Google Plus Local: Find New Places Based on User Recommendations

Google Plus LocalGoogle plus couldn’t becoming another Facebook, but for Internet marketer and user it has become an essential. If you are aware of Google’s Google places, which is retired now and added with new Google plus Local feature. This feature is particularly useful for business places to increase their online presence and get more reviews. Based on reviews and recommendation, other users can find new places.

For example, now when I search for “restaurants” in Google, I get a list of restaurants around my place along with user ratings. Here is a screenshot for the same:

Google place listingNow, if you remember Google plus your world, some of the listing I will be getting because of recommendations from my network, and some of them are organic results.

What is Google Plus Local and is it useful?

Google Plus Local is a new feature added in Google plus, which you can access from left panel under your Google plus profile. On may 30th, Google introduced this new feature and here is an introductory video of this new feature from Google:

This new feature, will help small businesses to improve their online visibility and get recommendation from people around. For example, I’m a big fan of Care Morrison here in New Delhi, and I add a review and feedback about this place. You can search for your favorite place on Google plus, and start adding review. A normal review box will look like this,where you can recommend your suggestion (Like tips in FourSquare).

Google place review

And when you click on Publish, your review will be published on your profile and will be visible to public. Now, if you remember Google plus your world update, your friends and connections will get recommendations for the same when they will click on Google plus local tab. This feature is also integrated with other Google products like Google mobile, Google maps, so if you are using Google maps on android or iPhone, in coming days you will be able to get more information about local places around you.

Google plus places pages will be indexed in search engine, so having your place listed on Google plus local, will be essential in coming days.For now this transition is creating lots of confusion among business owners who are already listed in Google places. You can learn more information about the transition here on official Google blog.

Use Google local to find new place:

From a user perspective, you can use this feature to find new places in your locality. Once you click on Google local tab, you will be seeing many recommended places under different category. Clicking on one category, will list all listed places under it. For example, this is restaurant listing under my profile (In New-delhi)

Picture explainaining Google plus Local

Google has integrated their review system with Zagat, which is a user generated high quality review system for thousands of restaurants and bars around the globe. If you are keen to know, how Google+ Local review system works, this help page will give detailed insight on how they are using individual user rating and Zagat system for rating.

I find this new feature very useful to find new places around your city or if your are planning to travel, personal user reviews will help you to find the best places in that city. Somehow, Google concept of going social is coming true with this new feature and it will give a great uplift to Social shopping and Social recommendations.

Well, this all give new reasons for business owners to join Google plus and create Google brand pages for more visibility. I will keep you updated with latest updates around Google plus local, but for now you can circle me on Google plus.

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COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. Gautam Doddamani says

    yes i have used google+ local and must say the reviews are really satisfying..i have made some reviews myself and the zagat 30 point scale helps a lot to generate accurate overall scores for every place and destinations. thanks for this article! :)

  2. david says

    Hi Harsh, I was wondering if it is possible for a blogger to use google plus local to his benefit? Can a blog have a local listing? That would be very interesting if it is the case.

    If it is the case, how does one go about listing one’s blog?

    • says

      I don’t think adding Blog into Google local is possible..or will be beneficial..
      Though if you are offering services and have a physical location for your work/Office, I believe you can list your business using Google plus local.