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    Google Panda Attack on Japan & Korea

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    Before I start with latest Panda attack on Japan and Korea, let me take you back to the history. It was dark day/night of Feb 23rd, when Google released the most dangerous SEO animal “Google Panda” on web. That’s the name of Algorithm change, Google has given to their latest algo where they wanted to improve the quality of search.

    Now, after one and half-year when I look at what Google tried to do, I have a mix feeling. Google managed to make the search quality better by pushing the quality sites/brand up in search but in this process they killed many bloggers who were Blogging for passion and those Bloggers who never paid attention to SEO. Many Online companies shut down because of Panda and penguin update and many SEO consultant and freelance writers become unemployed. A price paid by innocent people because of this algo change. Well, now, we have a choice of keep complaining about these changes or we can adopt the new system and be up to date with latest SEO game. I have talked some of these changes in one of my earlier article: SEO after Panda updates.

    Panda Algo attack on Japan and Korea:

    Today, On 18th July Google launched an update to Panda which will affect only search queries for Japan and Korea. And this new algo change will affect <5% of queries. Good news is, this new panda attack is limited to Japan and Korea and no other language will be affected. Well, a  relief for countries like U.S, U.K, Australia and India but seems like Japanese and korean bloggers, who will be affected by these algo change are going to have hard time recovering.

    Here is official Google tweet announcing their latest algo change for Japanese and Korean language:

    How Affected Korean and Japanese Bloggers can Fix panda:

    Let me again take you back to my old article on How to recover from Google panda and fixing panda penalty will require you to work on your site day and night. It’s not going  to be an easy task but with a proper planning and giving what Google want, you can easily kick-back Panda.

    First thing, which you should analyze if your site is penalized or not, if your answer is yes, Go ahead and start fixing your site SEO structure and quality. Panda is a domain level penalty and if you are unaware of many facts related to Panda, here is an important bit:

    Before Panda, Google only used to push down low quality content from your site, but after updates, few low quality content can lead to complete penalty of your domain. This means, your over all domain ranking will go down, your new blog posts will not rank higher and your search engine visibility will also go down. In short, your traffic will not be the same and if you will not take corrective measures, it will be hard for your site to rank higher.

    Here are few articles, which Me and other guest bloggers have shared in past, which will help you to understand Panda and SEO after Panda in details and you can take corrective measures to fix Panda:

    One topic which I have not yet covered here and is very important for any site ranking is Social signals. Google launched Google plus your world some time back and made Google plus (Google’s social networking site), important for Bloggers and webmasters.  Not only Google plus, but other Social networking and bookmarking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Pinterest are equally important. You should implement Social sharing buttons on your blog/Website pages and posts to encourage more social sharing.

    Also, if you have not yet worked on branding your blog, start with creating Google plus page for your site and Facebook fan page. Engage with users and make your site a user-friendly site. Not only that, work on writing high-quality content which will help you to get more sharing and more natural backlinks.

    If you are a Japanese or Korean Blogger/Webmaster, do let us know how’s this Panda 3.9 update is treating your site? Are you noticing considerable amount of traffic change after this latest rollout?

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    Another sad day for some of the bloggers. Google launched Panda to make sure that high quality sites rank higher but still there are so many low quality websites which tops the chart in search engine ranking.



    Google is a search engine not a human, so what ever they try they can’t move low quality sites down in ranking, because thieves always make there way from back. Google want to maintain and improve his quality but frauds are also here who cheats him.
    If we make good onpage seo and offpage seo, and post look like natural not artificial then we can perform well in search engine.


    Gautham Nekkanti

    Panda wasn’t successful in cutting down the spam, it actually gave rise to much more irrelevant spammy websites in SERPS.



    Hi I am Reading Every Post in your blog Recely In india & Usa Bloggers face many problems with this Panda Now in Korea & Japan.My Doubt is When Again Panda come’s to India & Usa.Whts exat Answer panda come for 6months or Weekly Or daily or Dont No To anyone about thz panda when it comes ! Wht its Do ?HI Harsha clear My Doubts Help me For New Bloggers like me.


    Raheel Mushtaq

    Thank God we are safe for now …! These updates are really making it difficult to target keywords..!


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