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    Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

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    Update: Google shut down Google search stories feature, and now you can’t create it. Though, you should check out this amazing article on creating Youtube Intro video for your channel.

    Have you seen the Google Search Stories at Youtube? Do you know that you can create a search story and publish it on Youtube very easily? If you didn’t, then after reading this post, you will get to know all about it.

    Google Search Stories Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

    Google Search Stories is a way you can create your own search stories, in which you can show that “this” comes when we search “this”. In this post, I will tell you that how can you create your own Google Search Story.

    • Firstly, you need to go to the link – Google Search Stories.
    • Click on the button “Create your own”.

    gss Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

    • You will see a form, where you need to enter the searches you want to show in the video. You need to enter minimum 5 searches before going to the next step. After entering 5 searches, click “Next”.

    GSS Video Creator1 550x349 Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

    • Then, you need to enter the background music of the video, you have 24 options from different categories. Choose one and then click “Next”.

    GSS music 550x318 Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

    • Then, the video will be created. It will take a few moments to be created.

    GSS creating 550x119 Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

    • Then, Youtube will show you the preview of the video and you need to add the description of the video. Then just click on the button “Upload to Youtube”. If you want to edit the video a bit, click “Back”.

    GSS preview 550x396 Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

    • Then, fill in the description of your video and then click “Upload to Youtube”. Then you will see a loading bar where the video gets uploaded to Youtube.

    GSS uploading 550x103 Google Search Stories : How To Make One?
    GSS published 550x81 Google Search Stories : How To Make One?

    As you can see that the video is successfully uploaded to YouTube so let me share the video with you.

    So, that is how you can simply make your Google Search Story.
    Why should you do this?

    • Self promotion
    • SEO Skills
    • Show people where you stand at Google

    Here is quick video done by Harsh Agrawal :

    I hope you liked the post, if there is anything I can help you with, please tell me through the comments.

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    nice trick . . .
    am created my search stories on youtube . . .



    Thanks a lot for this tutorial.

    I have already seen Harsh’s Search Story. I will create one for me ;)


    Suraj kv

    Yea, Thanks for sharing this article.


    deepak sharma

    i didn’t find create your own button ……………


    Vinayak Nagri

    You can see that button at the right side of the page.



    I still can’t find a create your own button anywhere on that page



    Nice Post!!!
    Really good for SEO.


    Vijayraj Reddy

    cool video, i will try it out….


    Dinesh @ DailyBlogMoney

    Thats an excellent share.
    I can utilize for me and my blogs too.

    Thanks for this.


    Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hi Vinayak, can you explain how this helps the fellow bloggers? You said that this search stories are good for SEO? But can you explain how does it really help us.



    Sathish its not directly has no impact on SEO, but you can show others about your keywords which come on top . you can impress and and attract many bloggers by showing your blog on top on keywords.. like you can see mine.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Co8mUL7vrI&feature=player_embedded



    Great find!

    Thanks for sharing this. Will try to create a google story for myself :)


    Danielle McGaw

    I’ve done one of these before but I haven’t in a long time. I might have to go do another one!

    But this is a great promo tool that you can use on your web site/blog, on your linked in, and in quite a few other places. It makes you stand out and people will remember you!


    Vivek Parmar

    going to give it a try. thanks for sharing



    Awesome! I didn’t know you can do this, cool it will be a great marketing videos to use for the blog.



    Simple and useful, will give it a try


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