Google Started Indexing Facebook Comments & 3rd Party Commenting System

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Google Started Indexing Facebook Comments & 3rd Party Commenting System

Back in March 201 when I informed you about launch of Facebook commenting system, one major problem which I mentioned was losing the SEO value which you get because of Facebook comments. If you not aware, comments actually helps to increase the value of your comments and needless to mention only useful comments.

Facebook commenting system actually helps you to bring the social power of Facebook on your Website and it’s independent of platform. Here is a news for all those who have not implemented Facebook comments yet, due to fear of losing the comment SEO value: Matt Cutts confirmed that Googlebot can now execute Ajax/JS to index some dynamic comments.


This means, if you are using Facebook commenting system, you might see comments made on your post via Facebook commenting system will be indexed. Though as mentioned in Matt Cutts Tweet, “Some dynamic comments” which is unclear that on what basis they are indexing comments. I checked with some of the comments made on Techcrunch via Fb commenting system and most of them are not indexed.

This news was first informed via Labnol and later on Matt confirmed the same via Tweet. Though an official blog post is yet to announce this, as this is somehow big news for many third-party commenting system like Disqus.

As it is, I have been planning to integrate Fb commenting system here at ShoutMeLoud as Facebook is one of the biggest referring site for us after Google. And this new update has give us enough reason to implement fb commenting system. In case, if you have a website and you rely on your comments heavily for better SEO, you might like to wait for a while as I mentioned above amount of such comments getting indexed are very less at this moment and once the Googlebots are fully mature to index all the comments, you might like to integrate fb commenting system. Fb commenting system offers three way to implement commenting system on your site:
HTML5, XFBML and IFRAME and according to SEL, It’s better to go with XFBML Implementation for better indexing.

Here is quick screenshot, which shows what all you will be achieving by implementing Fb commenting system:


Alternatively, you can add an extra commenting box for Facebook users as it doesn’t require login and since no one can comment as anonymous (excluding: Fake profiles), you will be getting more genuine and meaningful comments. In case if you are not aware of how to comment like a pro, you should read:

Commenting etiquette every Blogger should know & why commenting is important for your blog.

You can grab codes to implement fb commenting system from here. BlogSpot bloggers can read out guide on How to install Fb commenting system on BlogSpot blog and WordPress bloggers can subscribe to our Email newsletter to get updates for the same.

Meanwhile are you using Facebook commenting system on your Website? What are the pros and cons have you seen till now?

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  1. SparkJunction says

    I hope they can read Disqus as well! Otherwise there are tons of “3rd party” commenting systems.
    It’s still unclear whether this will influence the rankings of sites in the future…

  2. says

    It appears to me that indexing of fb comments has a direct relationship with the privacy settings of the person who comments. My fb setting is “public” by default. Hence, all of my comments are indexed ny google. The majority of comments left on my site (via fb comment plugin) are not indexed.

    Does that make sense?

  3. Roy C.Chukwu says

    I use it on incomepanel, but the problem I have is that it is difficult to see the comments before they appear.

    Hope they improve it soon.


  4. Tushar Agarwal says

    good introduction by Google. With the popularity of FB increasing leaps and bounds, they have to do this today or tomorrow. So better late than never

  5. Musthafa Ullal says

    This is a great news, however I installed the SEO Facebook Comment WordPress plugin, which will store the FB comments in your wordpress datapage and the benefits are: fast page loading, Visible to Google bots, nice moderation settings (able to approve or reject the comments, restrict the words and all other Fb setings available. I recommend it for you Harsh.

  6. Robert says

    Great, now even our Facebook feeds and comments will become full of keyword spammers, just what we all want! But hopefully it wont get abused too much

    • says

      @Robert Not really.. Since most of the time commentators are real people and no one would like to spam using their social profile, so infact this will be more useful.

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