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Google Page Rank Update : 4th Feb 2013

Google Page Rank Update : 4th Feb 2013

4th February seems like a big day for Webmaster’s. Today, I have noticed a huge change in keyword ranking for many of keywords that I’m tracking. And the second big news of the day is, Google rolled out first Page rank update of year 2013. We will talk about keyword dancing in other post, but for now lets stick to today’s Page rank update.

Google Page Rank 2013For the latecomer, Google page rank is a score from 0-10, which rank websites based on various factors. For a new website, Page rank is either 0 or N/A, and for a website which is online for more than 2-3 months, they usually get a Google page rank from 0-10. 0 being the least, and 10 being the best. There is no direct or indirect change in website traffic because of Page rank, but a high PR means your site carries more link juice.

More over, when you have a high PR website, you can always charge more to advertiser or for sponsored posts.

Page rank is usually related to amount of backlinks your site is getting, and outbound links from your site. If you are getting a decent number of high quality back link, you will end up getting a decent page rank by next update. I have already shared a case study, where I ranked a website with PR3 & no content, just by building links.

4th February 2013 Google Page rank Update:

This is an expected Page rank update from Google, and it was supposed to happen at this time of month. Till now, I have not noticed any Page rank change for any of my blog ,but many new bloggers have reported getting Page rank 2-3 in 2 months time. You can also check out last year PR time-cycle here. If Google follow their Page rank update cycle, I expect next PR update in May 2013. Usually I ask other bloggers to don’t worry about page rank, but at the same time if you are one of those who are seeing a Page rank drop, it’s always a good idea to do a complete site audit, and fix the missing pieces. You can use any of these websites to check page rank.

How to be ready for next Page Rank update:

As I mentioned above, Page rank is mostly related to backlinks pointing to your site. If you want to get a good page rank by next update, you should start working on building quality backlinks. Try to find missed and hidden gem to get quality back links. For example, you can use Pinterest to get dofollow backlink. You can create a guest posting campaign, and easily get some high quality, and niche relevant links.

So, do let me know how’s Feb 2013, Google Page rank update turned out to be for you? What steps are you taking to improve your PR before May 2013 update?

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  • Ankit

    i am working in a Real Estate firm Two projects in websites not to come at first page,I add urlin many high-pr sites as well as middle pr sites. but these pages not effected that efforts.

  • Aditya Dey

    I was waiting for this update…bt hard luck this time as my blog’s PR doesn’t improve this time..waiting 4 d next one nw

  • Vijay Reddy

    One of my new blog got PR2, i am happy about that… other blogs, no change…..

  • Amrish Singh

    I was unaware about this PR update till now . After reading this post i check my site and found that one of my site increase the PR and another one lost its ranking .

  • Ehsan from The Bloggers Community

    Harsh, I think the big mistake most newbie bloggers are making these days that is lowering their PR is that, they’re having too many and irrelevant outbound links.

  • srinivas k

    Just now checked my page rank it has increased from PR 2 – PR 3.Very very happy with the current update..

  • Varun Chaudhary

    this Page Rank Update made my Blog reach Page Rank 3 :D i’m so happy.

  • Barzrul

    My 5 month old blog increase from 1 to 2 page rank. Will work more on getting good backlinks :) thanks for sharing.

  • Arun rana

    Hi , I got PR 1 but hoping for PR 2+ , Hope will get next time :)

  • Kristene

    Did lots of link building but it hasn’t got any plus point in bringing PR to my website. Bwaah :(
    Any pointers for fix to me ?

  • Kevin S

    Good news. My 1 month old domain and website home page got PR3. Will my PR go away?

  • santosh

    Hi ,
    I have tried many things , i have done all most everything i know or read , back links , blog commenting , reciprocal back linking , but still i cant get even page rank 1 , i have my company website , i did not do anything for that but it has a page rank of 1. please help what exactly is the reason for not getting even 1 , it is showing as n/a from last 2 years

  • Kasim

    I saw your post last night on my mobile phone when i was going to sleep. As soon as i saw the title of the post, immediately i went to and checked pagerank of my website. I saw my PR increased from 1 to 2. :) Cool

  • Ammar Ali

    This page rank update was not good for me. My blog PR is still same. However, I’ve seen few other bloggers who got Pr4,3 just for 2 months old blog.

    I’ve to work hard to make my blog Pr 4 or 5. :D

  • jeyaganesh

    How can you so sure about next update ? Just curious to know

    • Rahul Dimri

      Google updates the PR in 3 months that’s why harsh sir mentioned that.

      am i right harsh sir ?

    • Jagannath Nayak

      Because Google PR in every 3 moths interval. Am I right Harsh bro?

  • Dazines

    For the next Page Rank update, I’ll do what you’ve already said :) if order to increase it.

  • raman bathina

    hi harsh its unexpected for me my blog got page rank 4 with in 3 months. I’m feel happy and work hard to maintain that rank.

  • sid

    Well, the holy grail happened right now for all webmasters as you said. My new blog, 1 month old didn’t get any pr but working on it for next update. I’m experiencing unexpected traffic boost to most of my keywords now. Feeling proud.

  • Jagannath Nayak

    Harsh bro, I worked hard for this PR update but I didn’t get any PR. I stuck with the same old PR 1. Can you suggest me some killer tips to kill that Google and boost my PR?


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