Google November 2012 PR Update

Google PR which is probably an over rated terms and going to be in the mind of many bloggers for few days, as Google made a major PR update in the month of November 2012. Google last PR update was in August and we have been expecting an update in the month of November. Google is maintaining a constant gap of 3 months been PR updates and this time it’s another major PR update.

I have been looking forward for this update, as I started few new niche blogs and wanted to see how Google is treating it.  For ShoutMeLoud, Google PR is still 4 and there is not much change in the PR of my all other blogs. Here is a screenshot of PR for my blogs in November 2012 Page rank update:

Google Page Rank November 2012

I could clearly see PR drop for some of my not so active blogs and this is mostly because of no back link building and very few natural backlinks and Social sharing. In last Page rank update,  One  blog which I recently started working on, it got page rank 3 in a month work. That’s something which I was not expecting in this update. Anyhow, it was a surprise and Google surprises are always welcome.

Though one thing which you should know, PR has nothing to do with Blog traffic and a Website with 0 PR can get more traffic than a Website with PR 4-5. Though, having a Good PR is always a good idea as it means your blog is being seen as Good blog in Google’s eye and link going out from your Website will have more link juice value.

Google PR Updates in 2012:

  • 6th Feb 2012
  • 3rd May 2012
  • 2nd August 2012
  • 8th November 2012
August 2012 Update:
With August update, Google is maintaining a gap of almost 3 months between page rank updates.  I’m expecting next update to happen somewhere around November 2012 now. I will update the updated PR of our blog network for August 2012, in sometime. Meanwhile you can check our previous page rank below.

Here is a screenshot of my blog network page rank in May 2012 Update:

Google PR May 2012 Update

You can compare and note the PR difference from last one. First page rank update of 2012 happened in Feb 6th 2012. Here is a screenshot of change in my PR in Google February PR update:

PR update : Google February

How PR Update works and How Often?

Google Page rank is measured on 1-10 scale and 10 being the highest. Google rate a page on many factors like Page quality, backlinks to page and many others and updates page rank once in 3-4 months. There is no official date for next PR update, but they usually roll out an update in 3-4 months time.

If you have not checked your page rank, you can check PR of multiple site by following the guide in this post: How to check Page rank in bulk

Here is a video from Matt cutts which explains how PR update works and how often Google updates page rank.

From my experience, backlinks help a lot to get initial page rank 1-2 but later on to get high PR, domain age, quality of backlinks and many other factors come into the picture.

How to update your Google PR today?

My bad with misleading title, but what I meant is you need to work from today to get a decent or an amazing Page rank. You have to work on many factors and I will briefly explain them:

Build tons of quality backlinks:

You might see people saying, backlink is dead and it’s only quality content that matters. Don’t believe them. Even quality content needs some recognition in terms of quality backlinks. Now, it’s up to you how you are generating backlinks and up to what quality. Getting backlinks from same niche blog is always a plus point. Write viral content, and let people find and link it to naturally. If you are just a news Blogger, find a freelancer to do a WordPress Theme, or plugin for you and enjoy backlinks.

When you build backlinks, here are some of the most recommended method:

There are many more, which you can read on 101 ways to create backlinks.

SEO structure:

It’s important to have a SEO optimized blog. What I meant is,you should properly use noindex and nofollow tag attributes to control the flow of links. Try not to keep more than 100 outbound links in a page.You can also consider getting Thesis theme, which is a SEO optimized theme.

Here are some more quick tips for getting ranking in next PR update:

Here is a video in which Matt Cutts, explain what could be possible reasons for PR drop:

How is November 8th Page rank update turns out to be for you? Have you seen any change in PR? Also, share any special technique to increase your page rank in next update? Anyways, I’m expecting next update to be around February 2013. Share you reaction on our Facebook thread.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 51 )

  1. raman bathina says

    First of all thanks to harsh.I start my blog as a hobbie and dont know about anything related to blog terminology but follow shoutmeloud regularly and implement those tips in my blog,today iam very happy about google pagerank of website is 2/10.Thanks to harsh and other guest authors who wrote nice articles on shoutmeloud.

  2. Piyush Kumar says

    I have experienced 1 thing in my blogging, PR may or may not get you traffic, but still if you use ADSENSE, than higher the PR, higher would be the Adsense EARNINGS, this is what I experienced, thanks and congrats Harsh you are doing wonderful,

    I was using domain till Oct 8, 2012, got several harsh penalties, one-by–one, after listening Harsh’s advice I changed my domain name (but still hosted by on Oct 9, 2012 and within 30 days all of the penalties, seems to be got dissolved, lost traffic is getting to returning, also I got PR 1, it seems struggle is over and hope to see good results soon, thanks to you Harsh, I will contact you personally soon, take care,

  3. Aakash says

    You have share very informative article. I love your explanation style. I thinks that to getting a high PR, we need to do relevant blog commenting, Forum posting, article submission and also create unique content on our site. Thanks for sharing informative article.

  4. Nizam says

    Having a decent Google page rank is good and ofcourse higher would be better. Congrats Harsh for your blog that got Page Rank rank 3, it’s really a surprise (handwork always pays off). I got PR 3 for my blog in just under two months, for which I’m happy. Thanks for this useful information, this will be very helpful (eespecially for newbies).

  5. Ehsan Ullah says

    Harsh, please let me know one thing please.

    It has been 4 months I have started working hard on my blog and after working of 15 or 20 days a PR update came out and I got PR1 at that time when my blog wasn’t as popular at it is now and I had no comments etc, but now after spending 4 months of hard working they again gave me PR1?

    I have a good audience on my blog, I get almost 30+ comments on each of my post, my alexa rank is also good. So why they gave me PR1? I was expecting for PR3.

    I got inner PR3, but my homepage is PR1

  6. Deepanker Verma says

    I saw improvements in 2 blogs. But the major one is constant at PR-2. I know i couldn’t do much things. But i am going to follow PR tips given by you to get some better results in November..
    Thanks for inspiration :)

  7. leevabrit says

    Thanks for the info, my sites PR is 1, I think your article helps me, I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please shout loud to update like this. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Syconet says

    At which site you checked PR Harsh, I think no site is showing the PR where i used to see earlier.

  9. Kulwant Nagi says

    This PR Update don’t bring any good news for me !! Next time I will work hard to get decent PR !!
    Harsh is there any way so that we can remove the comment backlinks made by us ? if you can help me in regarding this I would be very much thankful to you..

    • says

      Either you can wait for disavow tool from Google or you need to manually mark an Email to blog owners to remove such comments. There is no other way for now.

  10. Android news says

    I got pagerank 2 on one of my blog and my new blogs got page rank 1,hope the figures will improve next time around

  11. prabir says

    PR of two of my site gone down from 4 to 3. Reason may be I haven’t touch those sites for long time and haven’t build back links but for rest of the sites , PR is same.

  12. Sujith says

    No changes- PR-6. Maintaining the same for last two years by following non conventional methods, but struggling to manage the site.

  13. says

    Hi Harsh,
    I see that PR update really has started. We must wait some weeks for stabilization. And my first blog in English got PR2. Nice ;)
    Thanks for the info!

  14. Suresh Khanal says

    For me too, there is no PR update. All the blog pages are unchanged.

    I’m planning to get Thesis theme and hope it would be better to purchase when Thesis 2 is released. BTW, when do you expect to be public?

  15. Vishal says

    Hi Harsh,

    No PR update for any of my blog (6 BLOGS), Google still rolling out PR or what ???

  16. Salman says

    As per matt cutts told in one of their video that “we give less priority to links which are bottom of the page”.So as per my view posting a new thread in forum are more effect then commenting.And Guest post are the best way to get quality link.

  17. David says

    Most of my blogs stayed the same. I think Google is being hard on Blogspot blogs. I have Tumblrs, an Over-blog blog, and a website that all went from 0 to 2 while my Blogger blogs stayed the same.

  18. web hosting geek says

    “Nice overview. I’ll even return to your article to discover more options of SEO, while I use blog commenting the most. SEO techniques should be different, that’s true. By the way, what do you think of “”dofollow”” and “”nofollow”” tagged webblog commenting? Is there any difference what kind of blog to comment. What do you think about?

    Thank you for an answer in advance.”

    • says

      @Web Hosting Geek:
      Somehow Akismet marked your comment as Spam, so you might like to drop an Email to blogs where you regularly comment.
      Regarding Dofollow and Nofollow: Though Google made it obvious that they don’t follow nofollow attributes, but the way I see, commenting on dofollow link is like a direct backlink.. Though as I mentioned commenting is useful but it gives low quality backlink for two reasons:
      1) Nofollow
      2) Google doesn’t follow links after 100 links (Could be myth)

      I would rather suggest, comment on Keyword luv plugin enabled blog…Which are usually dofollow and you will get backlinks along with your Keyword.
      You can use Dropmylink to find targeted blogs for commenting.

  19. Recepti za kolače says

    today my pagerank went from 0 to 4!!!
    is this some error today? because ive seen many blogs got gigantic pagerank suddenly today..why?

  20. Rakesh Narang says

    My blog’s pagerank dropped to 2 from 3, I don’t know how it dropped, but right now I don’t have much time to worry about it!

  21. Sreejesh says

    Well, my site is demoted but I’m not surprised though, I expected something like this. After all what else should I expect from an abandoned blog. But I’m just gonna leave it there no more working on it. I have other things to give more attention.
    (Mood = Turned OFF)

    • says

      Her Sreejesh
      If your blog have good quality but ranking is going down because of less updates, you can always fix it..
      A little active SEO optimization would help a lot.
      If you have any WordPress SEO related questions, feel free to ask me on FB page.

      • Sreejesh says

        I found out that one of the issue was with duplicate content. And interesting thing is that this guest author was a facebook friend of mine and he kept on posting the same guest post on multiple blog including mine. I lately found this out when I ran a copyscape check. Even other blog where he left guest post are penalized. I don’t want to reveal his name here.

        And I don’t think that’s the only reason for the being penalized because I know there were multiple problems with my site which you already pointed out.

  22. Arpith says

    Waiting for next page rank update as I registered my domain recently before 10 days and as expected didn’t gain page rank.

    • says

      Arpith, if we follow last couple of PR updates pattern, next page rank update might happen in May 2012, lets see. Work on your backlink strategy and next PR update might give you first PR happiness :).

  23. Sagar says

    I noticed some new blogs getting PR 5 with almost no backlinks, what can be the reason behind this? Any idea Harsh?

  24. Peter Lee says

    Mine has up to PR2. And also I noticed my other pages also with either PR1 or PR2. My domain is new, my strategy is to do more guest post prior to next PR update. Good luck to me and to everyone !

  25. Fahad says

    Well done harsh .. just saw all your domain PR updates, keep the hard work on the go and continue tipping us :)

  26. Mohan says

    My Blog pagerank got changed from PageRank1 to PageRank2.You know till now I didn’t write any guest and i did only blog commenting on some selective High PR tech blogs.And I removed all bad backlinks from spam blogspot blog i think that might be the reason blog pagerank increased.

  27. Anoop Sudhakaran says

    Its really great that Google is doing frequent PR Updates nowadays i.e in 2-3 months gap.
    Congrats for Shoutmetech update :)

  28. Dinesh says

    Thanks for informing this update.

    My tech blog remains same, but other blog DailyBlogMoney got PR 3 from PR2.

    Getting relevant do-follow back links is the key on increasing the PR, which you said already :)

  29. Tushar says

    Congo harsh bro.

    Is commenting on blog which has nofollow comments like shoutmeloud is advantages to PR ? please answer.

    • antodoms says

      The PR of my Oldest Site ( which I worked so Hard is again same PR2 even after lots of backlinks……

      The PR of my another old site which has no content in it rather than 2-3 static pages ( became pr2 from pr0… How it became that , I don’t know….

      The PR of my newly created 2 weeks old site ( is PR3….. Has only few backlinks…..Still Confused….. :/