Google PageRank Showing 0 or N/A for all Websites [Updated]

Update: Page rank is not dead, read below for updates.Google page rank is a ranking system by Google, in which they rank websites based on a scale of 0-10. 0 being the least and 10 being the most. Today, if you would have noticed Google page rank, you will see PageRank 0 or N/A for your site and for all other site. That includes and all other major sites which you can think of.


Though there is no official confirmation from Google on toolbar and other page rank checker tool showing 0 but if we believe on some of the sources, Google lost the exclusivity of Page rank patent this year and one reason of Google not showing any page rank, could be because of this.

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Anyways, Google always suggest not to bother about Page rank but to keep producing quality content. That’s one of the reason  they killed page rank from Google Webmaster tool. As it is, in SEO community rumor is Google will be killing page rank and somehow on personal level, this is a good move by Google.

How Killing Page rank is a good idea?

Page rank shows the authority of blog but it’s not related to traffic or any other statistics. Any Website can have page rank with 0 content on the basis of backlink which I already explained in my PR3 case study.

And if you would realize, most of the time people game Page rank to get backlinks from high PR sites to boost their ranking. Now, imagine a scenario when you can’t see any page rank for any site, this means SEO people and other bloggers can’t really discriminate among different site. And the best way to judge would be is by quality content and traffic. That’s why gaming the system will be stopped and all blogs will be treated the same manner.

Who will be the biggest winner if Google will kill Page rank?

If Google actually decide to kill Page rank, some sites like Alexa, might become one of the biggest site to analyze a site authority and stats. Though personally I never liked Alexa ranking, as it’s mostly depend on traffic and not consider other matrices like social media popularity, which itself is one big factor to determine a site popularity.

Though on the other hand, Google page rank helps in Ego boost. When a new blog gets page rank, it actually motivates blogger/Webmaster to work harder and get better page rank. Also many sites, revenue model is based on Page rank. For example: Advertisers like to buy advertisements from site with good page rank and if you sell product review service, page rank is one big factor that determine the success of your service.

Update: Google has not killed pagerank, but they have updated the URL which is used to get the query for PR. If you are running a script or your own system to get Page rank, you need to make small change:

  • Earlier:
  • New:

Anyways, I would love to know your opinion on the same. Do you think killing Google should actually kill Page rank??

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 27 )

  1. Himanshu Dixit says

    i Want to know that which factor matters a lot in google ranking pagerank , backlinks or high qaulity content

  2. Noviandy says

    PR indicator sometimes seems doubtfull. sometimes we see a page with zero content has a better rank than the post with full of great content. But I think PR doesn’t not a big factor in SERP. keep posting some good content. It will help a lot. It is my opinion.

  3. Aneek says

    Hello Harsh,

    First nice bit of information. I followed it till the end. I was searching the Google Page Rank API and found this article which gave me the new PR check URL.
    But as one of your comment says, the new link that you have given, is not working. I use this link to active a page rank checker widget but so far no luck. Do you have any idea about this. Please share your views.

  4. Adeline says

    Google sure knows how to get users riled up with their page rank updates. I’m sure they realize the importance of their page rank and will not kill it anytime soon.

  5. bat says

    Hello there!
    I was have:
    $url = “$ch&features=Rank&q=$url”;
    Changed it to:
    $url = “$ch&q=info:$url”;
    but its still not working ((( Help me please…

  6. Kimi says

    I have noticed this already happened for a few days now, and not updated or changed.

    I wonder if it’s permanently or will be updated anytime soon, but it is really tiring to care alot about pagerank lol..

    So I personally leave it to Google :)

    Great writes up Harsh

  7. Basant says

    Google must get rid of the PR system. At least it’ll stop all sort of spam mails we receive for guest post, link exchange, sponsored post etc :)

  8. rakesh says

    In my opinion it is not going to dead now, I think google is now a days trying to update their algorithm for page rank. Lets see what is in google store. Only wait and watch.

  9. Manish Patel says

    Google toolbar works fine in Internet Explorer and shows the page rank. Thanks for the update regarding url change

  10. Guru says

    I do not think Google is going to kill the page rank, page rank is one of the important things for Google in search algo. It may be that Google team is updating theirs system which shows the PR in public. I think all web sites will get new PR soon.

  11. Haven says

    If Google want to make it a business definitely they can. I’m just imagining what if Google want to make out and let’s you pay a subscription on a monthly basis just to know who or what sites do have PR. Probably, SEO companies will definitely grab on to this opportunity. What do you think?

  12. Bulum says

    pagerank 0 thought everyone was equal in all sites. being equal, a good thing. pagerank is a small piece of the pie :)

  13. Kunal Sharma says

    I don’t know whether PR has been killed officially by Google or not.
    But killing PR will have both good and bad affect on blog. I have noticed usually growing blogs are judge by it’s PR. My blog started gaining more guest posts and value after it got PR2. Also paid links offer will be hard to receive now.
    Alexa is a worse website ranking metric company to me. Their algorithm to rank website is not good and deserving blog still have low rank.
    One of major good impact of killing PR can be “no barrier” between any blogs.
    BTW the updated link you provided has 404 error.

  14. Hideki says

    that would certainly make a very huge impact to the blogging scene. many will frown, I guess, same with those who will be happy. But I think there is no need for that. IMHO.

  15. Harleena Singh says

    I think this is the right – better later than never – kind of move. Achieving high ranking just by getting backlinks with no or poor content was always ridiculous. So, now will people stop commenting on the “do follow” sites and blogs?

  16. Mushfique says

    At first, when I checked it, I felt so bad and thought all my hard work went useless. But then I checked all the other blogs and saw the same problem! Is there an update coming ?

  17. Sebastian says

    Removing PR would be a great move for those that don’t engage in purchasing links as it removes a price-point metric that is almost medieval . There are a lot of sensationalist posts going around about the “death of pagerank” and Steve Jobs, but as SEO’s I guess we’re always looking for the latest bit of gossip that changes our landscape.

  18. Fredrik Näs says

    Hi, great article, but the headline “How will be the biggest winner if Google will kill Page rank?” should probably be “Who…..”? :)

    Thanks again.

    • says

      @Shyam It’s not official and hard to confirm right now as there is no official statement from Google. It could be temporary , but it actually brought a nice point of discussion:
      i.e: Is Google Page rank worth the hype or they Google should remove the PR factor..
      Or they should stop showing it to public, so that one can’t game the system…!!

  19. Sidhant says

    Unfortunately, very lame explanations. This post couldn’t really answer my questions exactly. Never mind..

    • says

      Lame explanation about what? I would love to get your opinion and also would love to know what was your question which I could n’t answer. Your feedback is important and will make the post better.

  20. Ankit says

    I’m glad that you had removed Recent search terms,which was so irritating.BTW if this true then it is a good move by Google.