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    Google Sites Added Template Gallery

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    Google sites which is said to be good for small business website or I will say good for college students to try out things, has added a template gallery. You can select from pre defined template from Google sites template gallery and pick up  template for your site.

    Google sites also added a section where public can submit their template and after review it will be added into the template gallery.

    google site template thumb Google Sites Added Template Gallery

    According to official announcement

    Today, we’re happy to simplify the site creation process even further with the introduction of the Google Sites template gallery. When you select a template from the new Sites template gallery, your new site will come setup with custom page layouts, links for navigating to each page, embedded gadgets, themes and much more.

    It’s a good news for people who are using Google sites. Now they don’t need to scratch their heads for site design and they can pick up and pre defined templates.

    Meanwhile do you use Google sites?

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    that is really great user can create their own template ……..



    this is cool.


    izzat aziz

    it look like geocities by yahoo to me :)
    never use google site before.. but of course it will help lot user who actually use it..


    Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    This is a great initiative seems that Google will come into Hosting soon..



    I personally don’t like Google sites. Hate the big links and pics uploaded don’t appear reliably.



    hey latestphonereviews ……..

    let me tell u …. this is the best site U can search any thing want …



    I dont Like Google Sites


    Tech Blog

    Nice to listen that


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