Google Personal Search Will change the way you Search Google

Google personal search (Search, plus your world)is latest addition from Google. We already knew that Google+ impacts search engine results but with new Google personal search, Google+ will get great boost and more important you will notice a great impact on search engine results.

We will look into all the tech details and how this is going to impact traffic of your Website and why it’s necessary for you to have a strong Google+ profile with great number of followers.

What is Google Personal Search:

Until now, Google shows results from Web and +1 by our friends, but from now on (Will be rolled out globally in some time), when you search for anything on Google, you will find results from Google+ posts and photos which is owned by you or shared by your friend. The idea of this personalization is to give more personalized search results from web and from network. Along with this Google added two more enhancement and that is:

Profiles in search:

Now your Google+ profile is part of Google autosuggest For example when people will search for “Harsh Agrawal” in auto suggestion, they will see search results from Google+ profile. In this you can see “Ben Smith” as an example.

Google  profile Auto suggest

Google+ pages and people in Search:

This is new feature which will give boost to personal and brand profile. When ever you search for any keyword, Google will try to show relevant Google+ profile and brand pages. You can quickly circle them directly from there. Right now, Google is showing this results in right hand side but I believe Google will change the design of it’s page after some time to integrate advertisements along.

Along with this Google become the first search engine to enable SSL by default. When ever you are logged into Google account and do the search, your connection will stay secure like Gmail security. And also to use this new Google personal search feature, you need to be logged into your account on

Results from Suggested Google+ users:

Along with above feature, one feature which is less talked in Press is showing results from Google+ suggested users. This means, when you are doing search for any keyword, it not only shows results from posts and photos shared with you but also by people who are into your Google+ suggested list. You have an option to ignore it, but this feature alone is going to help a lot to anyone who have a strong online reputation and brand on Google+ and else where.

Google Suggested Search results

Google has added a toggle button to switch between personalized and web results, so it will be useful for people who don’t want recommended search.  Also, Google will  show a blue icon before search results which is there because of personalized recommendation.

As it is, all keep track of social media impact, knows the important of Google+ button and this new Google personal search is going to change and affect ranking a lot. Specially, people with great followers on Google+ profile or page will get more benefit and those who are not active on Google+ and doesn’t have a huge follower base, they will loose this race of Google+.

Here is a screenshots for the Keyword “Make money Online” and see how I see 2 new results and obviously anyone with huge follower base will get maximum advantage of this.

Google personal search

For people, who likes to see better results, I would suggest start following top and genuine people on Google+ to get better results. Also, I would highly suggest you to start working on Your Google+ profile or create Google+ brand page and get more followers. More followers you will have, better it would be in long run.

Here is a video from Google,  demonstrating this new Google+ integration in Google search results:

There is no second opinion about this new search changes will help Google to boost Google+ and get more users. More over, especially for Internet marketers it’s essential now to be on Google+ and just not the presence but an active profile. You can check out my Google+ profile here.

It will take some time before we get any data or update on impact of this new Google personal search in Search results, but I’m sure many will love and hate this new feature. Specially, we already heard about reaction from Twitter regarding this new feature which will lower down the appearance of Twitter profiles in search. Also, showing Google+ shared posts links and photos, clearly shows Google is trying hard to dominate the social networking era, but personally I will prefer more natural way of searching. Or this feature should be optional and not a default feature for Google search. Also, Google is being partial here for Google+, as Google+ is still not adopted completely and userbase on Google+ is way less than Facebook. Instead of Integrating search from Google+, showing results from Facebook will be more useful for users, but again Google+ has to be completely dumb to do that to dig it’s own grave for Google+. Anyways, we can expect more users on Google+ now, and no doubt if in coming years, Google+ will completely dominate social networking market.

It will take some time before people will get user to system, but people already started reacting on this new changes as it’s going to impact search for many 3rd party social networking sites and especially profile visibility, as Google Auto suggest feature will show results for people from Google+.

This new feature is termed as “Search, plus your world”, and soon you will see it rolling out Globally. I would love to get an opinion from you regarding: Is Google Search, plus world feature going to help users or you would prefer more natural way of searching without any personalization.

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  1. Anglina says

    Google is engaging all his stuff together under one platform and trying to get success in his all newly launched products.

  2. Ramanuj Sharma says

    Great article … This means Google wants user to use Google+ more in terms to get benefits in getting better Google search engine ranking.

  3. Isha Singh says

    It’s a good idea by google to promote Google+ . So, now results are directly proportional to friends in Google+.

  4. jayaar says

    Excellent features for the deserving people. Of Course, the maximum possibility for recognizing the real potential. Sure this will inspire the ones who can do real hard work.
    Thanks Harsh for the detailed information. You have been inspiring the bloggers with your work already and now this post will assure good results for talented bloggers.

  5. Tushar says

    Google has really bring in a wonderful innovation. Let us see how this fares with the people all around the world.

  6. Varinder Pal Singh says

    Great post this would be helped a lot for us, and you are right Google plus is now became a most important part of our site. Thanks for sharing.