Google +1 Metrics & Webmaster Tool Integration: Everything you Need to Know

As a webmaster you must have noticed that Google has added  “+1” Metrics into Google Webmaster Tools.  But, Do you know the exact reason behind doing so? If your answer is No, then you may carry on reading this article further. In this post, I will figure out areas which you need to know about “Google +1 Button” , “Google +1 Metrics” and effect on this button on your search engine results.

Google +1 Button :

You may think that “Google +1 Button” is only a sharing button for your content for your blog post, like any other button like Facebook, Twitter and all. But, the truth is it is not its only utility. Google has always tried to provide best search results to their users and for that Google is using so many different parameters for handling personalized search results for every user. This one step by Google is also in relation to provide best search results to the users.

When user comes to your site with “specific keywords” and read your article. Then, If that user clicks on “Google +1 Button”, it indicates the Google that there is some quality content related to these “specific keyword” on this site. This click of a user not only increase the search relevency in Global Search Results but also becomes more effective in personalised search results of his friends and family who is in his contact list. Seems interesting na..?

Simply speaking this is one of the area which is difficult to be manipulated for better Google search engine results by Webmaster, Except proving quality content on the blog or website. This may help google to provide better search results for “specific keyword” in search engine results.

How to use and evaluate Google +1 Metrics :

In Google +1 Metrics, there are 3 different area on which I will come upon one by one. I will tell you how you can evaluate and use it for your site and search engine optimization.

+1 Metrics: Search impact

The “Search Impact” page will let you know the exact impact, how +1 button is affecting your site’s performance in search results. This feature shows you the pages on your site that received the most impressions with a Google +1 Button annotation, and allows you to see how Google +1 Button annotations impact clickthrough rate (CTR). You can compare the clickthrough rate (CTR) of Google +1 button clicked search impressions to the general clickthrough rate for all impressions. The data for all impressions and clicks matches the data on the Search Queries page, so you can compare your +1 traffic to your traffic from all sources.

+1 Metrics: Activity

The Activity page shows you, How many times users have clicked on “Google +1 button” with customized date range report. You can choose to display, New “Google +1 button” clicked and All time “Google +1 button” clicked on your site from Activity page.This page further shows you how many times users have clicked on “Google +1 button” in search results and ads.

+1 Metrics: Audience
The Audience page displays information about people who have clicked “Google +1 Button” on your pages, including the total number of unique users, their location, and their age and gender. All information shared is anonymous; Google doesn’t share personal information about people who have clicked “Google +1 Button” on your pages. To protect privacy, Google won’t display age, gender, or location data unless a certain minimum number of people have clicked “Google +1 Button” on your content. But, If you have good traffic and you blog about some targeted traffic then you may get quick feedback about your content quality apart from comments.

As a webmaster, I would suggest you to login to Google webmaster tool and check out your Google+1 metrics. If you still missing out Google+1 button on your blog, I would suggest read:

Indeed, Google +1 button is going to be one powerful social bookmarking buttons which will also help in your search engine ranking. I hope this tutorial have given you enough insight about new Google +1  metrics and webmaster tool integration.

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. TechPakora says

    i was not aware from this thing… im going to swith on my G+ from webmaster tools thanx mate :)

  2. Techsute says

    After reading your post I have checked my Webmaster Tools and Google+ option available there.

  3. Timon Weller says

    Hey Mirir,
    I have just started investigating this one as well and I don’t fully agree it is a good plan of Google to implement unless it does not effect rankings..

    The reason being is spammers can open multiple google accounts and vote up websites. Imagine a spammer votes up a crap site with a hundred different accounts.. Problems.. Then spam businesses open up selling votes per 50 etc like facebook shares.. I really think links are the best overall measure, they really need to stop changing the algorithm if you ask me..

    • Mihir Naik says

      Hey Timon,

      Its not like that, when you press +1 button, it affects the search results of your friend circle to the great extent, it will not make a huge difference on over all ranking.