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Google Webmaster Tool added Website DNS Verification method

Google Webmaster Tool added Website DNS Verification method

Last time when I have written How to submit your sitemap to Google I have used HTML file method to verify my domain into Google webmaster tool. This is good news for webmasters who are comfortable with DNS record and now they can quickly verify their domain using Google webmaster tool.

In the recent update Google webmaster team added

we bring you another new way to verify. Verification by DNS record allows you to become a verified owner of an entire domain (and all of the sites within that domain) at once. It also provides an alternative way to verify for folks who struggle with the existing HTML file or meta tag methods.


This is somehow useful for users who wants to quickly verify their domain using DNS. Though depending on your domain registrar, your DNS propagation might take some time.

Don’t forget submitting sitemap is one of the essential part of SEO. So if you have not submitted sitemap to Google, Bing and Yahoo, you should do it right-away.

Do let us know which method do you use to verify your blog in Google webmaster tool?

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  • Michael

    Can anyone give an an example of what the DNS record should look like?
    i inserted the following:
    google-site-verification:(and the code supplied by google)
    And all it finds is:

    it is a txt record btw.
    What did i do wrong?

  • NpXp

    I dunno but I think uploading html file for verification was the easiest of them all ;)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I agree with you, I find it better but will give this DNS one a shot some day in near future.

  • Shiva

    It is good feature that Google has added to Webmaster tool, now It becomes more easier for webmasters to verify their websites

  • Mezanul

    I totally agree with 3rdBrain. This option surely brings some ease of use with Google webmaster tools for the webmasters.

  • 3rdBrain

    This is one of the much awaited feature from Google. Verifying blogs via DNS record would surely ease webmaster chores.


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