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WP Greet Box : WordPress Welcome Message Plugin

WP Greet Box : WordPress Welcome Message Plugin

One of the important factor that we bloggers need to take care of is; turning one time visitors into readers. The best way to get it done is by offering personalisation. The real conversion rate increases only when you get targeted visitors instead of huge traffic. In the world of blogging, this is again true and specially in the case of subscriber. Now, the real challenge is tapping this one time visitor into subscriber. How about showing a custom welcome message along with source of traffic they are coming from. This will add a filed of personalization and might tempt your one time reader to turn into a subscriber.

In WordPress we can always do many geeky things using PHP and CSS but here I’m talking about one such WordPress Welcome message plugin, which does the job pretty well and let you add level of warmth in your blog post.

Wp Greet Box WordPress Plugin:

Wp Greet box WordPress plugin is one such plugin which welcomes you readers to your blog and notfies them to subscribe to your blog. This is one simple plugin but very effective in terms of increasing your subscribers. By default, this plugin shows your WordPress feed link but you can change it to your feedburner link.

In case, if you wish to display any custom message like instead of subscribing to your feeds, you can ask them to follow you on certain social networking site, you can do the same.

Here is how Wp GreetBox plugin works: Suppose a visitor is referred by stumble, it will greet like

Welcome fellow Stumbler, don’t forget to subscribe to shoutmeloud feeds to keep receiving updates

This is another great way to enhance your RSS feed readers count, I installed this plugin 1 day back and I can see a good number of addition into my RSS subscriber list.

Don’t forget to check your configuration for RSS feeds which you want you visitors to show. Be default it will show your wordpress feeds URL, change it to your feedburner feed address.

Download link : Download plugin 

Though, if you are using any SEO plugin which pulls meta description automatically, I suggest you to place this welcome message plugin at the post footer, else I have seen sometime greet box description shows in meta description in SERP’s.

Make sure you place the plugin at the top or bottom depending upon your design and ad placement. Placing it around ads might lower down the CTR of your ads, so better keep ad and this plugin message at alternate place.

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  • Siddarth Rajsekar

    Great plugin.. have seen instant results after installing it on my blog.

  • Tim

    Seems like a nice idea for a plugin to greet your visitors although I never could get it to work. I don’t know maybe it’s my particular theme or something that’s the problem. Anyway, you can’t miss something you never seen work before.

  • bobby maghanoy

    I found this plugin but i never thought it will be useful. I will download this plug-in for my very first site.
    Nice plug-in. Thanks.

  • Ajith Edassery

    I knew about the existence of this plugin but seeing the wonderful messages now only. In fact, I used a variation of this logic (based on the reffered site) in my blog sometime ago.

    Very nice indeed!

  • Nihar

    Nice to see that you are also using this plugin. I started using this plugin may be 2 months back. I also wrote a post about it….

    nice plugin.

  • Nitesh patel

    yep! harsh this is really good plugin to give warm welcome to visitors. i have just installed and configuring to better use.thanks for this awesome plugin.

  • George Serradinho

    Hi again – I see you have your link going to

    My Google Feedburner name is: Serradinho Blog

    Where and how do I make mine go to the subscribe page?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I’m sorry George,
      I failed to udnerstand your question.
      Are you talking about Email newsletter?

      • Nicholas

        He was wondering what his feed URL is, which I found out it is . I didn’t put http in front of the link because if you search his site on Google it says it has malicious content.

  • George Serradinho

    I have just installed it and have it showing above the posts. I just have to change the font as it’s different from my font being used.

  • George Serradinho

    Nice plugin to use, maybe I will use it on my site although I don’t get loads of traffic from Stumble and others.

    It’s nice to see some kind of greeting message though, it makes the user feel more welcomed.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Very true George. It also shows welcome message to traffic from Google, Reddit and many more services.
      The best part is that you can also make any custom message for any particular sites or forums.

  • Simon | Teenius

    Awesome, thanks :D
    I’ve seen loads of different blogs using something like this and always wonder how they do it… didn’t realise there was a plugin for it haha ;)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Even I realized it later, That this is one of the must have wordpress plugin to remind visitors to subscribe to my blog feeds.


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