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    Google Plus now Let you Share Members in Your Circles

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    One of the strong point of Google plus is it’s privacy due to circles. Circles made it easy to share your updates to the targeted circle and most important circle helps you to maintain your list smartly. Personally, I created lists like Bloggers, WordPress bloggers, Blog readers, SEO, Social media lover and so on. This way, when ever I have to share a post on Google plus, I use targeted circles and this way, though my content will get less visibility but will get more targeted clicks and views.

    Today Google plus engineer “Owen Prater” announced a new feature which will let you share your Google plus circle with your friends. This new feature is very useful, as if you have created a good list of particular niche, you can share it with your friends, and they can follow it with couple of clicks.

    From official announcement

    “Note that when you share a circle, you’re only sharing its members at that time. The circle name is always private to you, and any changes you make to your circle afterwards are private as well.”

    How to share Google plus Circles with your friends:

    Steps to share your Google plus circle member is easy. Head over to your Google plus circles <link>. Double click on any circle which you would like to share, and there you will see an option call share. Click on it, add your comments like “Bloggers on my Circle” or anything appropriate, add circles with whom you would like to share and click on comment.

    Google plus circle share thumb Google Plus now Let you Share Members in Your Circles

    Here is an official video which shows how Google plus circle sharing works:

    This is indeed a very useful feature added by Google plus and it will be helpful for users to follow more like minded and interesting users. Which eventually will be helpful to make Google plus more active and make popular users more reachable.

    Specially for new users who just joined Google plus, you can quickly share your contact list with them. This way, users can easily follow profiles from day one.  Though you might not see this feature instantly and it will be rolled out today only but might take some time before you see it on your Google plus profile. On another news, Google plus has crossed 43 million users milestone and most of them are result of “Google plus goes public”.

    Meanwhile don’t forget to check out Google plus tips and tricks post to learn more about Google plus. If you are on Google plus, I would love to connect with you. You can join me on Google+ here.

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