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Google Plus got Hashtag and Real time Search

Google Plus got Hashtag and Real time Search

Google has implemented real-time search everywhere, they have already included it in Google search, Google mobile and now this is the time for Google social networking site Google plus.

Before I will show you how this new real-time search works, here is a major feature update on Google plus and that is Hashtag. Till now, we are so used to using Hashtag on Twitter and it’s one of the great way to find the topic of your interest. Now Google has implemented the same and it works the same way as Twitter hashtag.

Google plus Hashtag:

Now when ever you are updating your comment or writing about anything, you can always add Hashtag to it. Depending upon your privacy settings, people will see the updates. For example, if you use #Wordpress and set privacy as public, anyone using Google plus can see this.

Google plus Hashtag thumb

Now this hashtag is very useful for promoting their stuff on Google plus as it’s also integrated with real time search.

How you can use Google plus Hashtag for your Blogging benefit?

Using Hashtag, you can find many useful things that includes: Posts, people and join sparks. When you search for any Hashtag, you can sort by all or you can simply see the best of posts under that hashtag.  More over, you can trigger real-time search and let the window open, it will automatically starts showing all the new posts as soon as it goes on Google plus.

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So from now, when you share a post on any topic lets say WordPress, Adsense or any, add a Hashtag like you do it on Twitter. This will help in increasing visibility and specially you will start getting some more meaningful comment from people who are monitoring those hashtag. For example, I keep monitoring WordPress ( #WordPress), SEO hashtag (#SEO) as it keeps me updates and give me great insight about latest happening and tools. This way, I started knowing more people and connected with them on Google plus.

Similarly this will help you to gain more followers on Google plus and you might see more traffic coming to your post from Google plus.

As I mentioned above, real-time search will help you to monitor any topic on Google plus that you are interested in. Once real-time search is activated ( when you click on * recent stories) at the top of keyword which you searching for, it will keep updating the new post.

Stop real time search google plus thumb

Here is an official video from Google engineer introducing Google plus Hashtag and Google plus real time search feature:

As it is Google plus helps in better ranking of your content in your social circle. When ever you share a post on your circle or publicly, people who are connected with you on Google plus will start seeing it as search engine result when they search for same topic on Google search. This could be huge if you have thousands or lacks of followers on Google plus.

On other note, Google+ hashtag can be seen as Twitter killer in future specially when Google will roll out complete API and we will be seeing more desktop client based on Google plus. Since privacy feature helps in cutting down noise and there is no 140 character limitation, it might get way bigger than Twitter.

Do let us know if you have started using Google Hashtag and what all benefit can you see from using Google hashtag? Also If you are active on Google plus, I would love to connect with you. My profile in Google plus.

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  • Gusani

    Great article for hashtag..i am regular user of twitter and using the hashtag in it, but after reading your article about the g+ hashtag, i will now going with google plus hash tag.
    Thanks to share it..Enjoy.!!

  • B.Biswas

    I have seen you are adding links to your Google Plus page. Are you doing this manually or making it automatically by submitting RSS or others. Please tell me is there any way to do it automatically whenever I update my blog.

    Secondly, hope you answer, Is it wise to receive traffic from Google Plus page to my website if I have Adsense ad on it.

  • Karan Labra

    Google + has been a great tool for SEO, as per my recent experiments using it carefully can prove to be a nice advantage in the long run. I’m wondering if hashtags would make a difference!?

  • Raja CRN

    Now Google+ Got More than 40 million users. This number is more than expected..

  • arundent

    Wow this is Great Harsh, Google Plus New feature will be a twitter killer for sure. I can get everything at Google Plus from now on.

  • Vijayraj Reddy

    Google plus adding new features one by one, this hash tag feature is a good one..

  • kawan

    Though G + is not getting decent traffic as they excepted . This one Hash tagging is plus point over Facebook.


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