Google+1 Button & Facebook Like Extension for Chrome [Official]

Google+1 button has become one of the most essential social bookmarking buttons for any Website and especially I love to +1 any article which deserves it. Until now, not all the WebPages have implemented +1 button and this might be a big problem for Google, especially when they are planning to use +1 as one if the major signal for search engine ranking. Google team has launched an official Chrome extension for Google+1 button. This +1 Chrome extension stays in your Chrome bar and you can quickly +1 or unlike any page of your choice.

Google 1 button Chrome Extension

Launch of an official extension is also huge especially when Google is hinting that +1 share might be one of the biggest factor in future for ranking of your pages. Though at this moment this extension can be used to +1 or unlike any page but I believe in future we can also expect sharing to Google+ stream too. You can download +1 button for Chrome from here.’

Soon after soft launch of Chrome extension, Facebook also released an official Chrome extension for Like button. Though the functionary of this button is still different. When you hit on the like button, instead of direct liking it, you will see a like button on the overlay to like or unlike it. This addon also adds a useful feature in the right context menu, you can select and image or any link, right click on your mouse and you can like, recommend or share that image or link directly from right click.


As TechCrunch also mentioned, this extension was launched as a reply to Google+ Chrome extension, it’s not perfect and it’s weak at the moment. Facebook can also implement their Fb send & message feature with this extension in future. At this moment Facebook like Chrome extension is not a popular extension and at the time of writing it has only 555 users in comparison to Chrome which has 14.5K users. You can download Fb like Chrome extension from here. Also Facebook already announced f8 developer conference on September 22nd and according to report Facebook might launch it’s music platform and we can also expect a big announcement from Google+ around 22nd September.

So which of these extension are you going to install on your browser?

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Udaydeep says

    This is good on part of chrome, firefox should start something like this…firefox are just updating the platform but i think they forgot to develop plugins for the updated platform …

    • says

      Uday it’s actually service provider are suppose to create extensions for different browser. I hope in future we will see official extension for Google+ and Facebook. Else you can always search and get lots of related addon but they are unofficial.

  2. Shashank says

    It is interesting to see the battle being fought on a browser. By the way, are these extensions available on Firefox or IE?

    • says

      Shashank I don’t think they have launched similar extensions for Firefox or other browser. But if I manage to find out or if they roll out similar extension for other browser, we will update the post.
      Thanks for dropping by and for your comment. :)