanks for sharing