Google Panda 20th Update : 2.4% English Search Impacted

Google Panda 20thLast week I talked about Google exact match domain update which was launched on 28th September 2012 and surprisingly at the same time, Google also rolled out a major Google Panda update. According to SEL, this major panda update happened on 27th September 2012 and almost 2.4% search engine queries for English language is impacted with this update. This is the 20th iteration of Panda update and changing the name convention for Panda updates, it’s call as Google Panda 20.

What’s new in Google Panda 20th Update?

Unlike all previous algo update, which was just a data refresh, this 20th Panda update includes more signals and it’s an algo update and not just a data refresh. Usually in a data refresh, very few percentage of search queries are affected but this time, it was a major algo update and affects 2.4% search queries. That means, more ranking signals added or removed in this update.

One major issues with this update Webmasters are facing is, distinguish between EMD and Panda update. Since, the time difference is hardly 24-48 hours and Webmasters who are using exact match domains to get SEO advantage, it’s hard to determine if they are affected by Panda or Exact match domain penalty.

Though, one thing which is very common about both the Algo change is: Both are targeted to penalize low quality content and improve the ranking of high quality content and domains. So, if your blog traffic went down between 27th-29th September, you need to work on your Blog SEO, quality of articles and work on over all Social media optimization and branding of your blog.

Though, I really hate the latest update as I could see too many results from same domain and it’s decreasing the over all Google search quality. I hope it’s just related to few of my queries but if you are also seeing the same results as me, do let me know via comments. One thing which is certain after Panda, Penguin, EMD and other algo updates is Google values high quality Blog with quality content. More over, niche targeted blogs are easier to rank for small tail and Long tail Keywords.

If you suspect that you have been hit by Google Panda 20th, you can use Google penalty checker tool to find which algo update affected your blog. You can check out a timeline of Google algo updates here.

If you are not affected by EMD and affected by Panda algo update, I recommend you to check out following 5 articles, which will help you to understand how SEO works after Post panda and penguin world and how you can stay ahead of crowd:

Road to Panda recovery is going to be time-consuming but with few tweaks you can easily see the traffic difference in matter of a week. If you have never done SEO optimization of your WordPress blog, you can take advantage of my Personal Blog coaching or WordPress SEO service to make your WordPress blog more search engine friendly.

Other news related to Google Algo update

Last week of September 2012 and first week of October was full of algo change and updates. Google also rolled out another Penguin update on 6th October, which affected 0.3% search engine queries.

Last night, Matt Cutts tweeted about an update on Google page layout algo, which is another major update after a while and impacts 0.7% of Search engine queries:

With all these updates, there is one thing clear that Google is looking for sites which not only offer high quality content but also offers good user experience. For example, too many ads above the fold is considered as bad UI and similarly if your Web page takes ages to load, your search engine ranking will be affected. In short, When you are setting up your WordPress blog or working on SEO optimization of your Blog, concentrate on ON page, Off page and also on improving the user experience on your Blog.

Once your site is affected by any such algo update, recovery takes time and you should be working double time till your site is out of penalty. I hope, ShoutMeLoud readers blog are not affected and you are following the Google guidelines for creating a quality and valuable blog. Along with all updates, Google released a list of 65 search engine changes that they made in August-September 2012 and you can read about it here.

Do let me know if you see any traffic difference or change after Panda 20th update? Is your blog affected? What steps are you taking to recover your Blog from Google Penalty?

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Ishav Khan says

    I really socked by google’s frequent update about search, that slaps on SEO professional.I think it paying more attention on there revenue by promoting adwords/paid search rather than organic search. but, I want remind you thats not good for quality search, any one can get rank on top by higher bidding.
    dear google pl do not play with innocent people.otherwise time will tell you

  2. says

    Yeah, Even my personal blog is also become victim of EMD Update and I am surprise how it can be part of EMD update, it’s not Keyword Rich Domain, It’s my name or else Matt Cutts / Google Team consider me as BIG guy ;)

  3. Jatin says

    I hope that it do not affect my blog traffic . Nice article to help get escaped from panda update . Thanks bro for reminding us about Google Panda Update .

  4. Prateek says

    This time the panda update was good for me, increased the blog traffic but no one can say next time it could turn around..

  5. Simple Sam says

    Hi Harsh,

    very very nice info on Google recent update but could you pls tell us how to recover affected website from these updates (panda, panguin, emd) as most of the webmasters claiming that there is not chance to recover back.. if it is ..then we are wasting our time with Google.
    what would you say?

    thanks you
    webmaster SEO

  6. says

    How can you call it a Panda update? It is a Page Layout Algo update that was released on 6th of October and updated on 10th of the same month. Matt Cutts did not call it a Panda update!

  7. Pankaj Lakhani says

    Thanks for the updates, Google panda is still out and making so many changes, now the only way to left to promote your website is in natural way of getting backlinks and submission into directories.

  8. Jayaar says

    Thanks for the updates. However, we do need these to maintain the quality in contents. After all, we all browse the net for information. To maintain the quality and reliability, Panda’s role is inevitable.
    The income one gets through his blogs or websites could be justified only if the quality is maintained.
    Pandas make us wiser. We are compelled to learn and improve. So need to be afraid. Let us improve and satisfy the visitors.
    Good article.

  9. Neha Verma says

    You are right about Google search results. For so many queries , it looks like Google is paying more attention to adwards. Simple products related search which included zonal preferences is showing results from all around the Globe.
    Google must think of quality of search results. Recent changes are so fast that it killed SEO practices.Nobody is sure of any particular action.If SEO is dropped also , Google objective of quality result must not deviate. It seems that commercial objectives are driving Google more than quality objectives.
    A recent survey conducted for large group of Internet users confirmed that their recent experience to Bing search results is much better than Google search results. If Bing improves its index database then Google may face tough competition in near future.
    Initially internet users were not concerned with all these updates .They were just looking at the search results .Only webmasters and SEO community was facing difficulty. But user perceptions may change the market dynamics.
    Lets hope for more and more search engines and all should be efficient. Monopoly is never good.

  10. Justin says

    OMG! One of My site visitors went down to only 150 from 2000 per day. This is a huge drop. Is there a way to overcome this update and get my visitors back. I am thinking of transferring my website to a new domain with no keywords in it. Can you advise me if it will be helpful and how to do it in Google friendly way.

  11. Radha Krishna says

    Luckily, my blogs aren’t affected badly with these updates. However, will’ve to take care in the future by providing quality content just like now. Thanks for the update harsh :)

  12. Gilbert says

    Thanks so much Harsh, I should be heading over to start analyzing whether i was hit with my sites. I realized that there was a slight change from a few days ago. Thanks for sharing

  13. says

    I’ve been very lucky with my own small site. I guess it really does pay to “white hat” it? I think my success is directly related to using Yoasts SEO plugin and not over doing either the SEO or backlinking from “spammy” links.

    But I am still working on trying to get out from Google dependence for traffic. Best way to do this is through Social Media and your Email list!

    Thanks for the updates and making it easy for an average joe like myself to read and understand!

  14. stargaterich says

    A good informative post on Google Panda ongoing updates. I guess the crux of the lesson in this post is that SEO is a moving target. What is effective in regards to certain tactics to boost page ranking may become an Achilles Heel the next day.
    Google is not the only search engine in town, so I guess there is no need to pay too much attention to it. Other social media platforms such as Facebook, FourSquare, pinInterest and etc combined completely out-gross and outclass in terms of search volume traffic.
    Nevertheless there is no harm to tweak and refine what is required to address Google Panda updates moving forward but don’t ever put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Focus on building a responsive list of subscribers instead of chasing after page rank all the time.

  15. kamlesh nishad says

    Really disappointed with this google panda update. Need to work hard carefully. Anyways thanks for your post.

  16. Pranay Patel says

    Never know how to get over of this panda updates then I went on a link that sticks in above article and finally I have some depth knowledge on that update. Thanks :)

  17. Main Uddin says

    Google confirmed that they pushed out a new Panda algorithm update that isn’t just a data refresh but an algorithm update that means a large number of webmasters and bloggers are affected by this update. Barry Schwartz has written (searchengineland) ” The confusing part is that there are many sites affected by either this Panda update or the EMD update and it is hard to know which update you were hurt by.” So just we have to start new seo strategies to regain the track.

  18. Ashish says

    Have to work in more depth and it is the time to worry about SEO and Promotion.. How can i find the appropriate keyword for particular niche? (on page SEO) . Any tool any suggestion ?