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We all know that Google uses page load time as one of the several matrices to rank your website and it’s important to keep your blog load time as low as possible. Earlier we posted about ySlow for Chrome launched which is an extension for Yahoo team to analyze your page speed and load time and it suggests you to work on certain elements which needed to be optimized.

Day before yesterday Google introduces Google page speed for chrome.

google-page-speed This is an extension for Chrome but to install and enable Google page speed extension, you need to enable the “Experimental Extension APIs”. You can find a complete guide on how to enable this extension here.

One thing is for sure that advertisements increase your website load time to a great extent. Here is a score of ShoutMeLoud and most of the warnings are coming for Ad inventory or for Social sharing button like Fb like and Tweetmeme.


Anyways, for now go ahead and install and enable Google page speed extension for chrome and optimize your site for faster loading. <Link>

Initially it might be little pain to optimize everything, but it’s worth the pain. You might like to check out following post for optimizing your blog for faster loading:

Do let us know what all methods are you using to optimize your website load time and what’s the page speed score of your blog using Google chrome speed test?

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  1. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    Useful info. Now it’s more relevant as Google is considering page-load speed as one of the SERP criteria. I’ll enable the plug-in for Chrome.

  2. Vijayraj Reddy says

    thx for the extension… also recently Firefox 4 has released and i see some of the features are copied from chrome…

    • says

      Vijay I won’t say features are copied but I would say they adopted some features from Chrome to increase FF speed and get back it’s lost market. Thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  3. Jitendra Singh says

    Great… i didn’t know about it. Seems it would be helpful.

    But when i am installing it, it is throwing an error in chrome “Package is invalid – ….”

    Any idea on it ?

  4. kbharath @ Techntricksonline says

    Thanks for sharing this New Extension for Chrome because i only use chrome browser while blogging.

  5. Jojo Mathews @Around Social says

    Thanks for the post harsh… I already use ySlow.. now heading to download the Page Speed extension..

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