Google Confirmed Panda Update 21 : 1.1% Query Affected

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Google Confirmed Panda Update 21 : 1.1% Query Affected

I could see a big traffic change for few of my blogs starting form 5th November 2012. Initially I thought it’s a Monday effect as 4th Nov was Weekend, but similarly I could see many bloggers asking in the Webmaster forum about traffic change from 5th November. Today (7th November), Google confirmed about the panda data refresh which affected less than 1.1 English queries.

This news was first confirmed by SEL and later on Google tweeted about the same.

This is the 21st iteration of Google panda which includes Panda update and data refresh. Usually data refresh doesn’t impact a large percentage of search queries and a major change is seen after panda update when new signals are added in the algo.

What to do if Panda 21st affected your site?

I have already shared a detailed Google panda recovery guide and guide to find low quality content. I recommend you to refer to them to start recovering your lost traffic after Google Panda 21st update.

For the info, After Panda Google rolled out many new algo updates and the latest was was EMD which targeted exact match low quality domains. Panda update is all about targeting Websites with thin and low quality content. Unlike old time, Panda penalizes complete domain for few low quality articles and you need to work on removing all such low quality articles and working on giving brand and authority signals to Google.

Along with my suggestions in Panda recovery guide, I highly recommend you to start working on creating brand for your blog and improving Social signals to your blog. Here are few more articles from past, which will help you to work on a site affected by Google panda.

Here is a guide for bloggers who are not affected by Panda and want to make their Blog panda-proof:

For earlier updates, you can check out Google Algorithm update timeline.

Do let me know how this Panda refresh affected your site? Do you see an improvement in traffic or drop in traffic? Also, what strategies you are putting in your blog to ensure Google panda never affect your Website?

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  1. Shorya Bist says

    Hi harsh,
    Thanks for updating and getting us informed.just after this i ill check for my blog also.Lets see how it worked for me.

    Thank you
    Shorya bist
    (from Youthofest)

  2. sahil says

    Thanks Harsh for the updates
    Even I saw huge drop in traffic for my site , I was wondering is anything wrong other side, but the issue was from google.
    I will try to work on improvement

  3. Sadhil Kumar says

    Thanks for the update, Harsh. And for the recommended articles as well.

    Bro, has it got anything to do with indexing? Coz i find in the last 3-4 days some of my articles are yet to be indexed, when i tried a on Google. They usually get indexed within 24 hrs. I have even tried fetch it as Google in my webmaster. Any ideas, why?

    Fingers crossed about this Panda update. My first. I think its high time to read all those articles.

  4. says

    Thanks for the update! So far if anything my site has been improving in both traffic an Google searches! Maybe Panda benefited the lil’ guy like me after all?

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