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    Google “Recent” Search Result Obsession will Impact 35% of Searches

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    Google panda party is not yet over, and here comes another algorithm tweak from Google. Today, in a blog post, Google mentioned about a new tweak in their Search engine algorithm, which will impact 35% of searches. Though somehow, this new tweak will make much sense and will be useful for users.

    This new search engine algo tweak is all about giving priority to recent topics instead of showing year old results, which is outdated and in maximum cases, not interesting for users.  Here is an example, on how this search engine tweak will work. Lets say you want to search for F1 race and chances are high that you might be searching for big event which is happening this year or something which is going to happen in coming days or years. Instead of showing result of first ever F1 championship which happened in 1950.

    Here is search result for Keyword F1 Race:

    F1 search result 600x445 Google Recent Search Result Obsession will Impact 35% of SearchesSimilarly when you search for “WordPress”  you would like to know about latest WordPress and not year old WordPress 2.X version. Similarly when you search for “Google page rank update” you would want to know about when the latest update happened and speculation date for the next update. So, in nutshell it’s a big tweak and this whole new algo tweak will be impacting your overall blog traffic.

    Now something  from official blog post by Google:

    We completed our Caffeine web indexing system last year, which allows us to crawl and index the web for fresh content quickly on an enormous scale. Building upon the momentum from Caffeine, today we’re making a significant improvement to our ranking algorithm that impacts roughly 35 percent of searches and better determines when to give you more up-to-date relevant results for these varying degrees of freshness.

    Getting back to basics, here are three major area where search results will be impacted:

    Recent Topics: 

    As I explained above, when a user searches for any current topic, he would be seeing the latest and trending topic. For example, search for “Cricket World cup” would show results related to recent World cup or results related to upcoming world cup.

    Recurring topic:

    Election, Annual conferences are such events, which are recurring event and happens after every certain time. For example, election happens every 5 year or event like WWDC happens every year. This new algo will make sure, users will see results related to latest one.

    Frequent updates:

    This is another one, which will be major point of change and I believe, because of this you might be seeing keyword dance in Google. For example, top 5 DSLR camera or top 10 websites, such posts get outdated after certain time and needs and updation. Google recency Algo tweak will make sure you will see up to date results.

    What does it mean for a Blogger?

    Well over all, all these updates and tweak make sense and this new tweak will be win & loss for many. Though, overall if you write evergreen posts for example topic like: 5 ways to improve handwriting or 5 ways to decorate home, you should not be worried. Or, if you run a blog where you cover latest up to date news and maintain the quality, you might be sitting in a gold pot.

    More over, if your blog posts are usually outdated but evergreen like top 5 3G phones, you have to make sure you keep updating them over the time. Else, you might see traffic loss or no traffic in some time. The idea is, keep your content up to date while maintaining the quality.

    Here is an interesting question asked by one of the SML reader on Facebook:


    Consider this example : Gmail recently changed its look & it’s covered by almost 60% of the tech blogs, now you can imagine that approx every 30sec a new post will be published on the same topic and our post will be pulled down in SERP.


    You getting the whole thing wrong..It won’t show result based on Publishing date…
    Talking about Gmail new look: Such tweak happened over the time..Like Gmail design is iterated almost 10 times…Now

    1.  It will show result about latest iteration
    2. It doesn’t mean it will pull down your position, but that will happen a more authoritative blog or a better quality post will be published, which happens normally, your position will go down. You can check for the same by searching for keyword “Gmail new design”.

    In short: It will remove results which are year’s old like Gmail design tweak which happened last year, So your latest post will be getting more traffic in a way, as old & outdated results will disappear.

    Though this might take away the life of many blogs, which are low quality and not been updated for long. As there is limited information about this topic for now, I will be updating how and what changes can help your website to stay alive with this new tweak, you can subscribe to our newsletter or join us on Facebook to keep yourself updated.

    What’s your opinion about this new algo tweak from Google? Do you think it’s for good or doing more harm to Bloggers? According to me, this new algo will be very helpful for users and also for bloggers who maintain a quality website with up to date news.

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    Of course this is very good for subjects which need frequent updates.
    Good techies can rest assured about the safety of their blogs since their passion keeps them active always.
    Thanks for the article and waiting to get frequent updates from you!


    Amrik Virdi

    Different searches have different freshness needs. This algorithmic improvement is designed to better understand how to differentiate between these kinds of searches and the level of freshness you need


    Vijayraj Reddy

    This is good update by Google in terms of quality because many users get 1 year or more old results for some searches which will be outdated… I will also monitor my blog for changes in coming days…



    this makes sense. when i search something, i want to see the latest updates and not what was written 2 years back. google has got it spot on with this update. lets see the effects


    Rakesh Narang

    Google is trying to their job i.e. to provide most relevant search results, so there is nothing wrong in their algorithm updates. It is just the competition in the blogosphere, write unique content and you’ll be fine.


    Yousuf Khan

    It is good for niches which need frequent updates like tech but what about the cookery niche? It should not apply to all websites


    Yogi Haris

    Thanks to Share Harsh Agrawal, There are two differences between blogger and wordpress platform, one of the best always wordpress[dot]com in SERp google, but why the blogger? google-owned blogger right, what you could explain it.


    Kunal Sharma

    I can see drastic change in my search engine traffic. I used to get heavy traffic for keyword “htc wildfire s review” but now it has reduced to almost 50%. Also my overall search engine traffic has fallen. This time with Google’s change my blog got affected. I think I will have to update my search engine driving traffic posts.



    Surely this is a sign that Google is getting better at identifying user intent (or at least thinks it is). Could this be a precursor for the long await update which devalues exact match domains? Or are they just going to wait until every single search phrase possible has its own exact domain?


    Madhav Tripathi

    This will probably hurt top posts which get daily love form Google. Because new posts will get priority.



    I dnt think the latest update is working well. Today i searched about photoshop tutorial and mostly posts on first page are from 2010 :D


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