A Blogger Guide To Share Something On Google Plus

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A Blogger Guide To Share Something On Google Plus

Currently I am reading a book of Famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami. The name of the book is “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. The book is full of inspiration, life tips and philosophical thoughts of the author. It is not a “how to run” book, but there is a large portion in this book about Marathon Running. Murakami thinks that writing novel and marathon are similar. In long distance running runners don’t care about beating any particular runner. Runners want to beat a time that they set as goal.  In long distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself. I think this is true for blogging too. Professional Blogging is like a marathon.

In this Marathon running with blog we have to improve our skills everyday. The most important thing for a blogger is “whether or not you improved over yesterday.” I like to use Social media to improve my skills of blogging and to engage with other bloggers. It is possible to drive good amount of traffic, Improve search ranking by proper using of social networking websites, especially Google Plus.

Google plus profiles and pages are gaining search authority. It is becoming one of the most important factors for increasing search ranking. Google plus is closely related with search engine Google. So it is common sense that this social network will get more authority than any other. More over, when you share your newly published posts on Google plus as a public posts, you are improving the chance of faster indexation. By wise use of Google plus we can increase our blog traffic.

Here I’m sharing some important tips for every blogger who is using Google plus. And if you are not using Google+ so far, you might be compelled to use it after reading this little Google plus SEO guide post for bloggers.

Few things you should know about Google Plus:

1.       Google Plus Profiles , Pages and Communities has Pagerank

Google Plus Communities, Profiles and Pages are have page rank now.  Anyone can check page rank using page rank checker. But new custom url will not work. You have to right click on a Google plus user name, copy and use that url on page rank checking tool. For example, I copied Darren Rowse’s profile url and checked it’s Page rank using prchecker.net . The result:

Google plus page rank

Google Profile Page Rank


1.        How to Increase your Google Plus Page Rank

There are two sources of Page rank for Google plus Profiles.

  1.         Internal
  2.         External

When you mention any user on your post in Google plus, it creates a followed link to that person’s profile. Mentioning, Re sharing, engaging with high authority profiles will help you to increase your Google plus Page rank internally.

External sources of Page rank is external high Page Rank websites. If your profile got mentioned in high Page Rank website, link juice will follow to your profile. You can use your Google Plus badge or profile link on your blog, on the byline of your guest submission to increase your Google Plus Page rank externally.

How to share your post on Google Plus effectively:

As Google Plus is little different from all other social network, you have to be serious about sharing things on Google plus. Follow these rules to increase your visibility and improve your Google Search Ranking:

  1. Try to give an Eye Catching title.
  2. Describe your post point by point (using 1, 2 , 3 cardinal numbers). Minimum 8 points are very good.
  3. Use url shortener to shorten your url. You can use Google’s url shortener or bit.ly. Include the link on 6 or 7 point.
  4. Add a high quality image on your post. Image can be visibile easily. As Google Plus support gif image, you can use them.
  5. Add a related tag in your post.
  6. Tag related peoples in your post.
  7. Search daily hot tags on Google Plus. If your topic is similar with any of them include the tag. It will increase the posts visibility.

Trending on Google Plus

  1. You can see hot trending tags of Twitter too. If your post is related with any of the tags you can use it on your Google plus post. Generally, what is popular Twitter also become popular in Google Plus too.

Things you shouldn’t do while sharing something on Google Plus:

  1. Don’t over promote yourself on Google. It will decrease your ranking and authority. Also as it is a social network, you will become an annoying person. To get traffic, ranking and to influence on search result share useful information and links from authority website.
  2. Don’t post only pictures or only texts. Mix things in a good proportion.
  3. Avoid link spamming and spreading spammy affiliate links. Remember, Google is watching you. Spamming on Google plus will be like, fighting with crocodile living on river.
  4. Don’t be too selfish in Google plus. Engage with people in proper way. Remember motivational speaker Zig Zigler’s words “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” Try to solve problems and help people. It will increase your reputation and ranking.
  5. Use it regularly. Most bloggers don’t give much importance to Google plus. Irregular use can not bring some good result. You can set 30 minutes daily for using and engaging with others in Google plus.

Two Important things to know:

You can set Google authorship for your blog. Be serious with your Google plus profile photo. If you use cartoon picture, graphic, or any other picture instead of your face Google will remove it from search result. For your author photo avoid using sunglass, a simple headshot is better.

There is tool just launched few days ago from Virante for checking author rank. This checking tool is not work actually like Google’s author ranking. It is different from Google’s author ranking but you can get idea of your author rank or how you are performing on Google as author. I checked Darren Rowse’s author rank from that author rank checking tool – beta.authorrank.org –

Check Google Author Rank



In conclusion I like to talk about Baobabs. What is Baobabs? Baobab is a giant plant that grows on Little Prince’s planet. Little Prince is a very inspirational book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. In little prince’s planet there were good seeds and bad seeds of plants. One of the most terrible seeds is the seeds of Baobab was in the Little Prince’s Planet. A Baobab is such kind of thing that you will never be able to get rid of if you attend it too late.  It will spread in the entire planet and will split the planet in to pieces.  Little Prince said once “Before they grow so big, the baobabs start out by being little.

Anyone who wants to save the planet, he must destroy the little Baobab as soon as recognize it.  I think there is a Baobab in blogging too. You have to destroy this Baobab as early as possible to become a successful. In my opinion, This Baobab is Laziness.

‘Watch out for the baobabs’ .And if you find, destroy it when it is little. Otherwise, it will destroy your blog.

This guest post is Written by Muradul Islam of FlowingEvents. If you would like to submit guest post at ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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      Hi Muradul,
      It’s no doubt that Google plus matters to search engine ranking. Yes you’re right Google are always looking at us. What we do with Google, they effect to our blogs.

      Are the links posted in Google+ profile page or fan page Doffolow ?

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