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    Google+: The Safe Alternative to Facebook

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    One major hang up for involvement in social media has been security concerns. For this reason Google+ has captured my curiosity in their claims to have advanced privacy options. I can’t help but wonder if this could be the turning point in the Facebook vs. Google race.

    In reviewing the Privacy Guide a few features caught my eye that I thought those with any interest in internet marketing might find helpful:


    Although Facebook offers a version of grouping friends, the option is time consuming and does not have the ability to limit communication to certain groups. Google+ gives you the ability to categorize your friends in groups or circles — only visible to you — such as professionals, friends, and clients. Thus, when you share information you have the option of which circle(s) it pertains to.


    The Stream is the G+ version of Facebook’s news feed. Facebook has made strides toward customizing the news that makes it on to feeds, but Google has started on the right foot with advancements. If you’re anything like me you’ve often messed up on a comment after posting it and agonized over deleting and starting over. Luckily, Google thought of us and made it possible to edit a comment after being posted… Hallelujah!

    Another great security feature is the option to disable resharing. In most cases it would be encouraged to reshare a post, but I’m sure there are certain situations when you would want to hold the credit for a post and with this feature your post is protected.

    Profile Settings

    With Google+ you have the option to be as open or closed as you wish to be. Google gives users the option to hide tabs on your profile like; posts, photos, about me, etc. This may come in handy for a business or organization that does not want to allow followers to negative comments on their page.

    There is also a preview tool used to view your profile as an outside user. There is actually a tab on your home screen called “View Profile As ___________” in which you can confirm your settings are correct for each circle.

    If you want to be really incognito you can actually choose to not be indexed on the search engine as well. As a business I would obviously not recommend this feature but if you are using this for personal use it might be something to consider.


    Beyond the ability to select circles to share particular photos with Google+ also provides a setting to decide if you want to approve all or some photo tag requests. This could be used to protect you from embarrassing shots that might harm your professional reputation. Unfortunately you do not have the ability to remove a photo from another user if you find it offensive besides messaging the individual or reporting the photo.

    Hangouts and Chat

    There are some negative attributes I found about Google+. Hangouts, a multiple user video chat tool, does not give you the option to remove any users from the group once invited by any of the chatters. I could see this being an issue if someone becomes inappropriate, but you always have the option to exit.

    Chat also presents a potential security problem in the fact that all Google chat contacts are universal across each of the Google products. This makes it possible for a follower on Google+ to find your email address through your Gmail account.

    Overall I found the security settings to be an improvement from the Google+ counterpart. I do not believe that there will ever be a platform free from unwanted exposure, but as a business owner there are risks to be taken in the name of online presence. Let me know your thoughts about security as you get started.

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