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    Google Panda Minor Update December 19th

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    Panda Update 19th December:

    Last month Google rolled out a Panda update on 19th November and this time Google rolled out last Panda update of the year on 19th December.

    I can clearly see an impact on ShoutMeLoud traffic and increase by 20% which is a good sign. Though, this time again panda update was good and bad for some but overall people who have been working hard, panda is paying them really well.

    You can check your Analytic stats and let us know if you have see any traffic change from 19th December. I also suggest you to check out my guest post on Google panda penalty to get more ideas on how you can recover from Google panda.


    Panda Update 19th November:

    Google has made a quick panda update on November 18th-19th as reported by official Google Twitter profile. This was a minor update and this will impact 1% of search engine results. It’s time for you to login to Google analytics account and check if you have seen any traffic drop or traffic improvement after  November 18-19th.

    Here is official Tweet from Google:

    Google Panda Update thumb Google Panda Minor Update December 19th

    Here is a stat of one of my bloggers friend blog who got hit by this quick update:

    November traffic drop thumb Google Panda Minor Update December 19th

    As pointed by Google, this tweak was done to improve the search results by showing high quality blogs more.

    For now, it seems like completely recovering from panda is not possible as many popular sites like daniweb, who recovered from Panda has confirmed that recovery is not 100%. Anyways, panda is all about quality stuff and if you hit by panda, work on your thin content by removing it or by re-editing it. Meanwhile, you can also refer to following posts for Google panda updates:

    Do let us know if you have noticed any change in terms of traffic?

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    If every site is having the drop down in traffic then where is the traffic goin? :)



    Hello Harsh,
    All your informative articles used to be interesting lessons. This one is also highly informative and important, but with a warning message, it has a melancholic tone. However, it is inevitable. Facts are facts!
    Hitherto we had classes. Now it is time for exam, I think!
    Thanks for the article, Harsh!


    Shiva @ Blogging Tips

    How many Panda does Google have in its Zoo. None the less, I have not been quite affected by the Panda updates thankfully and hope it remains the same. On the other hand a lot of my friends are being beaten up by the Panda, and since It is quite not recoverable I pray for their and my own safety too from the Google Panda…



    I’m amused by this Panda in the zoo remark. I understand from sources on the net that the algorithm is named after Navneet Panda, a Google engineer. It’s a human being and not an endangered animal.



    the stats shown in the images is your site “shoutmeloud” ??


    Harsh Agrawal

    @Suresh No it’s from some other site.


    Zenil Shroff

    My traffic is affected by 10 percent after 19th, seems like will have to start another round of experiments to get rid of it.



    Nice information, you said that ” work on your thin content by removing it or by re-editing it ”
    I would like to ask that I have around 3500 posts and want to remove most of them. Is it allowed by GOOGLE to remove some indexed post without getting anger of the big brother ?



    This time my traffic increased 30% . last update 2.5.2 was hit me badly and taken away 1/3 of my traffic.



    Ok i am also affected and traffic is now dropped to just 1/3rd of the regular , i request you to please post a detailed post on how to recover from panda update….by the way i really like the new Shoutmeloud layout…:)



    Traffic is down by 1/3 after 3 days of current panda release. Significance of my most IMP keyword got dropped by 600%.


    Sanjit Chohan

    I was the one who asked in your Facebook Group that i have seen change in traffic :D

    Anyways.. my traffic increased by more than 20-30% :D

    Very Happy :D



    there was drop in my traffic for 3 days after this update but now traffic is going up :)


    Sreejesh @techgyo

    It seems we bloggers have more busy time ahead, researching and finding solution from Panda. I think unlike earlier, after panda updates many bloggers started taking keyword research , SEO and social media impact more seriously than before.



    My blog got hit by Panda for the first time. Traffic had never decreased for me, but this Panda update has done enough damage. Hope to recover soon.



    Yes, this update has improved traffic by 30% and good to see our hard work of re-shining old content is now loved by Panda :)


    Pritam Nagrale

    This panda effect brought some good news for some of my blogs. I can see a sharp increase in my traffic post 20th December.


    Girish @ 200 bookmarks

    Yeah.. Hopefully this would be google’s last update for the year 2011. 2011 had been a significant year in terms of SEO and online marketers, Many had broken down , few fall down and then got up. Personally still I feel that Panda update is yet to do what it is supposed to do. ie. bringing quality content to the users. I have handful of examples. Still if you see the search results for many terms, I can see lots of shallow contents.

    So what I learn from this and as you have mentioned in the earlier posts are

    - Fix the structural issues on your site
    - be niche specific
    - Wok on your themes , if impacted , try out a paid theme and it is proved to be working
    - Don’t appear to be spammy with lots of advertisements
    - Remove broken links and fix it with proper 3o1s

    Most important is continue working on getting backlinks , by saying this I may be on an edge of grey hat, but you can try to be more on white side :)

    - get more guest blogs done
    - useful blog comments also works
    - use bookmarking sites effectively

    But what my gut feeling says is .. there is more to come from google on 2012 , that may be impacting more affiliate sites
    Happy new year



    Felt a rise since this update lets hope the upcoming updates helps to get the previous traffic back as well…


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