Google+ Social Networking Site: First Impression

Google launched Google+ social networking site two days back and today I got my hands on Google+ invitation and so far I’m playing with Google+. Here I’m sharing my first-hand experience with Google+.

Google+ social networking site looks more like Facebook at the first stage. Moreover, I’m sure those who landed on Google+, must be comparing it with Facebook for sure. Anyways, Google+ can be called as an advanced version of Facebook. Google+ has taken care of all the features which Facebook offers and taken care of controversial Facebook privacy feature. By using social circles, Google has simplified the privacy features.

Google+ Homepage:

Google+ Homepage-Screenshot

This is how Google+ homepage looks like. More or less looks like a clone of Facebook. Google+ design is simple and elegant.  At this moment, it’s ad-free but I wonder, how this homepage will look like advertisements. Google+ also brought this new feature call “Start a Hangout” which will let you launch a group video chat. This is something that Facebook has been missing from long. Like Facebook chat, you can use Google+ to chat with your friends. Also like Facebook like, Google has integrated Google like button with all the comments and updates. Moreover homepage updates itself automatically, so you need not need to refresh all the time.

Stream feature on the sidebar will quickly let you see the updates from your friends. This is more like Facebook list feature.

Download Google+ data:

If you remember some time back, Facebook allowed users to take a complete backup of their Facebook profile. Similarly Google+ added a feature call Data liberation. This feature will let you download all your Google+ data along with all Picasa images, Download Google+ circles and contacts.

Connect multiple accounts:

This is a useful feature for Bloggers and webmasters. From here you can connect your profiles from different social media profile. More over from here you can also control which link should be visible on your Google+ profile.

Google+ Photos

Google+ photos are very simplified, and you can use your Picasa album to be visible to your Google+ friends. That album that privacy is set to private will be visible to you only. When you create a new album, you can control the privacy of the photo album. By default, it will be shared to the public though you can remove public and add group or individual.

Google+ Hang out feature:

I’m sure this is one feature that is going to change the way we use social networking site. Till now Facebook and other social networking sites are limited to chatting. Google+ added a feature to allow video chat and you can add multiple people in this video chat.

Google+ Profile:

Google+ profile has everything that you might be looking in your next social networking site. Google+ profile has extra tabs for +1

Over all Google Plus is going to be one cool place to hang out. Unlike Facebook which was primarily focused on College crowd, when it was launched, Google+ is targeted to everyone. Since Every now is getting on Google+, it will be interesting to see Google+ Vs Facebook stats after some time.

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Google should also consider giving any top-level domain name to Google+. May be something like, Right now, it’s is on sub-domain I’m also exploring how bloggers can get benefit from Google+ site.

I would love to know your first reaction and review of Google+ social networking site?

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. rakesh kumar says

    initially it does not attract a lots, but we can not ignore this big giant of the internet, So we have to create our own profile.

  2. Giri says

    Harsh your sub domain point is a really valid one. Actually Google did mistake in Google Buzz . They have included it in the gmail instead of separate they did the same in different way. They have to introduce the site like googleplus. Subdomain is not a nice idea.

    Its beat version only hope Google will listen it.

  3. shashank chinchli says

    Faster loading didnt allure me !
    Wont dare to leave Facebook.
    And yes i was suprised GoOgle didnt bother to have a main domain!!
    Pathetic and worst is Profile URL its in numbers rather than name.
    I invited few teenagers to use Google+ they were least interested in.
    Its all combo of existing features like google profile,chat,buzz,orkut sharing and all.
    Lets see whether this goes successful or again a flopshow from Google!

    • Andrew @ Blogging Guide says

      Let us give it a chance… Using Google+ doesn’t mean leaving other social networks. It is another media that we get to enjoy for sure.

  4. ashish says

    Harsh I hope you must have notices one thing.. Google Has tried to bring positive changes in very minute problems that existed in Facebook. Though Google has got better scripts loading faster but yet lot to do..

  5. Sridhar says

    Waiting for the invitation :)
    I like the video group chat(no limitation on no of people), let’s see how it will impact on skype video chat(paid version allows group chat).

  6. Ajay singh bisht says

    me too waiting for invitations..any idea after how many days will it be launched for general public ??

  7. Shashank says

    Its like one more Social networking kind by Google. Just waiting for invitation. Will try my luck at shoutmeloud giveaway invitations.