Google+ Page Multiple Managers And Circle Volume Feature [How to]

Google+ business pages multiple managers was one of the most requisite feature by every Google+ page owner. Finally, Google announced the support of adding multiple admin to your Google+ pages. If we compare Google+ multiple managers feature with Facebook fan page, they had this feature from long and it’s very useful for big brand. Even as a blogger, if you have multiple admins, you can use multiple managers feature of Google+ page to make it more social.

Before, we move ahead, I hope you already Have a Business page for Google+, and if not read: How to create Google+ page for Businesses.

How to add multiple managers into Google+ page:

Unlike Facebook fan page, In Google+ pages you will be adding managers and not admin. Your status will stay as owner. You can see a comparison chart between pages admin vs pages managers.

Adding Google  manager

Here is an official video from Google+ team, which shows how you can add multiple managers to Google+ page.

Now, most common question would be what’s the difference between Google+ admin and Google+ manager. Manager can do everything an admin can do apart from deleting the Google+ page and transferring the ownership to someone else. Here is a screenshot taken from official page, showing difference between Google+ manager and Page admin.

Google+ Admin vs Google+ manager

Google+ Admin vs Google+ manager

Along with this, Google+ added couple more features which will increase usability. For example, they have improved notifications and also Circle volume feature.

Google+ Circle Volume feature:

Google  Cirlce Volume

Specially, Circle volume feature is something that everyone will find interesting. We create different circle to easily manager friends and updates. Now, you might like to read more from your friends and family and less form marketing guys you are following. Google+ circle volume is one such feature which will let you control the amount of updates you see from a particular circle. Basically, Google+ brought Facebook subscribe button but for circles & not individual profiles.

Here is a quick video tutorial on how you can use Google+ Circle volume feature.

The way Google+ is evolving and particularly, Google has made the clear impact of Google+ like and share on search engine, I’m sure none of you can afford to miss out to dive into the world of Google+. Meanwhile have you created your Google+ page and do let us know your opinion about Google+ multiple managers and Google+ circle volume feature.

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